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Комментарий от Sephalae82

Small eggs are used for holiday recipies one of which, the Gingerbread Cookies, is used for a quest. They always sky-rocket in price around the holidays so if you want to make a killing off the lazy level 60s farm em and put 5 up for 1g.

Edit 2013/12/15: My, my. Has it really been 7 years? Well this is pretty terrible advice now, isn't it. Level 90's are now the lazies you want to take advantage of, and 1g? Shoot, put 5 up for 20.

Комментарий от RotMos

I can confirm that Darkshore is a great place to grind for Small Eggs.

I was in Darkshore this night for about an hour and got 100 Small Eggs. Just run around and killi all the Moonkins above the town. I couldn't find any cave but there were plenty outside the small caves and in the area.

Last year I remember killing birds in Moonbrock, Westfall, on the graveyard. About 10 sec respawn and a lot of birds but I couldn't find any birds there this year so I guess Blizzard removed them from the game.

Комментарий от Orik

For you Hordies out their, small eggs can be Farmed in Mulgore From Plainstriders and Swoops. Swoops have the highest drop rating For eggs. I barely even got one From a plainstrider. Swoops recommended.

Комментарий от Zachuhree

I've found recently that farming in Mulgore is difficult because the Swoops spawn slowly (and this is mostly what everyone is looking for/killing) and the Plainstriders have a next-to-nothing drop rate. There are, however, Dire Condors in the northern and southern parts of Redridge Mountains (twink alliance territory) - I picked up around 12 in about 10 minutes.

Комментарий от Brutalicus

South of MoonBrook is an excellent farming spot for these eggs.

It is quite easy to get to for Horde, and even easier to get to for alliance.

Horde: Simply catch the zep to Grom'gol, ride/walk/swim up the coast until you reach Westfall, easy!

Комментарий от Ashblade

Crazed Dragonhawks, in Eversong Woods, Near Fairbreeze Village have a 99.0% to drop it , so horde, if you're looking for some small eggs farm Crazed Dragonhawks for it

Комментарий от Divyraen

The need for small egg(and its price) has greatly increased ever since patch 2.3 and this recipe:http://www.wowhead.com/?item=33925

Комментарий от Swordjock

For Horde, Forget everywhere else and go to Eversong Woods. I was there for 30 minutes and collected 100 eggs. I had a 100% drop rate on the Dragonhawks. Always one...sometimes 2.For the Horde!


Комментарий от LordPerseus

The best place to farm these is in Eversong Woods (If you're a high level alliance you can easily get there by just going through EPL).

The Dragonhawks spawn all over the zone and have a 99% chance to drop 1, they quite frequently drop 2 a lot. I farmed 110 in roughly a half hour.

A good time to sell these would be right when Winter Veil starts, as they will be wanted for the Christmas recipes.

Комментарий от I0wrld3r

I agree with everyone above who have said Eversong Woods. Crazy drop rate, they drop 2-3 each time mostly, and they can be easily 1-shotted with an AoE if you're powerful enough.

Also, they're selling for 5g in my server, so it's time to beat their prices!!

Комментарий от Opalescent

For ally. Best place to farm is in Darkshore. Moonkins. Drop almost every single time. I got 50xSmall Egg in less than 5 mins.

70 Druid - Feathermoon~ Opal

Комментарий от BlackhawkEU

The best source for these are the Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings right outside Silvermoon City (http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=15649). They drop at least one, usually two eggs. Took me five minutes to get 100 eggs for my chocolate cake.

Комментарий от Groundlord

Does anybody know what food group Small Eggs fall into for feeding Hunter pets? I've tried feeding them to a Raptor (since they're eggs, I figured they would be classified as "Meat"), but he wouldn't eat them.

Комментарий от Ramstein

Just checked my server's AH (Frostmane) and there are two stacks of 10 for 100g. Damn Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe.

Комментарий от Hoddie

Best grind spot is certainly Eversong Woods. Easy to farm and rake in lots of gold, I've sold 100s since the achievements system went live - they're needed for the chocolate cake achievement if I remember correctly. Batches of 8 for 5g sell very well and this equates to 3-4 low level mob kills.

Комментарий от Exorsist

The best place to farm as a horde are those dragonhawks around Silvermoon City.I have spend about 15 mins and I got 53 eggs.

GL and Happy NY!

Комментарий от barda24

So theese drops pretty much from every bird creature in the game...

Комментарий от Anxiousfur

As everyone has said Eversong Woods is THE best place to farm these, the dragonhawks have a 101% drop rate (meaning they always drop one & most of the time more than one) for maximum efficiency while farming, empty out all your bags as much as you can, collect 10 eggs & seperate them out in stacks of 1, if you keep doing this until your bags are full of 1 stacks you can eliminate any trash items & only pick up the eggs! I got over 100 in less than 30 minutes of farming in Eversong Woods! There are large groups of them around the Northern Sanctum. And they have very short respawn rates, I had piles of 3 or 4 running around one-shotting them & looting them on my way back around. As I am a hunter I kept my pet on passive or dismiss them so they don't go attacking the mobs if you're higher lvl, since they are one-shotted. Sold the stacks for 10g each, over 15 stacks, the rest were up for 20g a stack, so they all sold quickly. Happy Egg Hunting!

Комментарий от crystalizd

Darkshore might be the best place for the eggs but if you wanna double your profit westfall birds drop light feathers and they go for a crap load also.

