Операция: Ярость Скверны. Запятнанное яйцо скверны

Отмеченное Скверной яйцо - Предмет


Комментарий от asloversgo

Are we looking at the new Таинственное яйцо or Древнее яйцо? Hopefully it will be more like the latter in terms of actually getting something of value...

Комментарий от Eddafred

These are not unique, meaning you can carry more than one of these at a time.

A very nice quality of life change, especially if you remember what it was like trying to get the mount/pets from Таинственное яйцо.They even threw Подсохший желток into the loot table for some good old fashioned nostalgia :)

Комментарий от thekaizi

Looted one off of Varga, not on WQ, so they can drop without the world quests being up! =D

Комментарий от xanderhunter

While it is not marked as unique, I did a group finder for a kill (phasing to another server), then made my own group for a second kill(staying in my server), the second kill did not give another egg.

Комментарий от xanderhunter

While it is not marked as unique, I did a group finder for a kill (phasing to another server), then made my own group for a second kill(staying in my server), the second kill did not give another egg.

Комментарий от Deletedyou

The egg is not marked as unique, therefore multiple eggs can be acquired on a single character, but of course you'd have to have some luck.

Комментарий от Vegedock


Visual locations for all 4 panthara that drop this egg.

Комментарий от 5kywise

Here are all the coordinates for TomTom & paste Users (Lazy Slackers Like Me)

/way Antoran wastes 64.3 48.2 Varga/way Krokuun 70.5 33.7 Naroua /way Mac'aree 38.7 55.8 Kaara the Pale /way Mac'aree 44.2 49.8 Sabuul

Комментарий от Alirana

This is what I came here for:

/way Antoran Wastes 64.3 48.2 Varga/way Krokuun 70.5 33.7 Naroua/way Mac'Aree 38.7 55.8 Kaara the Pale/way Mac'Aree 44.2 49.8 Sabuul

Комментарий от Zyjin

Alright so I have a theory concering the panther rares that drop these eggs. I dont think that any of them are garunteed to spawn in any given day.

I killed both Varga and Naroua on the 29th (the first day of the Argus patch release)in about 20 minutes apart from each killed. Both spawned and were eligible for loot. On the next day, the 30th, I camped Varga's spot for about 30 minutes without the rare spawning, and keeping my eye on Group Finder, I saw no groups being formed to kill it across any servers. However, Naroua DID spawn, and was in fact loot eligible.

My theory is that either these mobs spawn at a set time (which seems unlikely) or that a set group or selection of rares spawn on Argus everyday, and those not in this random selection simply do not spawn to drop their loot.

If anyone can confirm if they've seen Varga on both the 29th and 30th, please comment below as I would like to figure this out.

Комментарий от Halux

It is possible that every rare on argus rotate every about 12 hours and definitely every each daily reset. They can be looted only once a day. The droprate is not 100%. After farming these for eggs I've noticed that Varga and Naroua can be up at once, not be up at all or have only one spawn at a time until next rotation.

Комментарий от Nexsa

Killed Naroua on 12 toons and got 2 eggs. Not sure if that helps with an idea of drop rate.

Комментарий от Tryxi382

Can confirm that you can have more than one of these eggs in your bags at a time. I looted one yesterday from Varga and another today from Naroua on the same character.

Комментарий от mliviua

Got two out of two tries from the area where Naroua is located.

Комментарий от thekaizi

I currently have 6 eggs and the first one just hatched into Темный манаскат, I will update with results when the rest open this week. In the meantime gl everyone =)

Комментарий от Chetuari

Got one if these 5 days ago, and today it dropped Пурпурный манаскат

Комментарий от kniali

i think Blizzard changed it, so you can only have one egg until it hatches like the one for Поводья зеленого протодракона , cause i didn't receive an egg on 13 characters from killing Нароу today

Комментарий от Refistixus

Basic info:

- you can have multiple eggs on one character- you can farm them daily from respective rares (Нароу, Варга, Каара Бледная, Сабуул)- not a guaranteed drop

As for the loot, I've opened total of 76 eggs, containing:

27x Подсохший желток28x Покорный небесный скат17x Скверноскат1x Манаскат сияющей Скверны1x Мерцающий манаскат1x Темный манаскат1x Пурпурный манаскат

Almost final EDIT: As now I'm missing only the last mount and sitting on another 64 eggs (kek), I'll put all my eggs in one basket (kek), stop farming them and do a grand openings in 5 days, 9/14. I'll do last loot update afterwards. Best of luck to you all.

