Большая охота за яйцами 2018 началась! Охота за яйцами

Охота за яйцами - Задание


Комментарий от theredbaron

I just did this quest, clicked the egg on the little hill. I got the popup to defend it, but there was nothing to defend it from... Three druids then came and flew it away. Simplest protection quest you've ever seen!

Комментарий от Icedogg

Para aquellos que no entienden que hacer es no mas dar click en los Shadow Cloak Generators hasta que aparesca un huevo luego hay que defenderlo es todo.

Комментарий от FeyGyrl

I just did this one - I wasn't the one who got lucky with the egg find - I'd popped about 8 or 9 times around the area, and ran up right after a human warrior found it -I'm Blood Elf pally, so we definitely weren't partied up - lol - and I saw the druids arrive, take the egg, and fly off. I didn't do a thing except stand there, and was surprised when I got credit for it, anyway. Sooo...if this isn't a bug that gets fixed, you literally just need to be there when it's taken by the druids; you don;t have to be the one actually popping the cloaking device. :)

Happy Easter, uh, umm, I mean egg hunting! ~grin~

Комментарий от Esalya

I was having significant difficulty doing this quest. I rescued 6+ eggs, but would not get credit for the quest.

I'm a mage, so naturally after activating it, I'd step away 20 yards and wait for the 1-2 adds to spawn and attack the egg. I'd kill/kite them, and then the friendly NPCs would come and fly the egg to safety. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong and why I wasn't getting credit.

Instead of waiting far away for the mobs to spawn and attack the egg, I tried standing right next to the egg. I defending the egg, and the NPCs flew the egg to safety. All this time I was right next to the egg -- and I finally got credit!

Apparently if you're even 10+ yards away from the egg, you will not get credit. So stay close!

Комментарий от chochopk

Aviana quest chain

1. Wings Over Mount Hyjal (breadcrumb quest. Don't do this one)Aviana's Legacy (breadcrumb quest. More XP)1. An Offering for Aviana (use netcar at burial)1. A Plea From Beyond (go to NPC)1. A Prayer and a Wing (kill Blaithe)||| 2. The Wormwing Problem (kill 10 Harpies) 2. Scrambling for Eggs (collect 8 eggs)| 2. A Bird in Hand (Interrogate Marion)V3. Fact-Finding Mission (go to Thisalee)3. Sethria's Brood (kill 12 dragonkins) 4. A Gap in Their Armor (get 8 armors)4. Disassembly (kill 3 Juggernauts)/------------------. 5. The Codex of Shadows (go to Thisalee)/ 5. Egg HuntV (do you need 3, 4, and 5 to unlock 6?)6. Sethria's Demise (kill Sethria)6. Return to the Shrine (go back to Choluna)6. An Ancient Reborn (use quest object)

7. The Hatchery Must Burn (go through portal)7. Flight in the Firelands (practice a special flight mechanism)7. Wave One (kill (collide with) 10 riders)7. Wave Two (kill (collide with)10 lancers)7. Egg Wave (destroy (step through) 40 eggs)7. Return to Aviana (get ilvl 288 rare)

Комментарий от wowhead100

Only the generator at coordinates 32, 76 seems to give the egg....