Комментарий от earthson

strongly sugest you go farm it with 101% drop rate, I don't see why anyone would buy it off the AH during X-mas time, when the price is 30G or some really high crap like that.

Комментарий от Neemopick

Yes this is always a good item to farm around this time of year.

I was able to collect 131 small eggs in 25 minits non stop farming in eversong woods on the WEST wide of the death scar.

Now oviously posting ALL 131 on AH at the same time will make the price plummet and people WILL under cut you. What i am going to do so that ALL my small eggs sell in one hit is sell them at a 75% disscount of what i would notmaly post them for.. so insted of 1g each post them for 75s each.. this way they are bound to sell and you wont receve a ton of them back in the mail.

This was done on my lvl 70 shadow priest with an epic ground mount.

Комментарий от Elderbeef

So is anyone else CONFUSED about the Darkshore posts? "Above the town" is an interesting way of saying to the EAST of town! Okay, so I am slow... Hey with age, Elder ya know?

Комментарий от preb7732

just farmed 150 eggs in 1 hour or so in eversong woods.

1) you can either start from outside silvermoon to the ones who sell Hawkstriders and bk or do the circle. 2) if you do the circle ou'll end up on a part of mountains with abt 5-10 of em, rounded up. 3) 150 was while exploring eversong at the same time, you might do better


Комментарий от pojih

for next christmas, farming eggs makes a lot of money.. but also farming deeprock salt - made more off the salt than the eggs especially once the auction house became saturated with the eggs

Комментарий от Scarabs

A real easy way to do this is to go to azuramist isle and kill the moonkins from the cave north i was farming on my lvl 62 rogue by going around in circles killing them and got 90 small eggs in 40 min so then i went to the AH and sold it for alot in wintersvail event.

Комментарий от Hamcrusher

I'm stocking up on these in preparation for Children's Week. It's an ingredient to Delicious Chocolate Cake, and anybody who's done enough cooking dailys to get that recipe will be able to make a LOT of easy money selling cakes to people going for the Children's Week achievements.

Комментарий от Cubarr

Umm.. at the risk of killing my own trade toon's business, can I jut suggest the owlkin in Silvermyst Isle? Tons of them, no competition, no threat, about a 60% drop on eggs.

Комментарий от Hasreem

Hands down best place for these I would have to agree with the 4th post from the top. Go to Eversong Woods!

Trust me when I say that you will get 1-2 per kill on the dragonhawks there. I've got about 200 in less then 30 minutes and I turn around and sell them in 8 per stack for the cake on the AH @ 16 gold. PERFECT GOLD MINE! (Prices may range per server)

Комментарий от welde

horde paladins can farm them fast with hand of reckoning in front of eversong woods.

Edit: Since Hand of Reckoning does not do any damage, you can use whatever you want to kill those birds ^^

Комментарий от Xanker

As of patch 3.2, these now stack to 20, up from 10.

Комментарий от Illenyia

Does anyone know how many Small eggs total it takes for one person to get the Winter Veil achievements?

Комментарий от Illenyia

Does anyone know how many Small eggs total it takes for one person to get the Winter Veil Achievements? I have never done them, so I wouldnt know where to start! Thanks in advance!

Комментарий от Thrash777

Currently going for 3g each on Chamber of Aspects - EU

Комментарий от waywardson286

5G/EGG! holy moly aint xmas fun lolmy server (kilrogg) and others from what i've heard have let the price shoot to 5g per egg this year. rediculous but proffitable for us who aint so lazy. happy hunting!

Комментарий от wye43

So many people are looking to make "easy gold" with this during the winter veil that there are tons of this stuff at AH - in the first day I see hundreds of them at AH.

You can actually get it for incredible low price, ain't worth farming it, unless you are a very low level char with no main on that server.

Комментарий от Grouper

Ok, I have been to all three major locations mentioned (Eversong Woods, Azuramist Isle, and Teldrassil) and the Eversong dragonhawks beats them all hands down. Drop rate and the amount of dragonhawks are ridiculous. HOWEVER:

If you are Alliance and on a PvP server, don't even bother as you will get ganked the moment you set foot in that zone. If you are on a PvE server, you are much safer EXCEPT if you pull aggro on a guard accidently and then you will be "fair game" for anyone else that is flagged and looking to start some trouble. I was careful enough not to flag myself when I was in there but I still had numerous 80's horde following me around making sure to "keep me honest". The threat of getting blasted by a horde who has nothing better to do AND there not being an easy way to get to that zone in a time efficient manner makes it a lot less desirable in my opinion.

For Alliance, my favorite spot for farming them turns out to be in Azuramist Isle in the moonkin cave up to the north. While drop rates are lower than Eversong, the respawn rate is extremely fast and I can farm approx 60 eggs in a 30 minute period. Azuramist is also much more accessible. In Azuramist, I can get into the cave and have my first egg before I have even cleared running through Ghostlands on my way to Eversong Woods.

Lastly, for Alliance, third on my list is Teldrassil. The owls have an "ok" drop rate, but they are spread out all over the map and you will be mouning and dismounting the whole time finding them. You would be better off heading to the Azuramist cave unless you really want to run around the map in circles...

FYI, eggs are going for 2g each on my server. So in 1 hours time, I can make approx 240g-300g on eggs alone. Not too shabby!

