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Комментарий от jono006

Onyx Eggs are used to get reputation with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. You cant collect these eggs unless you do the quest Choosing The One first. The eggs are currently only found on the Windward Isle off the east coast of the Jade Forest.

On beta they currently give you 600 rep but that probably change once it goes live as its moves you quite a bit.

Комментарий от Cryptarius

These appear to respawn after a minimum of 75 minutes. After that, it looks to be fairly random within the next 45 minutes. Every one will not respawn after the same amount of time.

Комментарий от Milchbar

It appears that currently, you can only collect onyx eggs if you have less than 2 eggs in your inventory. The eggs will still appear in the world, but the objects are not clickable and have no mouse over cursor.

Комментарий от Dreadmight

Recently started the grind for Cloud Serpent reputation, and this is what I've found so far:The eggs only spawn on the Windward Isle- they do not spawn on the column-shaped islands surrounding it. (Edit: I have found one that spawns out of the pillar-like rock that is different from the columns attached to the island. It was in the cove with the saurok on it, still in the Windward Isle zone.)The eggs do not seem to spawn at ground level that I have seen. (Edit-found one on the ground between two of the columns. Will pay more attention to the ground level and see if I can find more.)The eggs seem to only spawn on the column-shaped towers on the Windward Isle. (Edit: I have seen them spawn on the top of the small columns surrounding the wind serpent nests, and one at the base of those columns right next to the nests but not IN the nest.)The eggs can spawn on the top of the towers or on the small 'landings' on the sides of the towers.

I do not know if the eggs have a spawn timer. I found four over the course of fifteen minutes while doing dailies, and with a handful of other people very clearly looking for the eggs as well.

Комментарий от Bigman1182

I can confirm, that they DO spawn on top of the peaks as long as they are attached to the island. I found 3 in 10 minutes on the tops of the atolls.

Комментарий от Smorfty

Blizzard recently nerfed the spawn rate or something along those lines. It is completely useless to try to farm them now. I looked for them for a total of 2 hours with 1-2 other players also there and only got 1.

Комментарий от Hiracheta91

can ou /tar these eggs?

Комментарий от Guy19

I would recommend farming during a weekday while everyone's gone if at all possible. Right after a server restart seems to be much higher yield too. I can also confirm these being just about everywhere on the island - in cracks, next to trees, near nests, by a quest boss, on hill tops and on ledges.

Комментарий от dwhittman

If you're looking for more info check out the comments on the page for the item you get from looting these, Onyx Egg. There are a lot of good tips there, as well as waypoints for addons. Also if you have the addon gathermate 2, they are in the gatermate 2 data.

Комментарий от Developee

My New Addon to find this Eggs :)

founded in 30 minutes 12 Eggs :)


Комментарий от piitus

Developee, what addon? I have a serious problem, can't seem to find any at all...

Комментарий от Dashslash

TomTom users:Macro 1 -/way 63.0, 22.0/way 63.7, 21.9/way 64.2, 23.9/way 65.4, 23.5/way 65.4, 23.4/way 65.2, 24.8/way 65.6, 25.1/way 67.1, 25.0/way 65.1, 26.2/way 63.3, 27.5/way 62.3, 28.1/way 62.8, 28.9/way 62.7, 29.7/way 62.2, 29.3/way 62.0, 29.6Macro 2 - /way 62.2, 31.2/way 62.2, 31.7/way 62.4, 32.8/way 65.5, 29.5/way 66.0, 30.7/way 66.6, 31.6/way 67.0, 32.7/way 66.2, 33.5/way 67.5, 33.3/way 67.1, 33.8/way 69.7, 31.6/way 70.4, 29.6/way 70.5, 29.0You're welcome.

Комментарий от Unpossible

Some good info in these posts, especially from Dreadmight, though it's hard to read with weird edits contradicting information stated prior. Here's a condensed version:

All egg locations, but one, are on Windward Isle (not to be confused with the multitude of islands surrounding Windward Isle). The lone exception is one egg has been noted in the cove with the saurok in it.

Eggs may spawn on top of the rock pillars near the nests, or at the base of the pillars next to but not inside of the nests.

Eggs may also spawn on top of the large rock formations (that have grass/flowers/trees), or on the side of the rock formation resting on the small ledges.

Eggs have been reported within cracks as well.

You cannot use a /target macro to find eggs.

525 Reputation (550 with proper Guild perk bonus) is granted for the Order of the Cloud Serpents.

After looting an egg, respawn time has been noted between 45 and 75 minutes. It is possible that a specific egg spawning point may be within this time range, or it is possible that all eggs have timers but spawn at random points. Evidence is not conclusive at this time.

Комментарий от Bigman1182

Sadly, Found out today that they do NOT give double rep if you have a main at revered :/ BUT the quests do!

Комментарий от Gari22

I thought I was done hunting for eggs when I got my Noblegarden achievement.

Комментарий от bgp0231

anyone have a working macro for this?

Комментарий от Drakkena

I've found that it's very Useful to have the Gatherer AddOn when searching. This way, when you find one it will mark to Location on your map so that you can go back to check within the supposed 45-75 minute respawn time. It's very useful, while I've only found 1 during my times casually snooping on the islands it came in handy as I now know at least 1 location of the eggs spawns.

ScreenshotProvides a look at what the Gatherer AddOn does as well.

Комментарий от GorkTehDork

For the people looking for the TomTom waypoints they are listed here Ониксовое яйцо/onyx-egg#comments

For those lazy enough to not even want to click a link here they are:

Macro 1/way 65.08, 26.20/way 66.64, 28.69/way 67.12, 24.94/way 65.18, 24.77/way 67.05, 33.81/way 66.61, 31.58/way 66.54, 32.20/way 63.09, 29.31/way 69.65, 31.64/way 70.53, 28.99/way 61.89, 30.20/way 66.18, 33.43/way 62.40, 32.36/way 65.63, 25.07

Macro 2/way 64.18, 23.92/way 63.39, 21.62/way 62.98, 21.95/way 62.37, 32.84/way 62.17, 31.75/way 62.19, 31.21/way 67.02, 32.68/way 62.46, 28.77/way 62.21, 29.29/way 62.00, 29.54/way 63.73, 21.90/way 62.30, 28.12/way 62.71, 29.78/way 66.43, 29.55

Macro 3/way 65.18, 24.77/way 65.24, 23.91/way 70.33, 28.63/way 67.06, 30.25

Thanks to Tharama (http://www.wowhead.com/user=Tharama) for this initial post.

Комментарий от soapychicken

THEY WILL NOT ALWAYS BE IN THE OPEN. They will be hidden on ledges and in bushes. Make sure you look closely when searching a spawn point on one of the more foliage-y pillars!Also, once revered, make sure you get Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent! It doubles the 550 rep you get from collecting eggs, which means you only need to gather about 20 (I didn't do the math) before getting to exalted.

Комментарий от cocoawolf

EDIT ---- This is fairly outdated, if you are looking for eggs Timeless Isle has some that spawn around the back ends, and the red dragons will drop them as well! they give far more reputation than these do, but are far harder to kill (depending on level!)

I've farmed 40 of these things within 8 hours, turning my 2 weeks'ish of getting from neutral to exalted, into 2 days'ish.

So.. I'm going to give some of my advice on where I found the eggs; Starting with the tips of each 'mountaintop', there are eggs more commonly found above each one, some hidden in the grassy patches, always, and I mean ALWAYS be sure to check around the sides, even the steepest cliff sides hold eggs on them, in and out of the grass, even in the open.

~There is one egg resting directly between two mountains almost squished together.~Another egg is on a slope on the ground with the matriarchs, and has a pillar with an egg resting behind it, so check the pillars~Several eggs can be located by the lizard people, tucked inside the rock mini-caves. Note that by the daily quest kill (named lizard), the rock is known to have an egg moreso often located inside of that one, as compared to the others.~Check above those pillars of rocks, eggs can be found above them.~Above 3 mossy pillars smaller than the 'mountains', there are eggs placed on two of the ones nearest to the island.~Always check the trees that are attached to the mountains, they have eggs hidden behind them!

Tips -If someone else is around, don't always assume like I did that they got all the eggs, more so often they missed them, because the eggs were hidden behind trees and in cracks where they did'nt look, so don't give up!-One of the best ways to get your eggs quick, is to snag someone from a more quiet server, lower population, join them in a group and crz swing it to get your eggs.-One of the best times to farm, is late at night when hardly anyone else is there looking for them, helps keep the spawn rate up and most people skip over the eggs when they come! I've had that luck and snagged 8 eggs within 1 minute of each other.-Be sure to try and stay within the reach of windward isle!

-Last of all, and the most important, it takes up to 20 eggs, with buying the reputation commendation, to get exactly from the point revered to exalted! so save yourself a stack of 20 eggs you farm up, try to dish out some dailies and get as much rep from honored to revered as possible, then farm maybe 8-13'ish extra eggs just to get you to revered, it helps so that you know for a fact your getting to exalted with that stack of 20!

I hope this helps you guys out there who are having a hard time or if you are just starting!and when you hit exalted, go get you a baby battle-pet dragon around the arboretum to match your mount! :) happy hunting

Комментарий от ilCorvo

Just finished this on my warrior. Did 2 days worth of dailies ( 6 dailies, not counting the profession ones, just the 3 main ones you get), the main quest line ( the flying through the rings) and collected about 13 or so eggs. Went from friendly or neutral whatever you start at to exalted in 2 days. Compared to getting it on my pally right after launch which took about 2 weeks or so. The commendation really helps tremendously, considering one of the flight training quests gave almost 3k rep.

Комментарий от Syngather

Once revered with Order of the Cloud Serpent, make sure you go and get Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent from San Redscale It doubles the 550 rep you get from collecting eggs, so you now get 1100 per egg!

Комментарий от Zivy

Confirmed, Whee! does stack with this, I'm getting 1200 per egg (+600) that's including the commendation.

Комментарий от 3clipse

I feel it worth pointing out that the eggs do NOT have the sparkles that most objects do, so don't look for those. You have to look for the black eggs themselves.

Комментарий от Seethe

I don't know of what help people will find of this, but, I found you had to at least complete a few of the Order's quests in order to be able to loot these.

Specifically, I had to do introduction quests up until I chose and delivered a coloured egg before I was able to loot any of these, and can confirm it by having found a few of the eggs combined with my scrambling attempts to loot them, only to find I couldn't get the looty-gear symbol over them until said quests were completed!

Комментарий от Snamuli

Around the size of a gnome.

Комментарий от KittyKatBar

I can confirm all the spawn locations and advise strongly that you get Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent as soon as you hit revered. Then every egg grants 1050+rep per turn in.

They also appear to have periods of sporadic spawning. At some points in the day there seemed to be hardly any eggs - but nobody was there (for at least an hour or more). Then there were times when one seemed to spawn every few minutes, and there was an abundance despite three or four people being there.

I say don't rely on timers or triggers. Just go. If you wanna farm the eggs, then just continuously fly to all the spawn points when you have some free time or are waiting for dungeon/raid etc.

This is when those tomtom waypoints come VERY much in handy. Slap them in the macro and once you cover every spot just hit them again and repeat! I found 7 within an hour. Though this mimics the netherwing egg collection is seems to be much easier and takes far less time. Reaching revered with these guys took very little time if you do all the dailies and can get bonus rep from dungeons.

When flying over spawn points, fly low and near them - if there is foliage just wave your mouse cursor around. Even if you can't directly see it, the mouse will pick up the tag and you can see it so you will know it is there. They are very large though and you can usually see them peaking over the tops of the shrubbery. They are also the color of shadows. So wave your mouse over anything near the spawn point that looks egg colored!