Final EDIT: My findings, after opening quite many eggs, that either I'm super lucky, or drop rater are pretty good. Only ~35% of loot was useless Yolk, majority as you can see were pets. Another interesting thing is, that mounts didn't drop twice, seen one comment with photo proof it can happen. Either it was hotfixed, or another luck on my side.

If anyone's interested, I had all 4 mounts at around egg nr. 20.

Best of luck in your hunt.

Комментарий от Asharinhun

So far I've opened 3 eggs, one yesterday and two today, I got the two pets and a mount. It seems the chances to get soemthign other than yolk are decent.

Комментарий от duranox

You can hold more than 1 egg at a time so try every day to get them.

Комментарий от Slaman

The real question here is why do pantharas have mana ray eggs?

Комментарий от mcvc

is it possible that we get the mana ray we already have when it hatched? as in , will we get duplicated ones ?

Комментарий от variien98

I have opened three eggs. Got:1x Aged Yolk1x Fel-Afflicted Skyfin1x Felglow Mana Ray

Edit:1x Scintillating Mana Ray

Комментарий от perentie

Opened 10 of these and received..

Scintillating Mana RayFelglow Mana RayVibrant Mana RayDarkspore Mana RayDocile SkyfinFel-Afflicted SkyfinAged Yolk x 4

Either the drop rates are very high, or I have just been extremely lucky which when it comes to mounts I find that very hard to believe, happy hunting!

Комментарий от Sturmblut

Bisher 6 geöffnet:1x Nietebeide Pets2/4 Mounts

Die Droprate ist scheinbar wirklich angenehm. Man kann mehrere Eier gleichzeitig im Inventar haben.

Комментарий от Hadesu

If you want to farm these eggs, consider using your group finder every day to check if the rare is even up. The 4 rares that drop the egg (Нароу, Каара Бледная, Сабуул and Варга) are not up every day, so if there are 0 groups for killing them, chances are low they will spawn that day.

Комментарий от Nexsa

Updating list as I open them.

Aged Yolk: 21

Vibrant Mana Ray: 1Darkspore Mana Ray: 1Scintillating Mana Ray: 1Felglow Mana Ray: 1

Docile Skyfin: 11Fel-Afflicted Skyfin: 8

Edit Sept, 16, 2017 - It took 44 eggs to get 4/4 mounts for me. Good luck.

Комментарий от irislucas

One important thingI realize that i can not loot more than 5 eggs a day.Any comment?

Комментарий от Mudmug

Can someone confirm if a specific rare can only hatch a specific mount? I heard that the egg from Naroua only gives the purple Vibrant Mana Ray. Is this true?

Комментарий от KittyKatBar

I farmed about 16 eggs over the course of the week, most of them concentrated on a few toons who each had 3 eggs. After the first 9 hatches, I got one of each mount, two of both pets, and one aged yolk.

As for the eggs themselves I had them dropping a little more than half the time for me. Something like every third-ish kill had no egg for me, though if I was unlucky I would only get a couple in a day (I was farming with 12 different characters).

The rares can be killed without having a world quest up, can only be killed once per day per toon for loot, and seem to respawn pretty quickly - keep in mind they will likely not all be up at the same time. There were days where one or a few were not spawned at all the entire day. In all likelihood, at least one of them will be up at a time! I got my eggs from each of the four rares (Sabuul, Kaara the Pale, Naroua, and Varga), at a good rate and the drop rate from the eggs seems to be pretty high % for real loot, and not just a yolk. One of my friends' eggs hatched yesterday and had a pet as well.