Комментарий от Whiterock

THE RETURN OF THE ANCIENTS Quest Tree From Whiterock<<Feedback here, please>>

Return from the Firelands{H}*──>G)The Fires of Mount Hyjal| 4)Fighting Fire With ... AnythingG)Aviana's Legacy|| S)Wings Over Mount Hyjal<──Return to Nordrassil*|OR| ┌──────────┴──────────┐1)An Offering for Aviana 1)Scrambling for Eggs 1)The Wormwing ProblemS)A Plea From Beyond ├─────────────────────┘1)A Prayer and a Wing 1)A Bird in Hand├────────────────────────┘2)Fact-Finding Mission├─────────────────┬──────────────────────┐2)Sethria's Brood 2)The Codex of Shadows 2)A Gap in Their Armor| 2)Egg Hunt 2)Disassembly├─────────────────┴──────────────────────┘2)Sethria's Demise1)Return to the Shrine1)An Ancient Reborn├>3)The Hatchery Must Burn| 3)Flight in the Firelands| 3)Wave One| 3)Wave Two| 3)Egg Wave| 1)Return to Aviana|| The Return of the Ancients*| ├─────────────────────┬────>4)If You're Not Against Us...| 4)Save the Wee Animals | 4)Seeds of Their Demise| 4)Oh, Deer! | 4)A New Master| | | 4)The Name Never Spoken(ver2)| | 4)Disrupting the Rituals 4)Black Heart of Flame| ├──┴─────────────────────────┘| S)Last Stand at Whistling Grove| 4)The Bears Up There| 5)Smashing Through Ashes| ├───────────────┬──────────────>6)Firebreak| 6)Fresh Bait 6)Durable Seeds 6)Prepping the Soil| 6)Hell's Shells └────────────────┴──────────┐| 5)Tortolla Speaks || ├────────────────────┐ || 5)Breaking the Bonds 5)Children of Tortolla || ├────────────────────┘ || 5)An Ancient Awakens |├──┴───────────────────────────────────────────┘6)The Last Living Lorekeeper<──Return from the Firelands{H}*6)Firefight4)Aessina's Miracle───┬>7)Hyjal Recycling Program7)Tortolla's Revenge └>7)Lost Wardens├>7)Breakthrough 7)Pressing the Advantage|7)The Hammer and the Key8)The Third Flamegate─────>8)The Time for Mercy has Passed8)The Strength of Tortolla8)Finish Nemesis7)Tortolla's Triumph9)The Ancients are With Us──>Commander Jarod Shadowsong*

Quest zones:1)Shrine of Aviana_____2)Sethria's Roost_____3)Firelands Hatchery_____4)Grove of Aessina+The Inferno_____5)Ashen Lake+Sanctuary of Malorne_____6)The Flamewake_____7)The Scorched Plain_____8)The Crucible of Flame_____9)NordrassilG)Gluing Separate Questlines_____S)Skippable*Click to see more info about that quest-line.

<<Feedback here, please>>

Комментарий от discharge

Did anybody else think of Monty Python and the Holy Grail when the birds flew off with that huge egg? Lol!

"It's not a question of where he grips it! It's a simple question of weight ratios! A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut."

Комментарий от Glynny

I found my egg at 31,81 Kill all the mobs there then release the eggs there. And just kill the mobs what spawn. :)

Комментарий от GoldenarmsXXXL

its these types of quests that would be a lot easier if it mentioned that the egg does not pop up every time and you have to keep trying until it does. There are no right or wrong cloak things.

Комментарий от mektacular

Didn't read this anywhere, so:1. Deactive the device/glowing/spinning thing (you'll get a gear symbol)2. When you deactivate one, the egg appears on top of the device. Defend the egg from any nearby NPCs.

Комментарий от dymontgo

Took me 14 tries before I got it. I just kept going from one device to another until it finally popped up. For me it popped up at the first one on the right, between the two Twilight Juggernauts.

Комментарий от McPoowl

I guess my quest bugged on me. I was able to "activate" all of the cloak devices, but one. No device I was able to activate had the egg in it, so I assume there's only one egg in all of the devices at a given time. When the egg is saved, the egg can respawn in any of the other devices.Since I was not able to use one device, i think that's where the egg is hidden, but sofar, I'm unable to get to it..

//Edit: And guess what, just after typing this comment, the 2nd device I activated, had the egg in it.Moral of the story: Be patient..

Комментарий от Alfreya

Many thanks, Esalva, for the tip on remaining close to the egg once you get it to spawn. The first time I let my pet go in close on defense and I tried to range defend the egg = no credit for the quest. After reading your post, I stayed right beside the egg, fought close up and, voila, credit for the quest !

Комментарий от Alfreya

Many thanks, Esalva, for the tip on remaining close to the egg once you get it to spawn. The first time I let my pet go in close on defense and I tried to range defend the egg = no credit for the quest. After reading your post, I stayed right beside the egg, fought close up and, voila, credit for the quest !