Комментарий от Ebonclad

These are still well worth hunting. With guild perks, the commendation, and the Darkmoon Faire/human rep buffs where applicable, you can get Order of the Cloud Serpent up to Exalted easily by logging on for a few minutes at a time across the course of a day to hunt for eggs. At this point in the expansion, these eggs aren't nearly as farmed as they once were, and it's not uncommon for me to find ten spawned in a single fly-over.

Do the short quest chain starting in the Arboretum, and after you finish "It's A..." (the quest where your egg hatches) you can start picking up Onyx Eggs.

I'm doing it on all my alts, because the free cloud serpent mount you get at the end of it all can be vendored for a decent 750g.

And I like hunting eggs.

Комментарий от vfarkill

It should be worth noting, that if you're doing this on an alt and your main is already Revered or better, the Commendation makes it possible to farm this rep in 1 day.

Do all of the starting quests up to getting your hatchling, and then follow with any other 1-time quests as they pop up.

Do 1 round of dailies, excluding the profession-based ones)

Collect a mere 10 Onyx Eggs (1200 rep per egg with token and guild perk)

Congratulations you just went from Neutral to Exalted in only a few hours of play time.

Комментарий от StiligeCecilie

I can't even click on these anymore?

Комментарий от buzzardribs

I wasn't fortunate enough to find one of these until AFTER I was exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent ... but Elder Anli doesn't react to this at all! Has this been removed from 5.4 or is turn-in disabled after exalted is reached?-Buzz

Комментарий от Neza1337

Just found a much better way to gain reputation with the cloud serpent, Killing the cloud serpents at the Timeless isle or houlon have a large ammount of % to drop a http://www.wowhead.com/quest=33239#comments which you can deliver at the same place for dubble the reputation.

Комментарий от Neza1337

Just found a much better way to gain reputation with the cloud serpent, Killing the cloud serpents at the Timeless isle or houlon have a small ammount of % to drop a http://www.wowhead.com/quest=33239#comments which you can deliver at the same place for dubble the reputation.

Комментарий от Strath

Should be noted that you cannot pick these up until you have unlocked the dailies.

Комментарий от Nublette

Something that I couldn't find mentioned here which is pretty important: while you don't require a quest to pick these up, you can't pick them up until you complete the quest "Choosing the one"

Комментарий от Fuzzyewok22

I am revered with this reputation, halfway to exalted, been trying to find these eggs at the right places, but they aren't there, i know you can still collect them in this patch, but i don't know what is the problom.

Комментарий от julsrules24

I have the gathering add-on and spent over 2 1/2 hours looking for onxy eggs this morning. I was the only 1 there and from the time I picked up the first egg, there were 3 that still had not spawned and the first egg I picked up still had not re-spawned. I do not know the exact re-spawn time but I can tell you to expect it to be minimum of 3 or more hours per each egg.

Комментарий от frenzille

In order to improve the Reputation you obtain from Daily Quests and Onyx Eggs, you can purchase the Особый знак признания ордена Облачного Змея. Instead of 525 or 550(Including guild perk) Reputation gained from Onyx eggs you'll gain 1100 Reputation (This is including the guild perk).

Комментарий от sivla

1. There is only 10 eggs on the windward islands.2. If the eggs have not been collected, and someone then comes along and collects them, they will only respawn 2 at a time. 3. The respawn rate is truly abysmal. If someone is hunting these, move on....because there will only be 2 eggs that spawn at one time.4 No 2 eggs will spawn right next to each other, or on the adjacent mountain or it's ledges.5. These eggs occasionally spawn near the ground but not on the ground6. If you have the commendation, you will not need to hunt for these eggs. On a new character, if you have the correct professions (Even if you do not) you can still get the items and get double reputation gains.7. Without the eggs and with the commendation, you will start at friendly not at neutral, this is huge, because the amount of rep you get is huge. You can go from friendly to exhalted very quickly indeed. Even if you fail to do it straight away, after the daily reset within 20 minutes or so you will be exhalted.8. Without the commendation, and now with connected realms...hunting for these when there aremultiple others, will make it near impossible. So the next best thing to try is to get the emberstorm eggs..which have a truly ridiculous spawn rate (the real ones and not the ones you break most of the time)..the time and effort is not worth raging over.


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Комментарий от AlEnazi

Currently on beta, those eggs give 500 rep each with Орден Облачного Змея. This in addition to the dailies will get you to exalted then you can learn .Very similar to Netherwing rep grind back in TBC.

Let the hunt begin!

Комментарий от dakyras

These are found on mountain ledges of the 6 mountains that are on Windward Isle.

For the purposes of my screenshots I have named the various mountain ranges as follows:1) Central mountain range2) 'Sprite cave' mountain3) Small south western mountain4) Small north western mountain5) 'Cat cave' mountain6) East Saurok mountain

I don't have pictures of all the locations, but this should be enough to get anyone started.

You may find the growing stack of eggs + the clock time relevant to spawn rates, etc.

Комментарий от retro

They do not sparkle, happy hunting.

Комментарий от Ospreyfalcon

I have screenshotted most locations, the images can be found on my blog:


Edit: I have gone back to the beta as I'm not 90 yet on live, and taken more screenshots of the hills and marked the coords of the eggs.

So this and Tharama's excellent list should help you find some!

Mind you, they don't respawn faster the more people are gathering them. Just keep looking, and good luck!

Комментарий от Bonyfoot

What Retro said: These eggs do not sparkle in the official release.

Комментарий от Tharama

Thanks to Ospreyfalcon's (commenter on this page) extremely helpful blog with screenshots, I was able to acquire many eggs, some not screenshotted on the website and have listed the co-ords in a TomTom friendly fashion. The coordinates should be the same regardless of the mod used.

EDIT: Short edit. Thank you SO MUCH for all the upvotes. I got my first gold achievement~<3

EDIT 2: Added Drakkena (commenter below)'s location. Also, upvote Ospreyfalcon! Without him, I wouldn't have even half this list.

Macro 1/way 65.08, 26.20/way 66.64, 28.69/way 67.12, 24.94/way 65.18, 24.77/way 67.05, 33.81/way 66.61, 31.58/way 66.54, 32.20/way 63.09, 29.31/way 69.65, 31.64/way 70.53, 28.99/way 61.89, 30.20/way 66.18, 33.43/way 62.40, 32.36/way 65.63, 25.07

Macro 2/way 64.18, 23.92/way 63.39, 21.62/way 62.98, 21.95/way 62.37, 32.84/way 62.17, 31.75/way 62.19, 31.21/way 67.02, 32.68/way 62.46, 28.77/way 62.21, 29.29/way 62.00, 29.54/way 63.73, 21.90/way 62.30, 28.12/way 62.71, 29.78/way 66.43, 29.55

Macro 3/way 65.18, 24.77/way 65.24, 23.91/way 70.33, 28.63/way 67.06, 30.25/way 66.00, 30.71/way 62.82, 28,93

Комментарий от Godmyster

But is it a quest that you have to accept or you just randomly find them and turn them in somehow? ive been looking for 1 hour and found nothing.

Комментарий от Milchbar

It appears that currently, you can only collect onyx eggs if you have less than 2 eggs in your inventory. The eggs will still appear in the world, but the objects are not clickable and have no mouse over cursor.

Комментарий от Haruhie

Do you have to find an egg first to unlock this quest? or how do you get her to give it to you?

Комментарий от FishHead

I feel like I'm being trolled here. I scoured the place and looked in known and screenshotted locations for a good half hour and found nothing besides a single egg that wasn't even clickable.

Комментарий от ReactiveSur

To all those wondering if you need a quest - I can confirm that no quest is required, and the first egg you find does not start a quest. You simply find an egg and Elder Anli will have a blue question mark over her head. After you turn in an egg the blue question mark will disappear. Rinse and repeat

Комментарий от Godmyster

Anyone know the exact spawn rate? i just found some eggs and wanted to know how long will they take to spawn now?

Комментарий от Pinkiepieisfly

Just an FYI if people don't read replies, if you can't click on eggs (or general items in game): log out and back in.

Комментарий от ladybetty

There is daily to pick up at The Arboretum once you hit level 90. After a small quest chain in which you choose and hatch an egg, you will unlock the first set of dailies, at which point you will be able to pick up these eggs.

Комментарий от OCDPigeon

So... I was out and about hunting down some eggs...And I think I've uncovered the mystery as to where they all came from.


Комментарий от Meganpie

These eggs have a moderate respawn rate. Hunted about 15 of them at around 4am my server's time, did a dungeon and some dailies and some were respawned already. And there is so prerequisite, you just loot and turn them into the NPC where the dailies are aquired.

Also I uploaded a video to youtube to help but I can't link it QQ but the title is Onyx Egg Hunting (Order of the Cloud Serpent)

Комментарий от mooshimanx

I don't know if its just the respawn rate or the lack of competition this early in the expansion, but I found around 15 of these in less than 5 minutes in the wee hours of the morning, and was getting around 2-3 every 20 minutes with several other players competing for the eggs earlier in the day. Doing both of these, I went from the opening dailies to Exalted in around four hours, shaving off about 20 days from the intended grind.

You don't need to get a map at all to find these eggs, it won't really help too much either because of the fact that the locations are mostly vertical, i.e. they spawn on the sides and tops of some pillar-like mountains, and there are only five of them.

There's no particular pattern to their respawn rate and the actual area in which they spawn is very small. The eggs can only be found in the confines of Windward Isle; if you are on a mountain and it says something else, you won't find any eggs there. If you have all the top tier flight talents and some extra mount speed from your class, you can inspect all of the egg sites in less than two or three minutes, so I ended up finding it just as useful to strafe around the mountains at semi-random.

Although the eggs typically spawn in the grassy parts of the mountains, they can uncommonly spawn closer to the ground, i.e. in between two mountains, on top of a rock formation or in a pile of bones, etc.

I'm assuming that either the spawn rate is going to be adjusted or the number of 90s is going to take care of it, but if you've only got one or two guys in the area, you can easily get a couple thousand rep for 30 minutes or so (the typical rep gain rate doing the dailies is something like ~1250 per day).

Комментарий от Allara

Onyx Eggs are world objects that spawn in the Windward Isle in Нефритовый лес, the primary area where Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies are conducted. Similar to Яйцо дракона из стаи Крыльев Пустоты and Частичка Вечного льда, Onyx Eggs are a way to circumvent the normal dailies, allowing you to accelerate your way to your lovely cloud serpents. The eggs themselves do not start a quest. Once obtained from the world, they can be immediately turned in to Старейшина Анли for the repeatable quest Полезный оникс, which rewards 500 reputation for Орден Облачного Змея (550 with the Вы - звезда! guild perk).

The eggs themselves are gray in color, which varies depending on the lighting. They do not sparkle. Once you've found your first one, you'll know what they look like.

In general, the eggs spawn high up on mountaintops, usually around the edges. There are a few eggs that spawn on the ground, but you'll be able to see them from all the way up at the mountain level. Note that the game loads in all objects and NPCs within a radius of you, no matter their altitude. I see many players swooping low to the ground to check for the eggs that spawn on the ground—this is not necessary, and wastes time.

Based on my experience, it seems that up to two of them can be spawned at once, randomly choosing between all of the available spawn points. When I did this, the respawn rate appeared to be in the 3-10 minute range (possibly quicker). Rumor is the spawn rate has been nerfed since then (it was considerably higher than Netherwing Eggs or Everfrost Chips, so it may not have ever been intended to be that fast, but it definitely was at the time of this writing). With more and more players becoming aware of the eggs, competition is fierce, and this may not be viable as a way to fully grind the reputation. You'd do well to supplement this with the normal dailies, particularly once you hit Revered. You should use a 310% mount, the По седлам guild perk, and zoom your camera all the way in so you're viewing the world in first-person.