Coordinates for each rare: Naroua @ Krokuul - 70.8, 33.4. He is lying down on a small plateau surrounded by other panthara. Varga @ Antoran Wastes - 64.3, 48.2 (cave entrance). She is lying down in the back of the cave and does not move. Best way to get to her is to take the Hope's Landing beacon, go NW to where the lava flows start, and either jump across the exposed rock or hug the left wall (that's left as you face the lava, looking West). Sabuul @ Mac'Aree - 43.8, 48.2. These are not exact, he wanders around the water. City Center Beacon and just go North, you'll see him.Kaara the Pale @ Mac'Aree - 38.6, 55.6. She is inside the cave. I believe she wanders about inside the cave but it is small. City Center Beacon and go NW.The cave entrance is not huge but not difficult to find either.

TomTom paste, alphabetical order:

/way Antoran Wastes 64.3 48.2 Varga/way Mac'aree 38.6 55.6 Kaara the Pale/way Mac'aree 43.8 48.2 Sabuul/way Krokuun 70.8 33.4 Naroua

Edit: After opening all 22 eggs (beings able to do so with multiple eggs at once), my rate of yolks was only .18% of total drops. After getting all the mounts and each pet, the rest of the drops were either yolks or pets. I got slightly more docile skyfins than fel-afflicted ones, but that was likely mere chance. The rate at which they drop seems to otherwise be both relatively high, and relatively the same.

TL;DRThe eggs seem to be more likely than not to have a pet/mount than yolks and so far I haven't seen mounts drop twice. Go get those eggs!

Комментарий от Graknak

20 Rare cat kills, 1 egg drop. Just a casual 0.00609% chance of happening... Gotta love that bloody rng without any form of pity timer. Sure as hell doesn't make me want to play any more of Argus. They really should add a pity timer with things like this. 3 kills and no egg? Oh you'll get a guaranteed one on your 4th. Alternatively they should add WQ's for the cats with a guaranteed egg reward.

Edit: I find it amazing that people keep downvoting facts. This ain't candyland where the magical fairy brings luck to everyone. Some people really do get the bad end of the deal with all this rng and downvoting it down into oblivion doesn't make it less true.

Edit 2: 32 total rare cat kills now, 9 egg drops. 7 on the same character.

Комментарий от BeerWolf

Got lots of these, and every single one I've opened so far are Aged Egg yolks...

And there's 4 mounts and 2 pets competing against said egg yolk...


Комментарий от GullaDaPwna

I think I have some great news for all mount farmers: From personal experience and the experience of fellow commenters and friends also farming eggs I have come to the conclusion that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GET DUPLICATE MOUNTS FROM THESE EGGS. Another comment has suggested if you "roll" a duplicate it just turns into a yolk.

It may be possible if you do not learn the mount right away after you hatch it but have no evidence for that specific situation so that is purely speculation. edit: 1 person has reported that they got duplicates which Misspirate12 has supplied a photo as well in her comment on the Cracked egg page. I'm pretty sure they got the mount rolled from the egg before they learned the mount (which supports this theory) as they are the only person to report this happening and statistically speaking if 1 person reports something happening that no one else did they probably had an additional factor that led to the duplicate that no one else had.

My egg history after 6 eggs is 3 different mounts then a yolk then a pet and finally the last mount. Egg (7th) after that was a yolk. 8th and 9th egg were both Docile Skyfins which is the pet I did not yet have. I'm curious to know if anyone got a duplicate pet BEFORE getting the other pet because if no one else has then it means that you won't get duplicate pets until you have both.

Комментарий от Galauric

I think that the 3 rares spawn in different time, never 2 at once, In the morning I killed Naroua and at noon Varga. Both times I were looking into LFG and nobody made groups for other two rares.

Комментарий от Bambooya

Any addon developers know if there is an API call you can make for items with a duration such as this one? I'm building an addon to track time left of all eggs in inventory/banks/alt inventory/alt banks etc...

I'm assuming the only other way would be to create a countdown timer that starts for each egg when they are looted being that you can carry more that one.


Комментарий от Saavedra

I must be the luckiest person alive, I got all four mounts (nearly in succession) in 6 eggs. Brb buying lottery ticket

Комментарий от veigodx

This item can be sold to the vendors. Be careful and do not make the mistake I've made several times before I realized it can drop a mount :)

Комментарий от Alshandar

Man am I gonna get a lot of hate for this...