Комментарий от 5p1n47

I can farm about 100 eggs every 30-40min in darkshore, as long as you do a constant steady path, they all respawn perfectly, I'm also the only person I have seen farming there over the last week. Make 100-200G depending on AH, hell I made 13g for stacks of 5 the other day. Great to farm and sell for Winter Veil.

Комментарий от Evariste93

Can't believe horde just have to kill a bunch of ugly bat-birds for their eggs, while we alliance have to mercilessly hunt and kill the moonkins of auberdine.Piles of moonkin bodies, and what do i have to show for it? 8 eggs...

Комментарий от Bloodknell

Ok, since my hunter is only 27, I figured that the run to Silvermoon to farm up a bunch would involve a lot of dying, so I decided to take a run around Westfall to see for myself if the comments were true about there being no good groups of Fleshrippers to farm. Well, let me tell you, I found the perfect farming spot! 10 stacks, yes kids that's 200 eggs, in under an hour!

Go to the beach at 27, 43, there's a half eaten dead sea creature there with a few Greater Fleshrippers camped over it. Stand about 3 yards off of the tip of it's inland side fin and start killing. when there is less than 2 birds, another immediately spawns, there has to be 2 at all times! (THANKS, BLIZZ!) Even though the drop rate is about 75% (estimating, sorry, don't have the addon anymore that tells me how many I've killed) you are killing so fast that the numbers just add up.

I would put an arrow or two into one, then turn to the other while my pet took care of the rest. I would kill for a few minutes 'til I had a circle of sparkling dead around me then loot en masse. I was using auto loot for speed and just dumped claws and bones when I had to stop and feed my pet to keep him happy. I wound up with about 2 G worth of junk when I vendored it when I was done, and mailed the eggs to my bank alt. Easy peasy. NO RUNNING! You literally stand in one spot and turn back and forth!

I'll try to post a screenshot.

Edit: Note: I have stopped feeding my pet...lol!

Комментарий от sayzk

Want to get these close to Orgrimmar as a Horde?Go to 56.35 in The Northern Barrens (Cataclysm) and start farming!Huge pack around the bones of a dead animal.

Комментарий от Jaadis

As alliance for winter quests i first went to Searing gorge to do the reindeer quest, then Loch modan south of the dried Loch lake and killed 9 Loch buzzard for 5 small eggs (guess droprate is 50%), and onwards journey continues to Hillsbrad for last quest.

edit: While there, go visit old Dalaran for singing sunflower minigame if you already haven't.

Комментарий от Mightylink

The Dragonhawks in Eversong Woods have the best droprate for this, always 1, sometimes 2 eggs. If your Horde or even a cautious Alliance, you should go there for this drop! Farm it for Gingerbread Cookies and Egg Nog and never stop :D

Комментарий от thedevilmyself

I don't know if it was just a bug, but i was going to Eversong woods by way of Ghostlands, and i cannot fly in Ghostlands. I have every flying skill imaginable but can't fly there. So i'm going to go farm Darkshore instead to speed it up.

Комментарий от zAce

If you are Horde and usually are close to Orgrimmar. Barrens Vulture in Northern Barrens have quite the high drop rate, you can find many of them in a somewhat huge group at 56,35 by some bones.

Комментарий от JustRob

If you're Alliance, farm these in Westfall.

- It's close to Stormwind, you can be there in less then a minute with flying mount- Fleshrippers are all over the place, and they almost always drop an egg. Just circle around Westfall and kill every Fleshripper you see- They're low level, so you can easily take a flock of them and move on quickly

Also, according to the comments here, most people farm in either Darkshore or Eversong or whatever, so you probably won't have any competition. I didn't have any.

Комментарий от Therealtaleas

A very good place for alliance is LOCH MODAN. I timed myself. 100 eggs in 25 minutes. They are now selling like hotcakes for 2.5g a piece in the AH (stacks of 5). There are buzzards that are within a VERY small circle, they seem to be for a quest or something, they respawn STUPID fast. So fast I couldn't keep up. Very good spot.

The spot is in the southern part of the zone, right below the lake, you can find it.

Комментарий от kayis4kool

Loch Modan Golden Eagles by Farstrider Logde drops these almost 100%. I got the eggs from 6 out of the 7 I killed.

Комментарий от Amaviel

I would like to add, come 4.0.3, there is another place to farm small eggs, for mainly alliance but horde can farm them too :)

About half way down Longshore in Westfall, near the opening that leads to the Raging Chasm, there are two/three level 12 Greater Fleshrippers that are an insta-spawn. I farmed 100 in a little over 15 minutes.

Комментарий от stagenal

If your looking for small eggs to farm go to the crossroads in Northern Barrens and head down the south east road, you will pass about 10 Barrens Vulture - then head to 67, 80 where you will find 2 dead kodos with about 12 Barrens Vultures hovering over them. your will farm about 20 small eggs in less than 5 mins. :)

Комментарий от Sarmeena

After reading that Eversong woods is supposed to be the best place to farm these , i took my hunter there to have a squizz around. I roamed in a large circle in the northernmost part of the woods , from right in front of the Blood Elf capital down to the river to the south where Apprentice Meledor stands by the bridge. After half an hour i had collected well over 160 eggs !Not once did i see an enemy (horde) player but i did aggro a lv85 guard by the north sanctum , who was quickly dealt with , this flagged me for pvp , but no-one was around , not even any low lv toons. Great tip from Anxiousfur , above , regarding your bags ^^.My complete agreement that this IS the best place to farm Small Eggs either for Horde or Alliance players ( especially those on PVE servers )


Комментарий от Clauswar

These did drop 8 times out of 10 kills from Barrens Vulture in Northern Barrens. I might just be lucky but really good droprate so far.