I highly recommend using the add-on Routes. I won't spend time discussing that add-on here, but once you've familiarized yourself with it, and if you're comfortable editing your own saved variable files by hand, here's a route that captures all the eggs:

= {= {= {66432955, -- 66613158, -- 66543220, -- 67023268, -- 67053381, -- 66183343, -- 62373284, -- 62403236, -- 62173175, -- 62193121, -- 61893020, -- 62002954, -- 62212929, -- 62712978, -- 63092931, -- 62462877, -- 62302812, -- 62982195, -- 63392162, -- 63732190, -- 64182392, -- 65242391, -- 65182477, -- 65082620, -- 65632507, -- 67122494, -- 70332863, -- 70532899, -- 69653164, -- 67063025, -- 66642869, -- },= {= "egg",},= 2444.666807839933,= {= true,},},},

For those of you not familiar with Routes, but who are using TomTom or a similar waypoint add-on, here is a list of macros that will show you the way. Many thanks to Tharama for originally posting this list. Note: In order for these coordinates to work properly, you must first be in The Jade Forest.

Macro 1/way 65.08, 26.20/way 66.64, 28.69/way 67.12, 24.94/way 65.18, 24.77/way 67.05, 33.81/way 66.61, 31.58/way 66.54, 32.20/way 63.09, 29.31/way 69.65, 31.64/way 70.53, 28.99/way 61.89, 30.20/way 66.18, 33.43/way 62.40, 32.36/way 65.63, 25.07

Macro 2/way 64.18, 23.92/way 63.39, 21.62/way 62.98, 21.95/way 62.37, 32.84/way 62.17, 31.75/way 62.19, 31.21/way 67.02, 32.68/way 62.46, 28.77/way 62.21, 29.29/way 62.00, 29.54/way 63.73, 21.90/way 62.30, 28.12/way 62.71, 29.78/way 66.43, 29.55

Macro 3/way 65.18, 24.77/way 65.24, 23.91/way 70.33, 28.63/way 67.06, 30.25

And if that's too much work, try the addon Cloud Serpents, which automatically places TomTom waypoints for you when you enter the area.

Happy hunting, and enjoy your cloud serpent!

Комментарий от skyline33

Spent about 3 hours farming these eggs today, It really was random for me.Got 5 in the space of 10 minutes and then have not seen one for about 70 minutes +I am the only one farming these eggs atm and none seem to appear, then you can get a good streak and get 4-5 in a row!

Комментарий от Sh5dran

The spawn rate on my server dropped down incredibly today, farmed for about 90 minutes and found none.

Комментарий от SemiFiction

Without doing a single quest (daily or yellow) you need 77 eggs to get from Neutral to Exalted. Add a few dailies in there and this is easily obtainable in a day or two.

Комментарий от ThePandaMan71

For some reason when I put the cords in they sent me to Zouchin Province in Kun-Lai. So confused.

Комментарий от kabookiejoe

i have noticed this as well about the spawn rate, but it just because everyone is hitting 90, and heading straight for the isle

Комментарий от aerion

If you weren't among the first 90's on your server that started the grind, kiss these eggs goodbye now. You should count yourself lucky if you find even one while doing other stuff around there.

Was the same for the Netherwing grind back in BC, and it continued past the end of the expansion. Many people willing to fly around in circles for hours on end, all the while cursing each other for wasting their time...

On my server at least, there is no difference at which hour you go there, always at least a dozen people around circling like vultures.

Комментарий от MelancholyRose

I play on a medium-sized realm, and once hitting level ninety, I went to level my Order of the Cloud Serpent reputation. There were already about twenty people there taking eggs, and I'm not exaggerating. Some of them were even trolling General Chat, saying that they've finished their reputation, but they're taking eggs just to piss people off.

After only finding four eggs in the space of probably three hours, I became frustrated and figured since I only found roughly one egg an hour, I should just try to determine the respawn rate.

After looting an egg, I camped its spawn point to see how long it would take to come back. After one hour, it still never respawned.

I flew around again, picked up a new egg, and camped that spot as well. Again, after waiting one hour, it never respawned. I suppose it's possible that the eggs spawn randomly after certain lapses of time, but it's impossible to find that out. The island is literally swarming with level nineties constantly bumping into each other to get to eggs.

If you are on a medium to large server, this is no way to grind reputation. You will not get many eggs, as hard as you try to. My advice is just do the daily quests and fly around the spawns maybe a few times and hope you get lucky, and save the eggs for when you're revered. I know we all want to ride our Serpent mounts, but if you're not on a totally dead server, you're going to have to sacrifice several hours to get maybe a handful of eggs.

As many people have already suggested, I got the addon TomTom and I am now setting waypoints, and I'm also using GatherMate2, which tracks the egg points on your minimap after you loot them. I also just got the addon Routes and I'm using the suggested route. It seems to make the hunt a bit quicker following a repeated path.

Good luck. You're going to need it.

EDIT: I've found that the eggs all respawn when the server returns from maintenance or a restart. There were a handful of times that I've gotten lucky enough to nab 3-5 of them after logging in the very second the server comes back up. However, be warned that everyone else has the exact same idea and they're trying to get them all as well. The last restart yielded me zero eggs since by then people have caught on that it's a golden opportunity to see and grab a few.

Was told/had read from many sources (including here) that the eggs spawn randomly in any of the various locations when they do spawn, which makes it even harder to get lucky enough to get one. If someone is in the right place at the right time, you won't see any when there is a spawn. Each day that passes, more and more people are hunting the eggs. The other night there were fifty people in Jade Forest. Your best time is in the middle of the night, and I mean really in the middle, like three to four in the morning. Any time later than that, there are people everywhere.

There is talk of a future patch fixing reputation, where your alternate characters will get double the reputation if one is exalted already, which makes this a better grind for alts. I've also heard rumors that they may increase the spawn rate of the eggs due to how many people are hunting for them at once.(##RESPBREAK##)12##DELIM##Sas148##DELIM##

Комментарий от bantexkaa

I was "Lucky" to be the around the 20th to ding 90 on my server, so I went to farm these eggs straight away after getting the Pandarian flying license.

There were 1 or 2 ppl farming them aswell, which made it took longer than it would if I were alone. But after 2-3 hrs I had enough eggs to get 999/1000 exalted.

Sad to say, that these eggs are nearly impossible to get now, EVERYONE are farming them. Couple of guildmates have tried for a couple of days, and never gotten any eggs yet.

Комментарий от ultrajador

I can see the egg but cant grab it.. My rep is honored.. Whats wrong!

Комментарий от jezkodezko

Today, 3rd October 2012, early after server maintenance at 7:21 am, I was able to found ten eggs in a row, spawned at one time. So this can be way to farm eggs fast and easy.

You can see video with spawn areas here.

Комментарий от Theinen

Been trying to find these for days, these things are non-existent or something. Blizz nerfed these when they saw a lot of level 90s.

Комментарий от Kayarie

No bathroom break, no water, no food, lock all windows and doors, listen to music so you don't get distracted by sounds, don't blink, and turn phone's off... this is seriouz egg hunting! x3

Hey! I see you reaching for those chips!

But in all seriousness, I did this for a good 2 hours and managed to come across 12 eggs with intensive focus and came up with the same spawn points as Ospreyfalcon (mind you there were about 10 other people farming them at the time - excluding opposite faction). :) Good luck to you hunters out there!

Комментарий от xerlix

Ok I contacted the author of Routes & he sent me this info regarding the location of the lua file (for ppl who arent wow coders)Xinhuan

9:51 PM (1 hour ago)

to me, routes

The location of the file depends entirely on where your WoW is installed at. If WoW is installed in a custom folder or drive, then the file you need to edit is located at L:\Games\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\(Account name)\SavedVariables\Routes.luaAdjust the path for where ever your WoW is installed at.

If your WoW is installed in the default Program Files folder, then you may need to look at this article to determine where your WTF folder is located, since it is based on what version of Windows you are using:


If you are using a Mac, then just go to your Applications folder, and look inside the World of Warcraft folder in it, the WTF folder will be there.

So the simple fix is to copy and paste the following info into your routes.lua (if you are using it only for this purpose)


RoutesDB = {= {= "SUMGUY - Stormrage",},= {= {= {= {= 2444.666807839933,= {66432955, -- 66613158, -- 66543220, -- 67023268, -- 67053381, -- 66183343, -- 62373284, --

62403236, -- 62173175, -- 62193121, -- 61893020, -- 62002954, -- 62212929, -- 62712978, -- 63092931, -- 62462877, -- 62302812, --

62982195, -- 63392162, -- 63732190, -- 64182392, -- 65242391, -- 65182477, -- 65082620, -- 65632507, -- 67122494, -- 70332863, --

70532899, -- 69653164, -- 67063025, -- 66642869, -- },= {= "egg",},= 2444.666807839933,= {= true,},},},},},}

Thanks again to everyone for the help regarding this.

Комментарий от Developee

My New Addon to find this Eggs :)

founded in 30 minutes 12 Eggs :)


Комментарий от Developee

Its not a joke... my Addon works :D but no i am exalted ^^

Комментарий от Scribbinge

I love how the flavor text says: "A rare egg of exceptional value"Yet to loot it your character smashes it to bits.Nice one Blizz animation staff!

Комментарий от Sphinxlightning

I used the macros in Tharama's comment, and made the rounds. Found 2 eggs on the first try, middle of the day on Saturday.

Комментарий от Karthegrax

Logged in after the server restart last night and only managed to find 5 eggs. It's possible they nerfed it again. :(

Комментарий от Grim32

It is possible to farm this reputation relatively fast. Within two days of hard farming, 46 eggs, 2 lots of dailies complete & all prerequisite quests, to get to exalted (w/ guild perks - not Human).

They spawn quite erratically, from what I could tell after they have been collected for the the first time, no more than 2-3 will be there.

However after a world server restart, there can be as many as 12 within 10 minutes of the server being back online.

These figures come from my personal experience on a low population realm.

Комментарий от SadisticPretzel

Does anyone know if NPC Scan can be taught to track these like it does the Mysterious Camel Figurines?

Комментарий от Enaze

Just remember: Do NOT buy all the 3 mounts when you reach exalted! You WILL get one of them for FREE when you do the last quest you get after you reach exalted (which also gives you the serpent riding skill).

I bought all 3 of them when I reached exalted and did the last quest afterwards, which left me with a mount in my bags that I already learned. Gladly a GM was able to remove the mount from my bag and gave me the gold back.

Комментарий от QuickBASIC37

A much quicker way to add TomTom waypoints:

/run local z,t="Jade Forest",{ 62,29.6,62.2,29.3,62.2,31.2,62.3,28.1,62.4,32.4,62.4,32.8,62.7,29.7,62.8,28.9,63,22,63.3,27.4,63.3,27.5,63.7,21.9,64.2,23.9,65.1,26.2,65.2,24.8,65.4,23.4,65.4,23.5,65.6,25.1,66,30.7,66.2,33.4,66.2,33.5,66.4,29.6,66.6,31.6,67,30.2,67,32.7,67.1,25,67.1,33.8,67.5,33.3,69.7,31.6,70.4,28.6,70.5,29}TomTom.waydb:ResetProfile()TomTom:ReloadWaypoints()for i=1,#t,2 do SlashCmdList(z.." "..t.." "..t)end

just copy and paste into the chatbox... no need for 3-4 macros.

Комментарий от Vaugn

It is worth noting that once you are exalted you cannot turn in eggs for additional rep. Normally this isn't an issue, but it does matter for those that like to max out rep for each faction.