I thought the egg dropping itself was rare, which was why I wasn't surprised when my first egg dropped a mount, have a second one now and I'm just expecting yolk honestly...I'll keep you posted.

Комментарий от paktu

All Rare Elite Spawns on Argus rotate on a ~4 hour window of opportunity. In that time it will respawn and will be lootable. However, when that window closes the rare spawn will despawn, including ones that are pulled already.

The exemption to this rule is when they are the World Quest target. If that is the case, then the rare spawn will respawn throughout the entire window the WQ is available.

There are rare spawns that drop a fel spotted egg, and rare spawns that drop mounts. There seems to be a limit to how many of these will be active at once. At the moment, it appears that there will never be any more than one fel spotted egg dropper and no more than one mount dropper up at any one time. -Excluding World Quests

Fel Spotted Eggs, after the 5 day wait time, becomes a Cracked Fel Spotted Egg, which can either drop a mount, pet, or junk.The mounts from the eggs are: Vibrant Mana Ray, Scintillating Mana Ray, Felglow Mana Ray, and Darkspore Mana RayThe pets from the eggs are: Fel Afflicted Skyfin and the Docile SkyfinNote: you are NOT guaranteed a mount or pet drop. It could still result in a useless item.

The rare elites that drop the eggs are:Naroua - In north eastern Krokuun, from a path at Destiny PointSabuul - In Central Mac'Aree, directly north of the center-most teleport point.Varga - In central Anrotan Wastes, under the spider area and accessible via a fel lava level cave

All of the Mount Dropping Bosses areSkreeg The Devourer : who drops the Acid BelcherBoth Vrax'thul and Puscilla drop the Biletooth Gnasher Blistermaw: who drops the Crimson SlavermawVenomtail Skfin: drops the Lambent Mana RayWrangler Kravos: drops the Maddened ChaosrunnerHoundmaster Kerrax: drops the Vile Fiend

Комментарий от Eviloverlord

Overview of my guild's eggsNow as you can't get double mounts, numbers will be skewed towards pets and yolk.

My assumption for the odds when you have 0 mounts is:10% chance per mount15% chance per pet30% chance on yolk

Комментарий от hazzlan

I have opened 2 eggs and so far 1x Fel-Afflicted Skyfin1x Vibrant Mana Ray

Комментарий от QueenSylvanas

wasn't around after first week of 7.3 release... after 4 weeks break... came back... until now killed about 40 of these elites that have a dp chance for the eggs... and only got 3 until now... and from these 3 eggs only had , 1 mount , 1 pet and 1 Food item...

so the elites might not be up at all in a whole day... or days... and when they are up... they only spawn for a few hours... and then they have a very low drop chance for eggs... and even when they drop... they have a shared loot drop , with a %^&*ing food and some pets... and might actually be the same one....

thanks blizz... if you didn't want us to get the mounts , why put so much mounts in game for one patch ? does everything with legion has to be weird and out of schedule ? no mounts in broken shores reputations... but tons of mounts just for the final patch... and those mounts are now Triple walled ? lol.

Комментарий от Constantzia

Anyone know how many of these I can carry on one character? Thanks

Комментарий от Dwarwen

Today opened 9 eggs on 9 characters.3 different mounts /only red one left/, 3 pets, 3 junk egg dropped.Maybe i just lucky on mounts. Goodluck guys.

Комментарий от Cowpaly

My egg has been stuck at Duration: 4 days, for three days now. Anyone else having this problem?

Комментарий от Vifor

If you are like me and always short in inventory space don't loot the eggs, let them in the panthara corpses (if u have auto-loot hold shift when you click the corpse). You will receive them later in the mail and you can let them "hatch" there for 5 days... and you will receive directly Треснувшее отмеченное Скверной яйцо.