Комментарий от GrimAstorath217

A great place for Alliance to farm these is at Westfall, it seems the Fleshrippers drop them quite a bit, I was there for just 4 minutes, and every kill had a drop.

Комментарий от Tzod

Большой шкуродерs in Западный Край @ coords 26.6 42.7 are instaspawn. Great place to farm Небольшое яйцоs for whatever purpose you may need them. Good for Alliance or Horde.

Комментарий от Siob

If you're a dummy like me ^^.... and your alliance... the begin areas of the horde (and the other way around i suppose) are off limit, you won't get in to those areas. That means that eversong woods is off limit. If you're alliance, don't go there.

Ans yes, it is marked yellow... i do know what that means now^^.

Комментарий от aklubec

For alliance players.

Got to WestFall, 27, 43,, on the beach. There is a dead whale with Fleshrippers flying around.

This works best for players with a good ranged attack and or pets.Start killing until for kill 50 Fleshrippers or so, gather loot, repeat process.

I gathered 100 eggs in about 15 minutes. Drop rate seemed to be around 70%.Fleshripper regen rate was faster than I could kill them solo as a level 80 resto druid.I had a constant supply of Fleshrippers to kill.


Комментарий от Maevilyn

If you are trying to find eggs for Gingerbread Cookies, I think the best place is right around 56 35 in Northern Barrens. There is a large flock of Barrens Vultures all around the sketal remains of some large beast.

Комментарий от Beegbuteh

Northern Barrens 56,35 is a good place for shooting vultures and gathering eggs.

Комментарий от TheTree2641

I tried both places to look for small eggs, Eversong Woods and Westfall. Here are the ups and downs of these places,

Eversong's ups: The dragonhawks have a drop rate of at least one small egg per animal, they are very plentiful around the entrance of Silvermoon, they normally don't drop too much junk either, and they are very easily accessible to the Horde.

Eversong's downs: The dragonhawks are spaced pretty far apart and unless you're a ranged may take longer to kill, If you are Alliance it takes a while to get to the area-- and unless you're 85 you may get killed by guards (not the level 15 one most likely).

Westfall's ups: Very easy to get to (look at Deathknell's review to see where it is in Westfall), Horde and Alliance can get there without worrying about other players normally, the junk the Fleshrippers' drop can sell up to 2g (quite a bit more than the drangonhawks' loot), And they spawn Very quickly.

Westfall's downs: If you are a Horde you won't have anywhere to sell, The 2 Fleshrippers (or 3) could overwhelm you if you try to farm them and you are low enough level, the Fleshripper's don't have a 100% drop rate so you get more just junk (more than you would get with the Dragonhawks), and if you don't have AoE it may be a little more difficult to kill them if they're close together.

So there it is. You can decide which is better, I didn't add all of the ups and downs but there are a few more that could make a difference that I didn't take into accounting.

Happy Hunting!

Комментарий от kidfactory

Fleshrippers in Westfall have a pretty decent drop rate. I got 10 in just a few minutes.

Комментарий от Demithehunter

Dropping off the owlkin mobs in stillpine hold on azuremyst isle, easily.

Комментарий от Talonstrike

real bad place, don't go there, u ony get 200 in 30 mins, lololo

Комментарий от Antherios

I went with my alliance 85 warrior to Eversong Woods.

I went around, avoiding guards.. almost no competition on my medium pop realm.If you want more spawns go for the Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings, since they spawn faster, but usually drop just 1 egg.The Crazed Dragonhawk on the other hand, almost always drop 2 eggs, but they are spaced far away between them, so its hard to find a big group.Personally, i just roamed around the whole zone.

And this are the results after 20 mins of non-stop farming:143 Small Egg20 Cracked Egg Shells18 Plucked Feather17 Cracked Bill7 Leg Meat7 Ruffled Feather


In my opinion: best place for Horde by far, and for Alliance too if you dont mind the long trip.

EDIT: It took me 4 mins and 25 seconds more to get to 200 eggs :P

Комментарий от RabbleRouser

Killed 500 Большой шкуродер on the coast of Westfall and received 335 Небольшое яйцо for a drop rate of 67%. As a destruction Warlock with instant cast Огненный ливень this was a breeze. The birds hover around a whale carcass, and respawn immediately when killed so that there's always at least two up. Just drop Огненный ливень everywhere and it will kill not only the ones alive, but any that spawn under it.

EDIT: Just did a second sweep:

Комментарий от SpiritofZAM

"Go to the beach at 27, 43, there's a half eaten dead sea creature there with a few Greater Fleshrippers camped over it...."

Still valid as of 12/15/12. Instant respawn. As many small eggs as you want.

Комментарий от Barleduq

So, in the spirit of previous posters, I offer my efforts.

L85 Draenei Hunter, in Eversong Woods. Target: Dragonhawks.

Every dragonhawk drops 1-2 eggs.

Now, I wasn't being completely focused. One of my housemates wandered in and we chatted a bit. A fellow hunter from my guild showed up ingame and we compared recent pet/battle pet acquisitions. I farmed Ruby Saplings in addition to committing genocide on dragonhawks. And I skinned anything left lying around empty, of which there was quite a bit, because there was a pile of L7 belf hunters running around. So this was a few hours of running around in circles, leisurely enjoying the view.