Leftover eggs can and should be used for Cloud Serpent Scrambled Eggs -- coming soon to a cooking trainer near you.

Комментарий от thecityalive

Helpful Tip:

To locate these eggs quicker and easier, go into your system settings, and toggle your graphics down to low (or toggle your ground clutter and environment detail to low). This will reduce the loading of foliage, plants, and other things that may hinder view of said containers.

This works similar to the finding of Dark Soil containers and Noble Garden eggs.

Happy hunting!

Комментарий от Galaxas

I can confirm that after a server reset a lot of eggs will spawn, though I'm not sure if all of them do. I managed to snag 4 of them once, with about 20 other people flying around looking as well.

Комментарий от Herase

Ill give a little tip, but this might not happen often. log-in at the points given just after a server reset and all the eggs will have re-spawned also try collect some just before as well. i was able to get 8 in one go. very helpfully when your almost at the end but don't wanna make it last 3- 4 more days farming.

Happy gathering :)

Комментарий от Qwerg

According to tharama's post there are 32 spawn points. Seeing so many other comments I'd say that the respawn timer of each egg would be around 90 mins.

Wouldn't that mean that every 3 mins there's an egg spawning somewhere in the rocks? It's not purely estimated, but that would be my guess.

Комментарий от Peanut502

I cannot pick up the eggs. I am friendly with the order, I do the dailies every day, and I tryed re-logging twice. I also did /reload. I mouse over the egg and nothing happens, I can't click it, I can just look at it. I am SURE it is an egg because another person just came and took it before I came here to type this...

Комментарий от MABGamer6407

Found mine on the eastern part of the Island near top on a tall spire. Was next to a tree. Will put up a Picture Of it.

Edit: why im I geting a lota Down votes? Im trying to be helpful.

Комментарий от Corq

There are currently 36 spawn locations, most of which are located on "Windward Isle" in the Jade Forest.

Комментарий от KillZacular

For those wondering what the new re-spawn rate for these eggs is, I collected 9 after about an hour of searching without competition from anyone else on my realm.

Комментарий от DUMHEAD

Here's a handy guide to finding these eggs and getting from revered to exalted in a day. (Took me around 7 and a half hours) The first thing you will need is this addon http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/gathermate2 which marks the location of all the eggs on your minimap and this data http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/gathermate2_data imported into gathermate (you can do this in the addons ingame interface) to give the addon the locations.

Optional: Cross Realm Zones for EggsGetting the eggs themselves is hard if you are on a high or even medium population server because of other players who will be competing with you to get eggs, but cross realm zones gives you a way to get around this. Find a realm that's pretty much dead and make a level one character of your faction and get to Ogrimmar or Stormwind respectively, then ask around untill you find somebody whos nice enough to help you. Then battletag friend them and have them go to the jade forest and invite you to a group, which will transfer you to their dead realm. As long as they stay in the party with you, they can go wherever they want and you can farm eggs. Also, make sure that the realm you pick is in your time zone so if you are up late at 2am like me, you won't have anyone else competing with you.

RouteI used a route in which I took a counter-clockwise rotation through the egg spawn points outside of the middle of the island. The middle of the island almost never spawns eggs from my experience, but if you haven't seen a egg in a long long time it can't hurt to look. Also make sure you look in the little cavelike rock formation doodad next to the Чешуйчатый повелитель из клана Скользкой Чешуи because the egg inside of it is often missed by other people.

Other TipsSetting Enviroment Detail and Ground Clutter to low in your system menu removes some of the crap on the ground and may help you find eggs that you would otherwise miss.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

Комментарий от Specula

If you're going to spend any extended amount of time on Windward Isle looking for these eggs and you're also working on your Tiller's Reputation and looking for those gifts for people, make sure to keep an eye out for patches of Dark Soil. They'contain those personal gifts the individual farmers like, and thankfully the respawn rate on Windward Isle seems to be a little higher for these than the Onyx Eggs are, and few search Windward Isle for Dark Soil either.

Комментарий от Raisear

Not sure exactly what the spawn timer is on these eggs, but it does look like they reset with the dailies. I managed to find six between 4-4:30 AM server time.

Комментарий от MissMeltdown

A really helpful addon is gatherer with the exta addon gatherer database (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info11707-GathererDBWoWHead.html) cannot be downloaded bu curse by some reason.

the addon show all the locations the eggs can spawn on your map and/or minimap (u can config it yourself) it cannot track them (like mines) but its still really helpful. And works for dark soils too :)

Комментарий от TheDOW

From the ~10 I've gotten they all seem to spawn "out in the open" as in not all up in those bushes hidden n' stuff. They can spawn directly next to them though!

Комментарий от Snowl

These will give you 600 rep during Hallows end if:
  • You have the Mr. Popularity guild perk
  • You light the wickerman outside of Stormwind/Undercity

Make sure every time you hand these in you have the Очищение/Маска из золы buff

Комментарий от Khelekmir

Okay, I've been collecting for all of a day, but I've already learned some tricks. For, y'know, those of you who don't want to get TomTom.

1) They can basically be found anywhere you can't get to from the ground -- anywhere high enough that you'd need to ability to fly to get to it. Nowhere low enough for you to aggro anything that isn't flying. (This makes sense; if you were an elusive flying serpent you'd want your eggs out of the reach of ground-predators, right?)2) Get creative - the creators did! I've found an egg on one of the white rock pillars, I've found two on their sides tucked half-under the 'bushes' that grow on the tall plateaus. Don't be afraid to search odd places, it could pay off!3) Be thorough. I've found seven eggs today alone, and not because nobody else is flying around looking for them. I mean, I'm on Tanaris. Fly up and down, look at all of the little 'shelves' on those plateaus (be there bushes or no). (Most of the time here there seems to be at least 3-5 other people looking.. and their overlooking stuff and being lazy about it has given me some tasty rep).4) Don't get discouraged/angry. If you're not finding any within 20-30m or so, go do something else. Come back an hour (or longer) later. Try right before bed; right before school/work. Think of creative times that might be inconvenient for the rest of us whom are looking and try your luck then (I've had my best luck so far at 3pm and midnight so far).5) They DO respawn in the same places.. sometimes. I've found two in the same exact place.. though it was hours and hours later.

Комментарий от settlestone

been here like 35-40 mins, only one here.. unless people are invisible.. checked the tops of all of the things a ton, found one so far. I heard that they had nerfed it.. is that the issue? or am i just not able to see em ? :P (sarcasm)

Комментарий от sixteenseven48

I guess for anyone who's curious and farming eggs, here's the number of only eggs needed to get from friendly to exalted. I strongly suggest doing the dailies until revered, then turning in the eggs. because finding 65-78 eggs would be... painful... It's worth noting that with patch 5.1, Особый знак признания ордена Облачного Змея will increase reputation by 1000 per egg. As well as the new Darkmoon Faire ride buff, which will give you 10% increased reputation for one hour.

To unlock the dailies, go here and read the first comment.

To turn in the eggs, you must talk to Старейшина Анли in the Arboretum. She gives the repeatable questПолезный оникс.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

Friendly to Honored:

  • Without reputation buffs: 12
  • With guild perk or racial: 11
  • With both reputation buffs: 10

Honored to Revered:

  • Without reputation buffs: 24
  • With guild perk or racial: 22
  • With both reputation buffs: 20

Revered to Exalted (Including the Commendation):

  • Without reputation buffs: 21
  • With guild perk or racial: 19
  • With both reputation buffs: 17

Friendly to Exalted (excluding the 999 after):

  • Without reputation buffs: 57
  • With guild perk or racial: 52*
  • With both reputation buffs: 47

Reputation buffs:Racial: ДипломатияGuild: Вы - звезда!

*Please note, a few of the numbers were something like 10.90909091, so I rounded up because I wouldn't want anyone to be short an egg :)

Комментарий от Draggoth

Once you hit exalted you can't turn them in anymore, so there's no point in collecting or keeping them in your bags.

Комментарий от JohnEP

"Lost cause. two hours of looking with the locations revealed by GatherMate2 and no finds. There are a dozen other players all doing the same sweep and they are probably better at grabbing them than I am."Well, this has changed! I finally found out the method to get a couple of eggs every few hours. I just log off on top of one of the hills and log in 1-2 hours later for a few minutes. A couple of passes will either net me a couple of eggs or not. No reason to keep endlessly circling. Gotten a dozen eggs so far. Not too much to go for exalted! BTW, the gathermate2 data points from the latest database are spot on. Every egg has been in one of the circles. Get the add on and the database just for this alone. You can avoid searching in places that eggs will never appear.

Комментарий от dperrie20

I'm new to wow am i was wondering can anyone explain how i set up this macro and then use it? thanks

Комментарий от Opallace

these eggs do not sparkle like a quest item, they are grey and look like a rock. these eggs are much harder to gather then the netherwing eggs, at least it seems that way. i wish i would have done this when mop first came out as many people are saying they nerfed them. i'm not sure how true this is, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack, in a hay field, with 300 other people also looking.

Комментарий от Opallace

that disappointing moment when you realize it's not an onyx egg, it's a sea gull.

Комментарий от Elenebeth

For people who already didn't - now it might be the best time to gather netherwing eggs! :))

Комментарий от Yavanne

I just found 4 of them in a few minutes, apparently noone is looking for them on my server atm. For me the easiest way to spot them was flying above the mountain tops with the camera as close as possible (like first person view), when you look down you can easily see them as dark spots on the grass, they are often surrounded by bushes so this is better then flying around mountains, cause the bushes may hide the egg when you are looking from the side. I also turned ground clutter to low, this may help too.

Комментарий от seanf

First off, this is not concrete evidence so please do not take it as such. I'm posting these results to see if others have had similar experience farming these eggs.

I usually farm for about 30-60 min. before and after the dailies. I have noticed a pattern in the spawning. If I find 1 egg, I usually find 2 more in quick succession. I think they spawn in 2's or 3's. the question is the spawn time between. Has anyone else noticed a similar pattern?

**Tip to finding the eggs**1. Not sure if this works on all graphics settings, but when flying high the bushes fade out, but the eggs will not. if your flying too close to the spawn points its real easy to miss the eggs, as they tend to be covered by the bushes. 2. As for the eggs on the ground, no point in flying down to see if they are any spawned, you should be able to see them from flying high. 3. Get used to the look and typical location of the little grey birds as they tend to look pretty similar to the eggs from a distance. 4. Don't forget to check the ledges against the edge of the mountains. I find them in those spots more often than not....though that could be because other farmers don't notice them there. ;)

Комментарий от LiriellGarrosh

I don't know if the ability to loot these eggs is dependent upon completing the quest It's A... or if it was becoming Honored, but I was able to see and not loot them before those two goals were reached.

Комментарий от voodoopimp

I'm not sure how the respawn on these works, but if it's based on when you pick them up then it's potentially pretty low. Found 3 before doing my dailies, did another pass when I finished them and found 3 more. Maybe 10 minutes in between the two passes.

Комментарий от hellguin

Anyone having Issues picking up the Onyx Eggs, Make sure you have your hatchling chosen and hatched from the opening quests with them

Комментарий от smackthekids

Tips on maximizing your Rep per Egg:

Non-Humans can collect these after riding the Carousel during Darkmoon Festival for an additional 10% Rep (or 20% stacked for humans)

After Patch 5.1, remember to buy your Badge to increase Rep by 100%

Extra 10% Guild Perk

- Collecting these late at night when the server is dead can raise you all the way to Exalted in a mere couple hours.

Total Rep Bonus of 120% for non-humans will net your a whopping 1,200 Rep PER egg! You'll be riding cloud serpents in no time!