Комментарий от etainia

Thanks again for the "stay close" tip. I saved 3 eggs without credit. Now I know how to complete this quest.

Комментарий от wharris

Guide to Alliance Mount Hyjal Quests, part 1:

Optional initial quests:Hero's Call As Hyjal Burns The Earth Rises Inciting the Elements and Flames from Above

Then:Protect the World Tree (unlocks optional War on the Twilight's Hammer)The Flameseer's Staff FlamebreakerThe Return of Baron GeddonEmerald AlliesThe Captured ScoutTwilight CaptivityReturn to AlysraA Prisoner of InterestThrough the DreamReturn to Nodrassil

At this point, you must awaken three ancients. A Vision of Ysera will appear after each. You must awaken Goldrinn before beginning the Aessina/Tortolla quests but can otherwise work on them in any order.

Goldrinn Quests:The Return of the Ancients (enables optional Harrying the Hunters and In the Rear with the Gear)End of the Supply LineThe Voice of GoldrinnGoldrinn's FerocityLycanthoth the Corruptor enables several optional quest chains:

Cleaning House (enables optional Sweeping the Shelf)Lightning in a Bottle (enables optional Into the Maw! / Into the Maw!)Rage of the Wolf Ancient, Forged of Shadow and Flame, and Crushing the CoresCindermaul, the Portal MasterForgemaster PyrendiusReturn from the Firelands

Aviana Quests:(optional linking quests ofWings over Mount Hyjal or Aviana's Legacy)Two chains:* An Offering for Aviana, A Plea from Beyond, and A Prayer and a Wing* The Wormwing problem, Scrambling for Eggs, and then A Bird in Hand

Next comes Fact-Finding Mission which enables these required quests:

Finish the above for Sethria's DemiseReturn to the ShrineAn Ancient Reborn

Optional bonus: The Hatchery Must Burn Flight in the FirelandsWave OneWave Two Egg Wave Return to Aviana

Aessina/Tortolla Quests (must do Goldrinn first)The Fires of Mount Hyjal (optional)Save the Wee Animals and Oh, Deer!Fighting Fire With ... Anything (optional, but must complete before Aessina's Miracle)Disrupting the RitualsIf you're Not Against Us...Seeds of Their DemiseA New MasterThe Name Never SpokenBlack Heart of FlameGood News... and Bad News (auto-accepted; can not be obtained later)Last Stand at Whistling GroveThe Bears Up There (a good time to do Bounce!)Smashing Through Ashes enables additional required quests:

Fresh BaitHell's ShellsTortolla SpeaksAn Ancient Awakens .

After waking all the ancients, the third vision gives The Last Living Lorekeeper.

Continued in part 2.

Комментарий от wharris

Guide to Mount Hyjal Quests (Alliance), part 2:After waking all three ancients (see part 1), Ysera or her vision will continue the chain with The Last Living Lorekeeper.

Next come:FirefightAessina's Miracle (brief cutscene; phases the zone)Optional quests now available:

Tortolla's Revenge (enables optional Breakthrough)The Hammer and the KeyThe Third Flamegate (enables optional The Time for Mercy has Passed)The Strength of TortollaFinish NemesisTortolla's TriumphThe Ancients are With UsCommander Jarod ShadowsongSigned in Blood (allows you to visit Twilight camp including Edric Downing and Grunka who sell food needed for Cataclysmically Delicious)Your New IdentityIn Bloom, Trial by Fire, and Waste of FleshTwilight Training unlocks several additional required chains: * Gather the Intelligence and Seeds of Discord* Walking the Dog, A Champion's Collar, and Grudge MatchPhysical Training: Forced LaborAgility Training: Run Like Hell!, Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to PowerSpiritual Training: Mercy is for the WeakTwilight Territory and The Greater of Two Evils

All of the above for Speech Writing for DummiesHead of the ClassGraduation SpeechTwilight RiotSlash and Burn (cutscene)Three chains, all required: * Might of the Firelord, The Sanctum of the Prophets, and Magma Monarch* The Twilight Egg (starts here),Brood of Evil, and Death to the Broodmother* Secrets of the Flame and The GatekeeperLast quest: The Firelord

Комментарий от williamah

I think this quest is prone to bugging, i found it after about 10 tries, lots of mobs started to spawn but they didnt move and i couldn't attack them, i just stood by egg and i got credit :) Sometimes i guess its good when it bugs :)

Комментарий от onethos

took me fifteen tries to get this quest each time i found the egg the guys would come take it away but it wouldnt complete the quest for me

Комментарий от Sectskitten

Another vote for the 'stay close' tip! As a hunter I was doing ranged, 3 times didn't get credit 'til I came here and read comments. Wowhead ftw!.