240 Crazed Dragonhawks27 Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings2 Elder Springpaw1 Eversong Tender1 Springpaw Stalker

Netted me:

Small Egg x 420Light Leather x 126Ruined Leather Scraps x 192Malachite x3Tigerseye x1Plans: Copper Chain Vest x1Small Black Pouch x1

and the following trashPlucked Feather x71Cracked Egg Shells x62Cracked Bill x59Ruffled Feather x27Leg Meat x 26Discolored Fang x2Tough Hunk of Bread x2 (i opened a crate on the beach)Silverleaf x1Small Leather Collar x1

I don't know the money value on the trash because I destroyed it, needing the bagspace.

Have fun!

Комментарий от furdude2

why oh why do people undercut soooo quick and so much? By the end of the first day and a half its not worth it :( although most people have it done already :D gold is quick that first day, sold about 500+ today, 3 hours 18g-20g per 5 egg stack! not bad made bout 2100g.

Комментарий от jcarneiro

If you're horde and wants just a handful of these for winter veil completion, a very fast and practical route is to Azshara at the Наэлектризованный гиппогриф spot. There isn't a full raid of gryphs waiting for your killing blows there, nor the respawn is instant, but the drop rate is over 60%, more than enough for the journey to take almost no time.

Комментарий от Birdpipe1

The crazed wildkin Безумный дикий совух in Azuremyst Isle are very good to farm for eggs for Winterveil. . I have tried all the popular areas to farm these eggs and they are always heavily farmed. The cave these guys are in are plentiful of mobs and close together. The drop rate is good and respawn time is great. Id give this area a go if you find the more popular areas heavily farmed.

Комментарий от Kiraxie

I suggest Loch Modan. Flightpoint is close, Ironforge 2 min away and the Loch Buzzards are in a very compact area. The spawnrate is alright - not something that should annoy you and the droprate is fairly good too.

Комментарий от Luneista

Some big helps for farming nearly anything, especially these eggs :Findle's Loot-A-Rang, a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth and Walter.

Findle's Loot-A-Rang loots mobs within a certain distance which allows you to kill multiple mobs and gather their loot without moving too far to get them.The Traveler's Tundra Mammoth comes with two vendors, one of them being able to repair your armor and the other a plain vendor with some objects you may be interested in.Walter is a "mobile bank" for the owner and a vendor who sells terrible food to others. Great for making more bag space or dropping off eggs whilst farming.

Another good farming spot is: Loch Modan. The best mob for farming is probably the Loch Buzzards. They have quick respawn times and are quite close to Ironforge as well. I can't give many tips for Horde since I main Alliance but maybe you can get there.

Комментарий от Darthpilsner

Was doing the Greench quest and decided to go kill wildkins outside Durnholde Keep for a bit after. Very good drop rate I got over 100 in no time, sold them in the AH for 5G each.

Комментарий от bbbrossett

the best place for alliance to farm is in Darkshire. Go due east from Auberdine you will run into moonkin. Go south and around the ridge until you are back where you started. 10 eggs in 5 minutes, wait for respawn and do it again.Targeting fliers is a hassle, moonkin are ez

Комментарий от curledlizard

I do not know why it is not listed here, but the Golden Eagles near Farstrider Lodge that are around 81.52 64.74 tom-tom are almost a 100% drop rate. took my lvl 67 DK to get the previously noted Buzzards in the Loch, but the drop rate was good but not great, went to sell some stuff at Farstider and killed 60 Eagles and only had 2 that did not drop small eggs. Hope this helps.

Комментарий от Dreadlore

Winter Veil is coming up, folks! I'm farming "Barn Owls" on the Raven Hill side of Darkshire, all along the coast line near Westfall. Tons of them and high drop rate. Merry Christmas!

Комментарий от montanahax

if you came here to look info on where to farm this eggs ive found that eversongwoods at coords 40:60, theres 6 or 7 dragonhawk really close together and by the time you are finish killing the the have already startin to spawn. 200 eggs in less than 20 min

Комментарий от Teot

Eversong Woods is still a good place to farm the eggs. I didn't find the group of 6 or 7 Dragonhawks around 40,60. But I did find that if I made a loop from there to the north towards the Ruins of Silvermoon, then west along the river north of West Sanctum and back to 40,60 I was able to nonstop find Dragonhawks. They would often drop 2 small eggs. Also, Медвежий тартар/bear-tartare helps to zip around.


Странное яйцо - Задание - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от MSHempel

The egg can spawn around 3 possible spots.52,5645,6341,60

Комментарий от Mikezila

This quest is a reference to Aliens. The reason the serpent kills the dog before it jumps is because in the movie (either one of the movies or the game, can't remember which) a newly hatched Alien feeds on dogs (and other such pet animals).

Комментарий от Nosrac

Leads to Serpent Wild http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=4865

Комментарий от kbizzle

Found it at 37,57 right in front of the nest looking thingy ma bob.

Комментарий от blacksteve0

Found at 56,50

Комментарий от Fixer

Found it 36.56.

Комментарий от kjeksomanen

the egg dissapears when you've used it, so dont group for this quest :) but dont worry is spawns very quick if another player ninjas it :)

Комментарий от GiantsNY59

I found it same spot as second pic.