Комментарий от seangcxq

I am already Exalted with the Cloud Serpent, but I did a run for these just now out of interest to see how many were there. I found a total of 11 eggs in one lap - that's 5500 rep in 5 minutes unbuffed. When I was farming to get my rep up in 5.0, I would find 0 - 2 per lap.

Edit: It is worth noting this was on Tuesday after the server restart; this is just speculation, but it is possible that all eggs are spawned at this time(server reset), and the later respawn rate is based on when the eggs are taken. If this is the case, it will be more and more likely as the week goes on that egg respawn times will be more spread out, and, the closer to Tuesday it is, the more likely the respawn times will be closer together.

This would affect the time in between each find, making it more likely for you to find eggs at a consistent rate on Monday (ie 1 - 2 per lap) vs usually finding 0 or as many as 11 per lap on Tuesday. A lap being one run through all of the recorded locations.

Based on this, an example of what you might expect to see on a Tuesday with some close together laps a few hours after a restart, assuming no one else is searching:Laps 1 - 5: 0 - 1 eggsLap 6: 10 eggsLaps 6 - 10: 0 - 1 eggsFor a total of about 10 eggs in 10 laps (~1 hour)

On a Monday:Laps 1 - 2: 1 - 3 eggsLaps 3 - 4: 1 - 3 eggsLaps 5 - 6: 1 - 3 eggsLaps 7 - 8: 1 - 3 eggsLaps 9 - 10: 1 - 3 eggsFor a total of about 10 eggs in 10 laps (~1 hour)

Комментарий от Holysqueek

Sorry if this is a repeated post, but I didn't feel like scrolling through EVERY comment to check. I wanted to add that there is more than one or two eggs spawned at a time. I just farmed 8 of them in a two minute period. And also, if you have the guild perk for rep, and also bought the 100% bonus reputation from the quartermaster, the eggs are worth 1100. I got through revered in three days thanks to these eggs. Happy hunting!

Комментарий от arksinc

I had heard of these eggs but never seen one myself. I was doing the dailies for Cloud Serpents when i decided to look for the eggs (I only needed afew thousand rep till exalted). This was at around 4am server time, and in little over 10 minutes i managed to find 8 eggs all up, most of which spawn on the big pillars and around those.

Комментарий от Girmoo

So I have no addon to help me find any of these eggs. I was debating if I would even be able to see them through the random bushes, until I actually found one. They are extremely large to say the least, very visible even when flying next to an area. Good luck and happy hunting!

Edit: with the Особый знак признания ордена Облачного Змея these little beauties are giving 1100 rep gain

Комментарий от CheevoHuntress

Farming these is well worth it, even without the extra buff from Grand Commendation their rep helps out.

My tactic was to fly in a clockwise motion around the island, checking all available spawn points before and after completing the dailies with my environment detail set to LOW. Having it set to the lowest point meant finding the eggs was a lot easier than having to hover my mouse over every little bush hoping for the little cogwheel to pop up.

Happy Hunting! :)

Комментарий от Elarink

As of 5.1, there is a Ferris Wheel in the Darkmoon Faire that can increase reputation gains from quests. Since this is a quest that gives you reputation, then you can ride it to increase the reputation gain.

Комментарий от Tuckletuts

Can comfirm that these do NOT respawn when the daily quests reset. Flew to the daily hub thinking they reset at a bit after 3am only to find no quests so went on a quick fly around the island. Managed to find a total of 11 eggs :) Waited about 45 minutes for the dailies to reset and had another run around, none had respawned.

Considering I hit level 90 yesterday and made exalted today, it is definitely worth checking for them.

On a side note, if you happen to already own the mount you get, it can be vendored for 750g...

Комментарий от Porterian

Update for onyx egg location. 65.35, 23.47

Комментарий от grodon909

I've seen a lot of comments here about the speed of the respawn timers for these eggs. I want to say: please do not speculate about the respawn speeds unless 1) You are seeing the egg respawn in the same place or 2) You have friends helping so that multiple spots can be monitored at once.

That's the summary, but there are a few reasons for this. First of all, you can't know when the last farmer passed by. This is important: if you find eggs and, 10 minutes later, find more eggs that were not present before, it is possible that the eggs respawn on a set timer and you are merely seeing the result of the last farmer's route. As a result, the eggs will spawn at different times...or not. See, it is also possible that the eggs are on different timers, and I have yet to see evidence that proves for or against that idea yet (because the eggs seem to take a while to spawn). Therefore, if you want to accurately record spawn times, make sure you are using the same spawn, as it it most likely to stay consistent.

Комментарий от Abanaba

Anyone hunting eggs should purchase the Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent from San Redscale in the arboreatum at revered. It doubles the rep from every egg!

Комментарий от blkdeath75

I saw the bottom of the turn in NPC's dialogue and decided to look these up. After reading here what they were, I went to take a look and found 9-10 just sitting there ripe for the taking.

Strafe the cliffs up high and look straight down(easier to see on a green background)

Not a lot of people farming these since most have pulled a mount already and hit exalted.

Check the tops of the mountains on the island as well, anywhere you see the Osprey flying is a good area to look

Turn ins for me as Human were 600 points each.....not a bad haul

Комментарий от Aquabrook

As of yesterday, I was totally bummed being only 1/3 of my way through revered. Thinking to myself, "do I really have to wait another week?"Next day, I do dailies, run around and get about 5 eggs. Ok, go do other dailies. Then, BAM! world server crashes. as soon as I get back on, I hearth and fly strait towards the isle. I get about 7 eggs before the horde gank and I managed to get exalted.So, for fellow campers, wait for server restarts or in my case for the entire game to crash, and you're fine :)

Комментарий от Dreadninja

I would suggest saving the eggs for the revered to exalted tier. When you hit revered you can buy the +100% rep bonus and the eggs go from 500 base to 100 base without guild perks or any other buff. Much more efficient i believe to save them.

Комментарий от Torantor

i guess blizzard reduced spawn time of eggs cos i found 15 eggs in 2 hours at the locations given here

Комментарий от IlllIlllI

VERY HELPFUL- Once you reach revered reputation you can go to San Redscale (located near the flight master in the Arboreteum) and buy a 100% increase in Rep for all characters which will cut farming for onyx eggs by a lot.

Комментарий от Uzzle

Now with the 5.1, wait for your Особый знак признания ордена Облачного Змея. Then once you reach revered, then turn in your Ониксовое яйцо; it will give you 500 more reputation with Орден Облачного Змея.

EDIT: Links added

Комментарий от cyz0r

im on a medium realm and i needed 5k more rep for exalted and it was 12 server and i thought the dailies had reset so i went to the arboretum and they hadnt so i decided to farm eggs. ive only found 4. i found 7 in about 15 mins. im guessing best time to farm is really late at night... well morning. now i have 2 eggs sitting in my bags. i dont know what to do with them. ill feel bad destroying them :/

Комментарий от PriestessAur

This may be a bit obvious, but since no one has mentioned it, these eggs do stack in your bag. You do not need to turn in each egg to find another. I have had a stack of up to 5 at one point.

Комментарий от Whitedrache

If you use Gatherer it also shows you the spawn points for the eggs.

Tonight I spent the time in between queuing for heroics flying around collecting these (On average I'd say I collected about 4 between each heroic). Without much effort I eventually had 17 of these which was enough for me to gain exalted.

Also remember - as soon as you hit Revered buy Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent as the eggs will then grant you more experience per hand-in.

Hope this technique helps others.

Комментарий от bruuh

1AM Server timeCircling the island for the first time, in one lap I found 10 eggs.

Circle each of the towers on the island, checking all the bushes and at the base of every tree and every flat area.Don't see any? move on to the next.If you notice a spot without hostile mobs, check there too.

This makes for some seriously quick rep farming.Heck, it took me longer to turn the 10 eggs in than it did to find them.

Good luck, happy hunting :)

Комментарий от final565

These items can spawn multiple times without despawning. I've just found 10 on one lap of the islands. Try aiming for a time where your realm population is low, say early morning

Комментарий от JonnyPrime

The reputation bonus from the Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent does not stack with the reputation given by Onyx Egg. I got one and turned it. It still writes in blue: 1200 reputation (+600.00) but I didn't get the +600. I had 19530 when I realized this because I thought I would finally have my mount but nooo, from 19530 to 20730! It was the sixth egg I turned in 2 hours today. Maybe there's something I don't know, anyway all I'm saying is that I didn't get the +600 (50% bonus rep from commendation) but it was still written as if.

Комментарий от Quiriter

Well, after (finally) getting my reputation up for my alt using these little buggers, there are a few comments I thought were worth making:

a. Flying around at an odd time for your server seems to work time to time - mine is not overly populated, yet, being the only one farming eggs, I managed to find none for about an hour, which is weird.b. The furthest cliff (next to the Saurok quest big thing) seems to produce the least eggs. I found one throughout the whole time. In the end I started skipping flying there at all, it wasn't worth it.c. Look out for Dark Earth patches, it's something. Not an egg, but still rewarding.d. You don't need to fly way down to spot the eggs, so no need to go cliff hugging all the time - I've seen people do it a lot for some reason. Maybe they just like cliffs, who knows.e. Put on some relaxing music and chill. You'll get them eventually. I've spent days on it, while at the same time doing heroics and chatting on facebook - no need to be overly goal-oriented, just have fun.f. Do do dailies. I skipped on them on my alt, but I would have upped the rep faster with them, and don't forget to do quest you get on each rep stage, it will ultimately save you time, as it shaves off quite a lot of eggs (I think it was around 10ish in my case, but that was with the bonus to the reputation).g. Buy the reputation booster when you hit revered - it will save much time (+100% reputation)h. If you see people, don't get demotivated. Eggs seem to spawn really randomly, not based on where they were last picked. In fact, I have no idea how they spawn, but it seems that they appear out of the blue.i. You WILL mistake things for eggs, so don't get frustrated. Gulls, rocks, veins, cliff itself, trees... It's normal, so don't be upset.j. Sometimes they just are not there - go do something else for a bit. I found that one time I might find 10 eggs in a row, and another time 0 for a couple of hours. Just luck, eh?

Happy hunting, and don't forget to enjoy yourself :)

Комментарий от LittlePhenomena

To anyone trying to farm this, while the tips provided here, were helpful, I cannot stress enough how much easier it made it for me, by using a couple of addons, and settings.

First of all, the addons you will need is Sexy Map, and GatherMate2 and GatherMate2_dataThe data will automatically show you all the nodes in the world, without having to pick them up yourself, this includes treasure nodes, such as Onyx Eggs.

Now, when you have these, go into the GatherMate options, and turn off all nodes, with the exception of the Treasure nodes. Next, go into SexyMap options, and enable "HudMap" - This will basically turn your entire HUD into a transparent node map, showing you all the eggs easily, without any obstructions to your view.

Happy hunting.

Комментарий от Pops715

Got on my server (Cenarion Circle) this morning and was doing the Cloud Serpent Dailies and found about 8 eggs in a row! Since then, throughout the day, I've been finding one or two every couple of hours or so.

UPDATE: Got up at 2 a.m. and immediately found the remaining two eggs I needed to get exalted, plus counted NINE more that I saw but didn't take because I didn't need them. One thing you will want to do is when you reach "Revered" status, buy the

Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud SerpentItem Level 1Binds when picked up

Use: Unlocks 100% bonus reputation gain with the Order of the Cloud Serpent for all characters on this account.Requires Order of the Cloud Serpent - Reveredand use it. It will give you DOUBLE the reputation points for each egg (1200 instead of 600) and each quest. And it increases those points for every character on your account!

Lastly, I use Gathermate 2 and Gathermate 2 Data and, as with the Netherwing eggs, the addon will show you where the eggs spawn but do not indicate whether there is an egg there or not, ie, the circle does not appear filled.