Операция: Ярость Скверны - Задание

Комментарий от alpanhell

Hard fight as it's right on the edge of the phased area (cross a line right behind skrog and phase changes). Also, the trash mobs in the area respawn super fast.

don't turn in the quest until you are finished with the others because you lose eitrigg

Комментарий от shadey81

this was pretty impossible as a new 110 to solo as fury, didn't have the dps, 2 elites + adds that kept coming from kiting, can be done if u have prot off spec

Комментарий от zeiz

Tried over 40 times on this one then I gave up (873 ilvl)

Комментарий от ninewhile

Kairisell is correct about not attacking the giant directly. Also, I think the big thing to remember is the Warlord and the Big Fel Giant guy are not tied. You can pull one and not the other. My eventual approach was to take the Warlord out first. I came in from the rear, through the gazebo to his back as he is facing the giant. I too did the baby 110 fury warrior thing... Heroic Throw, sent my NPC after him. Other mobs did jump in but the giant did not, at least not until the Warlord was down. Rezzed... ran back in.

(continuing... ) Next, I positioned myself off to the giant's left and further back like near that little fence on the beach and the water. Heroic Throw... pulled the giant, Warlord stayed behind, NPC goes to town. This took a few tries, mostly as to finally clear out the roaming trash mobs that would join in. Why this works is the giant is focused on your NPC. BUT... if you attack the trash mobs the NPC will target them, bringing the giant with him to clobber you as the NPC will focus on what you focus. Optimally the giant should never look at you until late in the fight, it's critical the NPC keeps aggro... you can use auto-attack and maybe Furious Slash, but that's all. Too, the giant drops great gobs of toxic lava for periodic damage (icky), Stay Out Of Those. Get to where the NPC is DPSing him down far enough to pop your buffs and then tear him apart. (825 ilvl)

Комментарий от oozie

ok - really tough fight(s) - work out where the phasing changes behind them near the beach (giving you an escape route if needed) , be just inside phase and pull trash mobs (heroic throw) then do heroic throw on he warlord - your helpers charge in - don't do anything yet - if felbeard adds to them just walk out of phase and reset - for last few percent on warlord charge in and finish then kill felbeard (good luck!) - avoid green stuff on floor , use all healing things you have - keep moving and hitting

but yeah - VERY tough event

Комментарий от Ayeam

as of june 29, 2017, both Felbeard and Warlord Kaz'jatar help each other and any thing else in the area joins in.

just not worth it.

Комментарий от JDLKY

You can take out Warlord K without causing Felbeard to engage. When I did so he stayed out ofall 4 of my attempts to kill Felbeard who is a royal pita. (I am Fury fwiw)

I followed the advice to let the NPC's take him down after 2 failed attempts to take him on normally.After a hiccup on attempt 3 I got him on #4 so GD easy it was a ridiculous.

1) Heroic Throw to start and then nothing. Just let the NPC's do their thing.

2) At about halfway thru a Naga spawned out of nowhere and attacked. I let him beat on me since Felbeard was going down a lot faster than I was.

3) When Felbeard was close to dying I walked up and killed him in one cruel blow. Of course allthe Naga's that were left swarmed me but without Felbeard they were just nuisances.

The key is not attacking any Naga that comes at you until Felbeard is dead (which was the mistake I made in try #3). If you attack a Naga Felbeard comes to say hi.


Элита Орды Скверны - Задание

Краткая информация
Blizzard пометили это задание как устаревшее — его нельзя получить или выполнить. Убейте 8 легионеров клана Изувеченной Длани, 4 центуриона клана Изувеченной Длани и 4 воителей из клана Изувеченной Длани по приказу темного охотника Туджина из Траллмара.


Даже если не считать ругани Изуверского Кулака, с Ордой Скверны шутки плохи.

Каргат Острорук командует безжалостными, закаленными в боях воинами, чьи возможности к тому же усилены магией Скверны. У этого войска есть своя элита – легионеры, воители и центурионы Изувеченной Длани. Они внушают страх обычным солдатам и исполняют роль офицерского состава.

Если мы хотим добиться хоть каких-то успехов в сражении с Ордой Скверны, сначала надо лишить ее командования.

Excellent job, <name>. With the legionnaires broken, it will be easier to face the Fel Horde on the battlefield, though they remain a formidable enemy.


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