Комментарий от frediriiko

i find it on 52,56

Комментарий от Anaros

found it on 37, 57

Комментарий от Jolraell

got mine at 52,55

Комментарий от Zulatar

Took me a little while to locate the actual egg, but when I did there were no mobs around guarding it or anything - I just looted the egg and walked away.

Not sure if someone had previously cleared them or something but yeah, you might get lucky.

Комментарий от coolporter

ok i graphed out all the coords listed and came up with a path. start at 36,56 and walk east down the southern edge until you get to 52,56 then head north east to 56,50. along that path you should hit every point that has been listed to hold the egg. this should save you the time of walking back and forth from the road as you hit the points, but youll run into some fights with random beasts thatt roam near there. i did this and it saved alot of frustration just gotta remember to watch out ahead of you for patroling mobs

Комментарий от xEvilxxFaeriex

I got my egg at 37, 56

Комментарий от depthcharge

Found at 52.0, 55.0. Only had one Level 26 Wind Serpent guarding it. VERY easy quest.

Комментарий от Aysen08

Eggs have been found at the following coordinates:

Комментарий от vestax

37.56 found mine!

Комментарий от ajenia

Yeah, got mine at 52,55 as well. Easy to get to also, only had to kill two serpents.

Комментарий от LockAndLoad

i found it in 37,56

Комментарий от brock

This is a rough map of reported coordinates for these eggs. Compiled from above user submissions.

Комментарий от Yinchie

Exact location is 52.34, 55.21

Комментарий от tiltawhirl

yes i got mine 37, 56

Комментарий от tiltawhirl

yes i got mine 37, 56

Комментарий от mastersolo

found it in 37,7/56,1

Комментарий от Jyotai

Consistently on my last several toons to go through here the egg has moved to 57,51.

Комментарий от Nystan

found it at 56,50 near a bunch of Elder Cloud Serpent and one 28 Rare named Gibblesnik easly soloed at 27 rogue

Комментарий от s1cK

This is a follow up quest line.It starts with The Allien Egg:http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=4821When you turn this quest @ Firewind Post you get quest Serpent Wild:http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=4865You just need to talk with npc, he give you next quest Sacred Fire:http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=5062Kill elementals and get those plants.Finish that and go to Thunderbluff @ Elder Rise to turn it in.Then you get this quest.

Rate this post if it helped you in some way.Thkanss1cK

Комментарий от zinseng

Like most people, I tried to pick up the egg at 52,50.. but it hadn't spawned there for me. However, just around the corner at 56,50 I got it.. it was, however, guarded by 4 serpents. Luckily they are not a beast quick to gang up on you, so I made my kills, got the egg and bounced. Just thought I'd share another coord since its right by the one everyone's bound to hit.

Oh, and of course.. on my way back to Freewind, passing 52,50.. the egg was of course there, guarded by just the one serpent. Man I have crap luck. ;D

Комментарий от LUP008

I got lucky, I had the quest in my log, but pretty much had written it off cause I couldnt find it. But then, I was farming mineral veins and I walked right into it. I thought it was a vein cause it was sparkling. To bad it doesnt show up on the mini map :P

37,56 for me

Комментарий от Ladiejayne

Yes, 52,55 is exactly where I found it, just off the road.

Комментарий от hafa123

the egg can be found at: 52,56 45,63 41,60 37,56

Комментарий от Ladiejayne

There is another way to find other eggs without coords.There's an area with about 8 wind serpents and a few eggs close to the one that spawns by the road (where there is a what looks like a nest of rocks and twigs)If you go there and see nothing, continue in the same direction down the path a short while.Look to your left for a tall -round rock structure with an path on either side of it.From the road you should be able to see a wind serpent or two.Head around the rock and into that area. As it widens you'll see more serpents and a few eggs/ nests.Good place for people in a group who need more than one.However, there are 6-8 serpents in that area; be careful if solo.

Комментарий от Ozwald

I found mine at 56,50 in Windbreak Canyon

Комментарий от zimmysimon

56.4 here, you can't really miss the egg it's glowing pretty much :D

Комментарий от Zooluu

37,56 here two.

Комментарий от limgrace77

confirmed 37,56

Комментарий от santokitoki

confirmed today 37,56

Комментарий от dimp1362

blizzard must have moved the eggs to the new location of 37,56. that so like blizzard to change things up on us, lol. but it's cool u get to kill stuff and get some xp along the way.


Праздничное яйцо - Предмет - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Ne0nguy

This is used for the Noblegarden achievement Noble Garden (alliance)

Комментарий от Toldry

Not for consumption.

Комментарий от demontaz

This leads me to believe that 3.1 will come before Easter.

Комментарий от Phaelien

Not necessarily. Blizz responded to this a few weeks ago by saying that the Noblegarden festival will be held after patch 3.1, even if the patch comes after Easter. It's also one week long now, as opposed to one day as it has been for the past few years.

Комментарий от Arthrix

Currently Blizzard's plan for Noblegarden is to go live on April 26th and end May 2nd.

Комментарий от Zetrix

You can pick this up yourself, just like any other egg.

So the price will be 4 Chocolates, if you chose to do so.