Комментарий от BillyMurphy96

Simply download this addon :) Shows you every location of the onyx eggs, also works for all other treasures in game http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/gathermate2

Комментарий от mezmorized

If you use Carbonite

Macro 1 /carb gotoadd 61.89, 30.20/carb gotoadd 62.00, 29.54/carb gotoadd 62.17, 31.75/carb gotoadd 62.19, 31.21/carb gotoadd 62.30, 28.12/carb gotoadd 62.21, 29.29/carb gotoadd 62.37, 32.84/carb gotoadd 62.40, 32.36/carb gotoadd 62.46, 28.77

Macro 2 /carb gotoadd 62.71, 29.78/carb gotoadd 62.98, 21.95/carb gotoadd 63.09, 29.31/carb gotoadd 63.39, 21.62/carb gotoadd 63.73, 21.90/carb gotoadd 64.18, 23.92/carb gotoadd 65.08, 26.20/carb gotoadd 65.18, 24.77/carb gotoadd 65.24, 23.91

Macro 3 /carb gotoadd 65.63, 25.07/carb gotoadd 66.00, 30.71/carb gotoadd 66.18, 33.43/carb gotoadd 66.43, 29.55/carb gotoadd 66.54, 32.20/carb gotoadd 66.61, 31.58/carb gotoadd 66.64, 28.69/carb gotoadd 67.02, 32.68/carb gotoadd 67.05, 33.81

Macro 4 /carb gotoadd 67.06, 30.25/carb gotoadd 67.12, 24.94/carb gotoadd 69.65, 31.64/carb gotoadd 70.33, 28.63/carb gotoadd 70.53, 28.99

Комментарий от AveryCF

Key to gaining Onyx eggs now that 5.2 patch is out!Now that alot more people have already gotten the mount, its easyer. Now, i know this is a depret move but hey, if you are like that ill share. At aout 2-4am when everyones sleeping, sunday EARLY MOURNING, go to Windward Isle in the jade forest. I just got 6 eggs in less than 10min without looking just first day trying to get my panda to have the mounts sence main does but you need riding. Hope this helped, but please DO get some sleep.XD

Комментарий от solacespecs

Wow. These make Cloud Serpent rep a JOKE once you hit Revered.

Granted, my server has a pretty low population, but once I hit revered, I did the new quests and did one more day of dailies and I was already at 9k/21k.

Found one of these eggs and looked up the waypoints, then found 9 more! With the commendation, I went straight to Exalted!

Too bad there aren't more rep turn-ins like these for the other reps.

Комментарий от deathshades

Exalted after only 2 days, got 25+ eggs :)

Комментарий от BlackDragon12215

These eggs are very easy to find if you search early in the morning or late at night. The first time i searched for them, i got about 12 eggs. It was 11:40 PST 1:40 server time.

Комментарий от KrS14

The respawn timer is stupid long for these eggs now. I first started and got 9 eggs in 10 mins, then after 2 hours I got one. I was the only one flying around as well. :(

Комментарий от Bethania

Way points anyone?

Комментарий от Kitebasher

I have been farming these for a few days now and have noticed that the spawn rate seems to be anywhere between 30-90 minutes. It is not been consistant, but checking the same time every day has netted me between 8-12. Now, keep in mind that my server is pretty much dead.

Комментарий от Ocyla

I tried to pick these up at just Friendly and it would not let me. I had to hit Honored to do it.

Комментарий от dragon53535

Okay probably one of the most helpful tips out there, If you fly UP untill your foliage disapears, the eggs will not. some of the foliage does not disapear though, so watch out for those. I think you have to have enviromental settings down to low or something since i'm at low on everything.

Комментарий от Xarria870

I'd suggest moving the view to look straight down and then fly around. I found one at first, then went around looking and couldn't find any. Then I moved the camera to look down and found five in a row. Just a tip.

Комментарий от Aenonar

Still having nightmares from netherwing... Did first legit over a week of dailies and then 2 more with only eggs at 3 and 2 days respectively...

Started this today, did the quests and dailies and then went for an egg run. Picked up 10 on the first loop, then did one more and found 2 fresh spawns... Very easy to spot for me and thankfully lots of rep so no nightmares this time...

Just wanted to confirm that at least 10 eggs can be up at the same time.

Комментарий от thelonewander

These eggs are very easy to see (and Im colorblind). Mousing over any area will get the gear symbol for clicking.

Комментарий от Dedkah

I think I've discovered the fastest way to get these eggs and get exalted - was my fifth time getting it up but this time it only took me 35 minutes to reach exalted with Cloud Serpent including the initial quests. It requires the Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent and a fast flight speed. I did the quest line for Cloud Serpent to the point where I had chosen my egg color and turned it in to open up the rest of the dailies.

I had previously downloaded a Cross-Realm LFG addon that allows you to find cross-realm groups for runs/raids/bgs. Upon receiving a group invite by wait-listing - you phase into the Group Leader's realm, what I mean is, is that whatever area you are in is no longer a cross-server zone.

I used the addon to hop from group to group, (Raid & BG groups) which made me zone in from server to server - and cleaned out all the Onyx Eggs from each server zone, staying away from high pop server groups from Area 52, Mal'Ganis, Kil'Jaeden, Tichondrius, Illidan, Emerald Dreams, etc

Is it the "nicest" way? No - because you are pretending you'll stay to do whatever event the group is meant for - but I've gotten the rep up four times before and this was by far the fastest. I grabbed 7 eggs on average from a couple of low pop servers.

I had collected about 37 eggs in about 35 minutes with the fastest flight speed, and by the time I was done and turned in, I had exactly 12 eggs left over. So it probably could've taken me a lot less time but I didn't want to underestimate how many eggs I needed. GL.

Комментарий от 3Dimitri

1 Egg nets you;

500 Rep

550 Rep with Вы - звезда!

1100 Rep with Вы - звезда! and Особый знак признания ордена Облачного Змея

My suggestion is to farm as many as you can as you work through to Revered by doing bonus Scenario and HC rep. Once you hit Revered, buy the Особый знак признания ордена Облачного Змея and hand in ALL your eggs. If you had at least 15 eggs, you'd hit Exalted.

Or, if you're on a "dead" realm, hand in all the eggs you find regardless of your Rep level. Either way, make sure you pick up Особый знак признания ордена Облачного Змея before handing in eggs when Revered. Same goes for quests, I made the stupid mistake of doing the first few "Riding" quests without the bonus Rep.

You can hit Exalted in a few days if lucky. Happy hunting!

Комментарий от keremapak

Got 10 of them in 15 minutes and i play in high rep realm :)

Комментарий от Hestolemydog

Just a heads up, the respawn timer and locations are RNG.

There is no definite way of telling which egg will respawn and what time.

Комментарий от shadowtwinX

As of patch 5.4 this is much easier than it was before. While everyone is attacking the island collecting the iLvl 496 gear for their alts, I was able to take an alt from never having encountered the Cloud Serpent faction to exalted in about two hours (I already had the Grand Commendation of the Cloud Serpent when I started, but no guild or racial perk).

As others have suggested, an addon to help you locate the eggs is helpful. I installed Gathermate2, and the associated gathermate2_Data package (importing only the 'treasure' so as not to add a lot of unnecessary clutter to the mini-map). Note that you absolutely must do the introductory quests (up to and including Choosing the One) before the Onyx Eggs will become interactive. Once I had done that, I was able to find 9 eggs on my first trip to the island -this was about an hour before daily quest reset, so very early in the morning- on a medium population server. After turning in all dailies and enough eggs to get to revered, new quests became available from Instructor Windblade. Completing those quests and turning in the remaining eggs left me at 14500/21000.

My second trip to the island (roughly an hour after the first) yielded four eggs, however the daily quests reset in the interim. I found one more egg while doing all of the daily quests for a second time, and between that and the turn-ins for all the daily quests I was able to get to exalted in right about two hours total.

While there were special circumstances that made it possible to do it in two hours, I think certainly you'd be able to get an alt from 0-exalted in two days if you just collect the eggs while doing the island daily quests twice. Prior to patch 5.4 I had tried it on another alt and been frustrated by the number of other people still farming for eggs, but right now that just isn't the case. If you were holding off on getting serpent riding for your alts, now is the time to do it! Once everyone's alts are all geared out they'll probably hit the island again.

One other thing to note is that if you had already bought all the mounts on your main, you are still rewarded the mount at the end of the quest chain. They are soulbound, but do sell to the vendor for 750gold.

Комментарий от Neyrith

So i just flew around the island with macros, and got 10 of em .. in 15 minutes !

guess im extremely lucky ..

Комментарий от Uberphailure

Do not be dissuaded if you cannot find any right away, it might take a while. You CAN get them after your little dude/dudette hatches. Don't think you broke something or you aren't progressed enough.

Комментарий от Shadowhomer

Being the procrastinator that i am, i have waited until now, october 22, of 2013, to being all this hunting. The realm im on, nearly everyone has done this, so these eggs are just sitting around to be smashed and looted. last night i found 9, today i found 13 in just 10 minutes... going to wait a half hour and check back for more. this rate ill be exalted tomorrow! Happy huntings :]

Комментарий от Daguman

So are Onyx Eggs useless when your already exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent?

Комментарий от mrswarden

Alas the days of quick repops on the eggs are gone. I have farmed for over 3 hours and have found 4. There is no one else farming them either. This is my 6th level 90 to get exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. It is just too tedious. Everything about MoP has been a rep grind, even worse than in BC. I am fed up with it personally. There is just too much time wasted on getting rep to get anything. Even with the commendation it is becoming a mind numbing fail.

Комментарий от Ramraiders

for Carbonite addon useruse Paste addon for quick and easy add CTRL+Vhttp://www.curse.com/addons/wow/paste

/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 65.08 26.20/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 66.64 28.69/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 67.12 24.94/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 65.18 24.77/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 67.05 33.81/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 66.61 31.58/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 66.54 32.20/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 63.09 29.31/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 69.65 31.64/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 70.53 28.99/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 61.89 30.20/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 66.18 33.43/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.40 32.36/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 65.63 25.07/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 64.18 23.92/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 63.39 21.62/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.98 21.95/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.37 32.84/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.17 31.75/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.19 31.21/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 67.02 32.68/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.46 28.77/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.21 29.29/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.00 29.54/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 63.73 21.90/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.30 28.12/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.71 29.78/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 66.43 29.55/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 65.18 24.77/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 65.24 23.91/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 70.33 28.63/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 67.06 30.25/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 66.00 30.71/carb note "egg" The Jade Forest 62.82 28 93

Комментарий от xnetshadowx

For the people using TomTom here are the coordinates, just make a macro:

/way 65.08 26.20/way 66.64 28.69/way 67.12 24.94/way 65.18 24.77/way 67.05 33.81/way 66.61 31.58/way 66.54 32.20/way 63.09 29.31/way 69.65 31.64/way 70.53 28.99/way 61.89 30.20/way 66.18 33.43/way 62.40 32.36/way 65.63 25.07/way 64.18 23.92/way 63.39 21.62/way 62.98 21.95/way 62.37 32.84/way 62.17 31.75/way 62.19 31.21/way 67.02 32.68/way 62.46 28.77/way 62.21 29.29/way 62.00 29.54/way 63.73 21.90/way 62.30 28.12/way 62.71 29.78/way 66.43 29.55/way 65.18 24.77/way 65.24 23.91/way 70.33 28.63/way 67.06 30.25/way 66.00 30.71/way 62.82 28 93

Комментарий от runeasgar

Cleaned up, removed dupes, made reasonably logical path.