Комментарий от Jahamakarahl

This egg is required for Noble Garden (Horde) Noble Garden (Alliance) and can be obtained by bying it for 5 Noblegarden Chocolate They are sold by Noblegarden Vendors in Brill, Razor hill, Bloodhoof Village and Falconwing Square

Комментарий от Ideonl33t

just a note, when u use this it despawns from ure bags..even if it has a cooldown, its is not a reusable item, u just have to buy another one from the vendor after 1 hour if u wanna loot ure own egg :p

Комментарий от traesko

For horde, I found that the best place to get these from is Falconwing Square.Depending on how many people there are with you, you can either camp a spot in the north east corner where you'll have five or six spawns you can pick up from by just moving around about five feet and if you're fast there's another 4~5 spawns for you by the carriage.If there's ten people or less farming you're better off just running all around the place since the eggs spawn faster the more you are(or so it seems to me).

Комментарий от tmon

does this create a spawn point for the eggs? that would be awesome

Комментарий от Pwnrer

I just love to hide them everywhere , i wish it wasnt 1 hour cd xD

Комментарий от willdawg01

Anyone know if the Brightly Colored Egg placed by this can turn you into the Noblegarden Bunny?

Комментарий от Tukar

any body know how long the egg sits once you set it down? I was thinking it'd be fun to find a really really obscure spot in silvermoon city, place the egg there, and come back to it a few days later to see if any body had picked it up yet.

Комментарий от luxbot

The vendor is near the mailbox in the lv 5 town (Goldshire, Khranos, Brill, Razor Hill, etc.). Not sure why but I could not find a link for vendor on WoW Head :(

Buy the egg, then go into the city (Silvermoon-Horde, Stormwind-Alliance). Just set the egg down somewhere and it shows up immediately. Loot it if you want a chocolate back, or leave it as a surprise for someone else to find ^_^

I saved the regular eggs I looted at the start town, but found I could not set those down. Make sure you have 5 chocolates to buy the egg.

Комментарий от rickisnick

ok. the question is. does this egg have a chance of dropping the tux and dresses ect?

Комментарий от Paulostore

Since so many not get that easy the question is:Does or not those eggs u buy and have 1h cooldown have bether chances?

Комментарий от Jahamakarahl

They can, It's the exact same egg as the onces you find in starting areas. Only diffrens is you can place it where you like. You can become a bunny, Make small white bunnys spawn, even get your dresses and pets from these eggs. The things you can get are the following (just as in normal eggs found in the starting areas)

Spring Rabbit's Foot (also obtainable for 100 Chocolates and an objective for Spring fling (Horde/Alliance and an objective for Hard Boiled)Spring Flowers (also obtainable for 50 Chocolates and an objective for Shake Your Bunny-Maker)Spring Robes (also obtainable for 50 Chocolates and an objective for Desert Rose)White Tuxedo Shirt (also obtainable for 25 Chocolates and an objective for Sunday's Finest)Black Tuxedo Pants (also obtainable for 25 Chocolates and an objective for Sunday's Finest)Elegant Dress (also obtainable for 25 Chocolates and an objective for Dressed for the Occasion , Have in mind that this is not needed for Noble Garden)Spring Circlet (also obtainable for 50 Chocolates, and looks nice on a female wearing Black Mageweave Leggings ^^) Blossoming Branch (also obtainable for 15 Chocolate and doing the Quest "The Egg Hunt" (Horde/Alliance)

As a note, If you are a mage you can buy Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit from Noblegarden vendors for 100 Chocolates.

A smart thing to do is to not buy upp all your eggs, and instead keep opening the onces in starting areas. If the end of Noblegarden lingers you could buy the missing things you need to complete the Achievement Noble Garden

Good luck to all Egghunters!

Комментарий от Valdan

The buff you get from this item called: Noblegarden Bunny (a random buff you can get from looting this egg)Almost the same type of buff you get from using item on a party member from Blossoming Branch called Rabbit Costume

Below is some info I got for being bored.

Outside of what was said above:Mage portal / stealth / Shadowmeld / switch specs / Feign Death / Bestial Wrath / Iceblock: Below were my findings:

Making Dancing with flames / Summoning items such as Balebrew Charms (both types/versions), Commander's Badge, Argent War Horn, etc... not sure if there are any that don't work, Setup Romantic Picnic Basket (u cannot sit and get buff), Brewfest Pony Keg, Argent Dawn Banner, All Companions, Archmage Vargot's Staff (using), Fishing, and go into Wintergrasp while in battle and recieve Honorable Kills. Im about to see if i can go into pvp bg with it on and edit my post.


Falling w/Damage / Shapeshifting / Dancing with flames (actually dancing with it not summoning/making it), Flight Paths Taken, taking dmg in Wintergrasp battle.

Комментарий от joedraco

I've attached a mass number of photos to all locations of the eggs in Razor Hills. Hopefully they all be permited to the site in no time. :)

Комментарий от wyndchaiser

Does anyone know if you can keep placing the Noblegarden Eggs after the holiday if you are missing one of the peices...say the dress. Can you get it after the holiday is over?

Комментарий от Aluminum

I may be wrong due to amazing luck, but so far the last 5 I placed on the ground and then opened turned me into a rabbit.

If this is truly a 100% chance, its a quick way to do the un'goro achievement without having to find someone else.(which can take a long time in the middle of a weeknight on a lower pop server, compared to the time to grab 5 more chocolates its totally worth it)

This could be a recent change since I see no older comments, or maybe just nobody really checked into it.The 3.x whatever that did some holiday reworking is the likely culprit, it makes the item more fun as well :)

Комментарий от Niagra

This item disappears when the holiday event ends.

Комментарий от sivla

Eggs do not spawn in cities, they spawn in starter zones (levels 6-11) usually, dont waste your time looking in cities, you will never find any. But you will find noble garden vendors in cities..if your after the eggs do yourself a favor and wait until the server is at it's quietest or you wont really compete the meta achievement at all in the space of 7 days..its that type of event id recommend camping..try to find a spawn map for the eggs, so you dont have to walk that far..remember if your only low lvl you stand a good solid less than %10 chance of acquiring any eggs at all...because most events have already been geared towards those that could travel the quickets from vanilla through epic flyers...know your route

Комментарий от Phoroneus

As this event currently provides all players (from level 1 on up) with a 10 second speed boost item that has a 10-second cooldown, the only players with any kind of advantage here are level 60+ druids, who can farm eggs in flight form which is substantially faster than the 60% ground speed boost. (This has been known to backfire, as it is rather easy to overshoot eggs while in flight form, especially 310% speed.) Once the quest for which the linked item is given has been completed, players will be given a new item with the same effects.

If druids are ruining your day, collecting eggs in the Eversong or Azuremyst will save you some hassle, since flight is restricted in those zones.

That being said, it is still advisable to wait until off-hours, as many people have taken to camping one or two spawn points and will immediately grab any eggs that spawn there, preventing other players from collecting them. With enough people camping, it is impossible to gather any eggs by simply running around, even on a predetermined circuit. This problem is minimized at off hours, when there are fewer people online to camp eggs.

The four zones per faction in which the eggs spawn (and which are the only zones in which the speed boost is usable) are:AllianceDolanaar, TeldrassilKharanos, Dun MoroghGoldshire, Elwynn ForestAzure Watch, Azuremyst IsleHordeBloodhoof Village, MulgoreFalconwing Square, Eversong WoodsBrill, Tirisfal GladesRazor Hill, Durotar

The egg item on this page is the one purchased from Noblegarden Vendors or Noblegarden Merchants for 5 Noblegarden Chocolate each, and which are required to be placed in either Stormwind City (Alliance) or Silvermoon City (Horde) for the Noble Garden (Horde version) achievement, part of the Noble Gardener meta which rewards "the Noble" title.

Комментарий от BartJ385

Can this be used to turn yourself into a rabbit, which would make it very useful for Hard Boiled ?

Комментарий от Rocky7722

It's extremely rare, but it's possible for the Swift Springstrider to be contained within the egg. Egg's are found all around the small towns outside major cities. (Dolanaar, Azuremyst Isle, Goldshire, Brill, etc) They should be easy to find and when you scroll over one a little round screw type button should appear. The egg's stack at 250.

Комментарий от Lucilite

A good idea to do, if you have a toon who already has all the achievements/items that you need that can be bought from the Noblegarden Vendor but still need to get the ones that are just from looting (Dressed for the Occasion, Sunday's Finest).... if you've got a lot of Chocolates saved up from egg-hunting, then spend them to buy these items (one Noblegarden Egg for every 5 chocolates you have), then place them one-at-a-time & re-loot them. They turn into the regular Brightly Colored Eggs when you place them, which have the same chances of any that spawn in the towns of dropping the items.

So you really have SIX chances to loot an item for every 5 Brightly Colored Eggs you loot, as long as you don't need to spend the chocolates to buy from the vendor or eat them for Chocoholic.

THE ONLY MAJOR DRAWBACK IS that the Noblegarden Egg has a 1 hour cooldown, so even if you have a stack of them, you can't use them all in a row, or in just the last hours of the last day of the event. It's something to do once, then alt-log, then come back to the toon after an hour & do again, over a whole day or a couple of days.

Комментарий от Galtie

Just want to confirm this does occasionally turn you into a bunny. Happened on my 5th egg, although 5 hours isn't exactly convenient.

EDIT: If you're trying to do Сварено вкрутую solo, the bunny transformation will not break when you hearth. So set your hearth to Marshal's Stand, grab some eggs until you transform, and hearth. From there you're only a minute away from the springs.

Комментарий от PsychoBilli

When farming for the Swift Springstrider, I had it drop from an egg after I had about 200 chocolates. I didn't have any further use for the chocolates so I thought I might use Noblegarden Eggs to transfer at least some of them to an alt. Sadly, the 1 hour cool down on the eggs makes that unrealistic.

So with 200 chocolates I could have bought 40 eggs, and set them down in a secluded location for an alt to gather ~38 chocolates. This would require 40 hours thanks to the cool down. It was worth a shot.

Комментарий от Grubitsch

*Puts an egg on the ground.*

This exhausts you, you must wait an hour before repeating this task.

Комментарий от fioreail

So I know you can get the usual clothing items and such from these eggs vendor bought eggs but can a Стремительный весенний долгоног be found in one like in the regular Раскрашенное яйцо you find around as well?

Комментарий от Ilija2113

Placing this egg and picking it up will turn you (hopefully within few tries) into Noblegarden Bunny for Hard Boiled achievement.

- buy few Noblegarden Egg's from the vendor (each costs 5 Noblegarden Chocolate's).- go to Un'Goro Crater's Golakka Hot Springs -> best is next to Western Crystal Pylon.- place an egg and pick it up, took me eight tries (8 hours) -> egg has 1hr cooldown.



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