Macro 1/way 63.09, 29.31/way 62.46, 28.77/way 62.21, 29.29/way 62.00, 29.54/way 62.82, 28,93/way 62.30, 28.12/way 62.71, 29.78/way 61.89, 30.20/way 62.17, 31.75/way 62.19, 31.21/way 62.40, 32.36/way 62.37, 32.84

Macro 2/way 66.18, 33.43/way 66.54, 32.20/way 66.61, 31.58/way 66.00, 30.71/way 66.43, 29.55/way 66.64, 28.69/way 65.08, 26.20/way 65.63, 25.07/way 65.18, 24.77/way 65.24, 23.91/way 64.18, 23.92/way 63.39, 21.62/way 63.73, 21.90/way 62.98, 21.95

Macro 3/way 67.12, 24.94/way 67.06, 30.25/way 67.02, 32.68/way 67.05, 33.81/way 69.65, 31.64/way 70.53, 28.99/way 70.33, 28.63

Комментарий от Qwerg

This comment section is one of the few I see with only downvoted comments!

Комментарий от Blinkywinkly

Started grinding the rep for these 6 hours ago, only need 8k more rep til exalted. I probably got lucky, but I found 7 eggs in my first go, and consistently leave with 4-7 eggs every run. I alternate between farming Алочешуйчатая Огненная Буря on the timeless isle and coming back to farm these. The Quivering eggs give 1100 rep (with guild perk) and once you get the Revered bonus this doubles to 2200 per egg, and 1100 per Onyx egg.

Easiest rep "grind" considering I've only done one round of dailies....

Комментарий от gonez

Looked for these yesterday, not a single spawn.

Комментарий от Ashaniel

Keep in mind you have to do the quests until you hatch your egg then you can pick up the onxy eggs not before then.

Комментарий от Xoizin

Let me start off by saying that in patch 5.4 it is now easier than ever to get this grind done in a short timeframe.

The eggs can be found on the spires of "Windward Isle"

Don't bother checking the numerous other spires dotted around in the sea, eggs will ONLY appear on "Windward Isle" any other search location won't yield any eggs. (Sadly)

I suggest, to better locate these eggs you install TomTom and Gathermate2, the data and search functionality of these addons will allow you to locate eggs much easier than with the naked eye, as some can be easily missed beneath the brush. For instance, I missed many eggs that can be found on the ground of Windward Isle.

Without these addons installed, I found 4 eggs in two hours, with them installed I found around 5 eggs in around 20 minutes, which is quite a considerable improvement, so highly recommend installing these.

On a populated server, these will be ultimately difficult at best to farm, but on a low populated server they are pretty easily farmed as only two or three people will oppose you.

I wish you luck and happy farming, these aren't easy to get, but you'll likely get from Revered>Exalted within a day if you keep at it.

DON'T FORGET TO PICK UP THE 100% REPUTATION INCREASE AT REVERED (It'll half the total eggs needed for exalted)


The dailies can be cumbersome and boring, I only compelted the dailies three times each in total before I got bored of using windwool to make bandages and fishing for rep, If you really want to, I advise alternating between this and killing Zandalari Warscouts, as more eggs will spawn and you'll still be getting other reps to exalted.

The dragons on the timeless isle are hard to kill at ilvl 560 and rarely yield eggs.

Комментарий от Ashkir

Hello all! I play on a low population server. I have learned some things gathering this reputation on multiple nineties. Onyx Eggs happen to be the best way for me to do so. So, I'll share what I learned:
  • Low population realms can have little and usually no competition.
  • If nobody has touched the eggs in a few hours; there usually is around 10-11 eggs maximum that can be spawned at once.
  • Once all eggs are collected, they don't respawn for an average of 30 to 40 minutes.
  • After the last egg spawn they seem to be paced around 5 minutes apart for each new egg.
  • If you realm hop from one low population realm to another (ask on the WoW forums for help), you should be able to complete this reputation within a few hours.
  • Onyx eggs can be hard to see, turn off ground clutter

Комментарий от 3g0n

Ask your real ID friend to invite you from a low population server (just create a DK) and you can farm the eggs much faster. Each server have separate spans.

Комментарий от jantman

Tharama's post was wonderfully helpful, but the order of the waypoints was horribly inefficient. I've run them through a script to achieve a more optimal ordering, and also added the one additional point that was in the comments but not in the list yet.

A simple plot of the difference in routing can be seen at i60.tinypic.com/ic1o4i.png

# macro 1/way 65.08, 26.2/way 65.18, 24.77/way 64.18, 23.92/way 62.98, 21.95/way 63.39, 21.62/way 63.73, 21.9/way 65.37, 23.49/way 65.24, 23.91/way 65.63, 25.07/way 67.12, 24.94/way 70.33, 28.63/way 70.53, 28.99/way 69.65, 31.64/way 67.06, 30.25# macro 2/way 66.64, 28.69/way 66.43, 29.55/way 66.0, 30.71/way 66.61, 31.58/way 66.54, 32.2/way 67.02, 32.68/way 66.18, 33.43/way 62.37, 32.84/way 62.4, 32.36/way 62.17, 31.75/way 62.19, 31.21/way 61.89, 30.2/way 62.0, 29.54/way 62.21, 29.29# macro 3/way 62.71, 29.78/way 63.09, 29.31/way 62.82, 28.93/way 62.46, 28.77/way 62.3, 28.12/way 67.05, 33.81

If anyone is interested, this was generated by a Python script that I've made available at github.com/jantman/misc-scripts/blob/master/tomtom_tsp.py - it takes an input file listing tomtom waypoints, and uses an implementation of the hill-climbing algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem to find an optimal route between all points.

Комментарий от aerojef

Guys, I just leveled this rep from 0 to exalted in 45 minutes with the help of an addon called Cross Realm Assist (use the Curse client to install). This lets you collect the onyx eggs until you exhaust the realm, then just hit a button, and phase into another realm. I found 20+ eggs in as many minutes, just by realm hopping to low-pop servers. One run I found 11 eggs in about 5 minutes of searching - it was obvious nobody had been looking for them on that realm for some time.

No more waiting 30 to 45 minutes for eggs to respawn. I hope this helps you guys, good luck!

Edit: Take advantage of this before Blizz nerfs it for all of us.

Комментарий от Avicia733

For those who are hunting Gatherer records the eggs! I have been using it to find eggs. It's a great help!

Комментарий от ggwp11

I've been camping for these throughout the week but no luck. I got like one. So I decided to make a quick round today when server restarted. I got on 2 min after the restart and found 12 of the eggs. Attached a pic of locations. Most of them were out in the open but some were hidden behind trees or next to bushes. I suggest to turn ground cluster setting down. Made it easier to spot them for me.

Комментарий от shazzan

There are plenty of tips but one that helped me out a ton i didn't see here.

Go to System / Lower graphics quality to 1 than max out view distance.

What this does is allows you to fly over the eggs from a higher distance and makes all the trees and bushes disappear not to mention a much smaller path looking for eggs.

Комментарий от GreenEyedBlues

  • There are great videos on YouTube that show an efficient path for checking all spawn locations.
  • Turn down ground clutter and turn up your view distance.
  • Once you know what to look for, the eggs stick out like a sore thumb. Plus, you can spot them from a fair distance back.
  • Get your route/rhythm down and it shouldn't take too long. If it gets tedious, go the opposite way or check your "lucky" spots first.
  • This is a relatively quick rep grind. You'll only need a little over 40 eggs.
  • Surprisingly, most eggs appear in plain sight - tops of hills, rocks, and in that little valley (you'll know the one). For what it's worth, not once in my 6 hour grind did I see an egg spawn in that Saurok boss's hidey-hole.
  • If your eyes start to go crossed or you get motion sickness from flying up & down, switch up your path. Or step away for a break and allow for respawn time. MoP has been out for 5 years; the eggs have been there this whole time so don't give up!
  • Good luck!

Комментарий от Sopherra

If you're having trouble looting the eggs, but you've done the quest where you watch the egg quest, it seems like you have to be level 85 to loot them.

Комментарий от Caztaneda

For legion and your alt´s...

You must be LVL 85 to even loot these :)


Полезный оникс - Задание - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Dalard

I believe this will be similar to the Netherwing quest where you must bring the egg to them. Edit: Why downrate speculation?

Комментарий от Salroh

Yes, this quest is similar to collecting Netherwing Eggs for a reputation boost.

Like the Netherwing Eggs that were scattered around Shadowmoon Valley, the Onyx Eggs are scattered around Windward Isle.

But unlike the Netherwing Eggs the reputation gain for the Onyx Eggs doesn't change after the first turn in.

Hopefully a feature that will not change.

Edit: Also forgot to mention that the rep changes with whether you're in a guild or not. If you have a guild with the Mr. Popularity rank 1 perk that gives a 5% rep bonus your turn-in is now worth 525. For a guild with Mr. Popularity rank 2 perk that gives a 10% rep bonus, your turn-in is now worth 550.

Комментарий от Voxxel

About the respawn time, it's not something like there should be a minimum amount of eggs all the time. Unlike mining nodes, fish pools, etc, looting an egg does not force another egg to spawn.

A good example after a server restart eggs run out in a few minutes - thanks for the relatively small spawning area - and it often takes about an hour to spot a new egg. So the Onyx Egg pool can be easily depleted (as of now, b15913).

Комментарий от Ospreyfalcon

I have been compiling screenshots for the egg locations on my blog and will add more as I come across them.

Onyx Egg Locations

Комментарий от kpwuzhere

The eggs spawn mostly on mountains on Windward Isle. You can do this quest all the way up to exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent.

Note: The eggs will disappear when you hit revered so collect what you need before you turn them in.

Sorry about that. They are back up and lootable :)

Комментарий от Godmyster

How do i get this quest? i have been searching also went to the NPC and nothing cant find quest or eggs, would really like to get exalted to /target Order of the Cloud Serpent

Комментарий от enkidu3k

Node tracker addon, like Gathermate2records the spawn location of the egg.

Комментарий от Godmyster

But is it a quest that you have to accept or you just randomly find them and turn them in somehow? ive been looking for 1 hour and found nothing.

Комментарий от solardive12

This quest actually reward 550 Rep., just completed it and here's my screenshot:


Комментарий от Haruhie

How do you actually get this quest? Do you have to find an egg first?

Комментарий от Pinkiepieisfly

To everyone: You can find eggs, there is no quest for them until you obtain an egg first. My boyfriend and I were searching for eggs for a while before we finally saw one.If you don't see eggs, /who the area and all the level 90s there would (most likely) be why. In fact, I saw two people with cloud serpents already from farming so much!

Good luck, the eggs don't sparkle and their spawn rate seems terrible. But they are big, black eggs so you can see them easily, and also note that sometimes they can be hidden in grass on mountains or whatnot, so mousing over grass/trees/etc. helps!

Комментарий от Godmyster

Anyone know the exact spawn rate? i just found some eggs and wanted to know how long will they take to spawn now?

Комментарий от Gempalm

I can see two eggs and can't pick them up at honoured. Also, my dragonling doesn't give me quests. GG blizz!

Комментарий от Gempalm

I can see two eggs and can't pick them up at honoured. Also, my dragonling doesn't give me quests. GG blizz!

Комментарий от dwhittman

I was unable to loot the Onyx Egg as of today, 10/3/2012, I have yet to complete the starting quests, will update after I do. A druid got the egg that I could not loot, so I know it was lootable. I reloaded after not being able to loot it, still no dice. Is anyone else having this problem?

Edit: After completing the starting questline and getting to the dailies I was able to loot the eggs.

Комментарий от KGum

Didn't see it mentioned here but would a targeting macro work on these? It's been so long I can't remember if the Netherwing eggs worked like that. Thanks!

EDIT: After finally finding one I can verify that spamming a '/tar onyx egg' macro does nothing. Happy hunting!

Комментарий от dwhittman

If you use the addon Gathermate 2 it will show all the nodes on your map. Makes it easy to know where to look until you get a hang of it!

Комментарий от Regime

Ok - quick question, ow and thanks for all the info but any ideas on why the Onyx to Goodness quest may not be available?

Комментарий от Thorzhammer

You collect an Onyx Egg and Elder Anli automatically has a blue ? above her head. You hand it in and the ? is removed until you find another egg. There is no quest for you to "take", just simply find an egg and hand it in.

I received 600 rep for 1 hand in. Human Paladin, level 25 guild.

Комментарий от Aaygo

Have GatherMate with dozens of spawn locations. Been looking for days at odd hours when there's hardly any people around, yet I somehow managed to not find any eggs. In this regard this is nothing like the Netherwing eggs. Those were easy.

They either nerfed the spawn rate into oblivion or I need glasses to see them.

Комментарий от nicolegreedy

I found an egg but everybody at the arbitorium disappeared?

Комментарий от Wineblood

I just logged in at 5:30 to do my cloud serpent dailies after the reset at 3 (or 4). I found 10 onyx eggs in various spots, but they were all easily visible. I'd recommend trying this if you are up late, seems like the spawn timers reset and you get the first harvest.

Комментарий от ebMusicMan84

It appears that you are unable to complete this quest after reaching exalted. I currently have two eggs in my bags, and am 240/1000 exalted, but Elder Anli does not have a blue question mark for me.

Комментарий от Draggoth

Once you hit exalted you can't turn in anymore eggs, this ques won't be available even if you have more eggs in your bags.

Комментарий от Tybudd33

What about the Особый знак признания ордена Облачного Змея, does it give you double rep on turn ins?

Комментарий от Quandru

I can confirm that this quest DOES reward double XP if you have used a http://www.wowhead.com/item=93229. It awards 1200 rep per hand in at Revered, 600 + 600 bonus.

Комментарий от PvtDeth

I wish there wasn't so much Ghost Iron in this area. It doesn't really look anything like the eggs, but at a glance and from a distance it bears a resemblance to a Netherwing Egg. I spent so long looking for those things that when I'm in search mode, I still get excited when I think I see one.

Комментарий от SenoirMeow

Ive gotten the luck of the draw on a medium server quite a few times now (meaning i collected 14+ eggs) from what i have asked, people tend to only go nuts and camp and gather them, on their first 90. They need loads, and will of course do it frequently, well i didnt even need to ask, its common knowledge since they can get the 100% rep increase for other chatacters on the account so each egg can potentially give 1200 rep. even at Reverred you only need 14 or so, and do the dailies.

Although as a note, i think the spawning is really messed up. As in, some could respawn in fewer hours than others.

Комментарий от Severage

Luckily now it's been 5.1 for a while, and on my Medium Pop server, I found 6 randomly in the middle of the day.

There seems to be far fewer people farming them now, since Order of the Cloud Serpent rep is so easily obtained. Dark Soils still seem to be getting farmed pretty rapidly even on a Medium pop server, but these Onyx Eggs, despite their terribad spawn rates, are just lying around waiting to be taken now.

I can literally go at any old time of the day every few hours and find an egg or two. So far I've found 6 on my first day.

Комментарий от Pervy

A small note about these who have time and are frugal. You reach 90 and then pick a different egg on various alts, completing your collection.

Комментарий от GuiManha

Day 65th, still haven't found any bloody egg.

Комментарий от dport4short

I have noticed that the higher I fly, a lot of the bushes and grass disappear from the graphics. This tends to make it easier for me to see the eggs. The eggs stay visible much longer. I definitely found one in some bushes that I probably would not have seen otherwise. Graphics are on low and visual distance is set on fair

Комментарий от cherylgroover

The easiest way to find them it to go to Windward Isle, Northwest of the Arboretum. Up on the peaks of the mountains you will see trees clinging to the side of the mountains. Any place that you can land is a possible place to find them. They are grey with darker grey swirls. I found 7 in a matter of minutes. Since MoP has been out for a while there are not as many people farming them as there used to be. Good Luck!

Комментарий от Rj23

Having problems seeing the eggs? Try this: Go to your game menu, select graphics, look under environment and change both "Environmental Detail" and "Ground Clutter" to the lower setting. This will clear some of the ground clutter and better help you see eggs.

Комментарий от Untamable

I recommend going early in the morning. When I go in the afternoon on mid pop server there are none eggs and in the morning I find 1 per minute.

Комментарий от zedisded1

can i not get the cloud serpent dailies until i get exalted with shado-pan? that's pretty stupid.

Комментарий от Amatyi1

Do they still have this quest and is there any other prerequisites other then watching your egg hatch? I've watched my egg hatch and I see the eggs but their is nothing when I hover over them. I can't pick them up. Can anyone help me with this?

Комментарий от Yogilaw

Just a note (ok it may sound obvious) for those who have asked.

This item is for accelerating rep gain only. These eggs are useless after you have reached Exalted with OotCS! You can still pick them up (?) but cannot turn them in to Anil at the Arboretum.

Quite why they can still be looted after max rep is achieved only Blizz will know.

Комментарий от clafarge

OK, I am confused. I have collected an "Onyx Egg" and it is in my bag. When I speak to Elder Anli, she will NOT take it. What am I doing wrong?

Комментарий от mrswarden

This has become so lame. Every single toon you grind to 90, you need to be exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. Granted it is easier when you get the commendation. But honestly, you turned MoP into a rep grinding torture fest. This one was the easiest to get exalted with until you stopped the repops of the Onyx Eggs. Can we not have just one faction we don't have to spend days upon days getting rep with? I did this with 5 toons and it only took a matter of hours to get this done. I come back with a 6th and it is slow going and tedious. It gets to be mind numbing and boring after 50 passes and no eggs show.

Комментарий от haus

If you want an easy way to see all the egg locations on your mini map and regular map there are two downloads which have made this childs play for me.

Gatherer - This one shows node locations on your map and minimap.GathererDB - This one updates from a centralized database (WoWHead) of node locations.

This works for all your herb/mining as well as special items like these eggs and the Dark Soil to pick up rep items from those too (which are also on the island).

Комментарий от Vatrius

A quick an easy way to hand in bones if you have alot:

Bind interact with target on keyboard.

Use this macro/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1)/script CompleteQuest()/script GetQuestReward()

Комментарий от OneMoreBook1268

Was searching through mods on Twitch and found this "Cloud Serpent Onyx Eggs Coords-TomTom. I had no clue where the fraction was located for the rep. But now after reading this informative guide and comments I'm so glad I installed it!

Link here: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/cloud-serpent-onyx-egg-coords


Wowhead's Order of the Cloud Serpent Guide - Guides


Комментарий от bleuwolfe

Don't forget to buy (and use!) Особый знак признания ордена Облачного Змея as soon as you hit revered- it makes the easiest rep grind in MoP even faster.... With commendation and guild rep perk, firestorm eggs grant you a whopping 2200 rep each, and onyx eggs grant 1100 each, enabling you to get an alt to exalted in a single afternoon. You will have to do the lead in quests to unlock dailies before the turn in quest will appear for onyx eggs, and you will have to do the short quest chain with your baby serpent to learn cloud serpent riding, as that is separate from reaching exalted.Apparently, cloud serpent riding has been removed with 6.0.2 (see comment below), so any character may now ride serpents without special training.

Комментарий от omwtoownu

ty for the guide but i want to add that u don't need as example 525 fishing to do the fishing daily ;)

Комментарий от Krika1119

Thanks for mentioning the Onyx egg locations blog it's going to help me get exalted much faster.

Комментарий от vynllish

To become exalted, I leveled first aid to 600 in a few hours just from buying matts from the Auction House and making bandages non-stop.

It took me a day to level archaeology to 525 from 0, to start digging in pandaria. Leveling was actually pretty fun, slightly monotonous, but painless and simple as.

I bought fish cakes from the auction house.

And I had '0' fishing skill, but was able to fish sugar minnow from schools of fish in pools in 'Valley of Four Winds' rivers. Even with little fishing skill drop rate from schools of fish are 100%

Enjoy, hope this helps others on the way to being Exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. And it's been said before, but definitely pick up Особый знак признания ордена Облачного Змея once you are 'Revered' speeds up the process to gain Exalted status.

Комментарий от Sanstor

I leveled this today from nothing to exalted in about 3 hours of play time, including killing all the world bosses once, and running celestials once.

First, I ran the questline until the first cinematic where I met the cute little lizardling. I made TomTom macros for all the Ониксовое яйцоs. Then I checked the isle for eggs.

I went back and ran the dailies. I did an egg run again, and realized they weren't spawning very quickly. I opened up oQueue, and found a group for world bosses. I joined, and ran the macros so the waypoints would reload for the locations. I found 8 or so eggs, as joining the group moved me to a different realm. I then went and ran all four world bosses, came back, and another egg had spawned. The last straggler from my group dropped raid, and I went back to my home realm where 6 or so eggs had respawned.

I did this with a celestial group and an ordos group as well. With the bonus from the commendation, I hit exalted in about 3 hours. I know this rep isn't required in 6.0 for the lizards, but my character is a jewelcrafter, and I wanted the Эскиз: драгоценная ониксовая пантера.

Happy hunting

Комментарий от maughan73

As of 6.0.2, Cloud Serpent Flying skill has been removed so everyone can use Cloud Serpents from level 60 with normal flying skill. Awesome huh, 60 rogue is sporting an Onyx Cloud Serpent.

Комментарий от Neoyoshi

Very thorough and easy-to-understand. Thanks so very much! :D

Комментарий от 2nihon

I'm at Revered status and haven't been offered any cloud serpent races except for the initial one to gain familiarity with the course. I'm doing the quests every day. Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong that's not listed here...

Комментарий от aerojef

Guys, I just leveled this from 0 to exalted in 45 minutes with the help of an addon called Cross Realm Assist (use the Curse client to install). This lets you collect the onyx eggs until you exhaust the realm, then just hit a button, and phase into another realm. I found 20+ eggs in as many minutes, just by realm hopping to low-pop servers. One run I found 11 eggs in about 5 minutes of searching - it was obvious nobody had been looking for them on that realm for some time.

No more waiting 30 to 45 minutes for eggs to respawn. I hope this helps you guys, good luck!

Edit: Take advantage of this before Blizz nerfs it for all of us.

Комментарий от cowgirlshandi

PLEASE HELP! I did the main Quest line where I got to the end of .. The One... Picked my egg watched it hatch. According to the guide that should have put me at honored to be able to start daily quests . well my rep is only at friendly still and I cannot see any dailys. What can I do?

Комментарий от Angolavoom

If you're coming back to this quest line (Wild Things) later in level as I was and can't find the quest, Elder Anli (57,44) has it. Click on her and the quest will be there, it was low level so I couldn't see it on my map

Комментарий от Magnusmalum

For anyone doing this now, here's a bit that might speed up your progress from revered to Exalted.

I had exalted on main from back in MoP, but wanted JC patterns, so i did the intro quests with the commendation, got to revered pretty quick, then started hunting onyx eggs thinking it shouldnt take too long, right?well I spent hours flying around, using a tomtom macro, and i found 4, notably there were others farming, though the ones who would talk claimed worse luck.

I had MUCH better luck going to the timeless isle and farming the red dragon serpents flying around and the red eggs, also, these give double the rep of onyx eggs AND there was NOBODY already there farming them.Did run into some people PVP around the Houlon spawn, but they were easily avoidable and didnt give chase.


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