Комментарий от ummwow

I tried for about 10 mins to get credit and I was right up next to the shadow cloak generators but never even saw an egg show up only a bunch of little dragon spawns. Finally, I tried different generators and got one that worked on the 2nd time killing that little dragon bird that spawns once you click it. Maybe it's meant to be this way but I thought you were supposed to see an egg right away.

Комментарий от sandriq

Here you have : Video Guide

If you want to see walkthrough of this quest, have a look on youtube on TomcasGames (channel).I hope it will be useful.Thanks !

Комментарий от myersk20

I saw another post with the coordinates 31,81 and they worked perfectly. I highly recommend it. Also, like all the other posts, just stay right next to the egg. I had 2 guys come up on me to try and take it...super easy as a lvl 81 priest.

Комментарий от Jacob4560

Note that if you're fast enough, you can use your flying mount to escape aggro of the twilight drakes that spawn. Ultimately saving you a few seconds of killing or escaping aggro of the drake.

Комментарий от Yakeshi

There is literally nothing to deactivate. I can see NO cloaking devices. Anyone else having this problem? I tried abandoning and re-accepting, but nothing. Quest is bugged for me. Also, The Name Never Spoken is bugged as well. Can't see the ritual pole things.

Комментарий от GitGudGuides

Egg Hunt http://youtu.be/QVQorcopPio

Комментарий от Boxofbeer

Egg Hunt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E50ALM5BIfI

Комментарий от WoWGnGP

I made i playthrough of this quest if anyone wish to see how to do it :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PCCRxh462s&feature=youtu.be

Комментарий от bigunde

A Video Of The Quest Egg Hunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egIU89_oGOo&feature=youtu.be


Охота за яйцами - Задание


Комментарий от knofle

First of all, the location of this quest, is around 45, 72. Wich lies to the west, south of Camp Taraujo, but not as far as the first road to the east.

This is a fairly easy quest to do, but be wary of the Silithid Swarmers with the little minions around them. They seem to be patrolling the area, and they can be a bit of a pain to kill. Their minions are multiplying rather fast, and sometimes the Silithid Swarmer releases an egg, which results in another level 20 Silithid Grub, which does a decent amount of damage.

Also, the eggs are not gathered by killing mobs, but rather by collecting them from the special mounds. The ones who are green on the top. ;)

Have a nice egg collecting!

Комментарий от Dwutlenek

You will need some AOE or at least damage shield against Silithid Swarmers. I met one today who released like 10 minions... preatty painfull i must say.

P.S.Dont go AFK on the road between Silithid nests... Allliance NPCs patrols there... I learned that hard way...

Комментарий от Seger

You need a lot of pots in this quest, and be careful with the Alliance NPCs near...

Комментарий от Daedralia

First of all the location is 45,75 due SOUTH of Camp Taraujo not west...SOUTH... just off the road (LEFT AND RIGHT SIDE OF ROAD) after you get to the Field of Giants you will see several area's that look a termite or fire ant colony.. several in the area... you cllik on the ones with the green top GOOD LUCK to you. DO be careful as you fight the silithid creepers they will lay eggs that have grubs move away as they lay them best strat that I know if you trying this Q solo.

Best advice I can give you is to do as a group or be level 23 or higher ;0)

Комментарий от Primax

If there is a druid nearby, ask them for thorns. The thorns kill the mini-bugs after 1 hit.

Комментарий от Apocrypha

If you're quick it's possible to loot the egg and run out before the bug-crab spawn aggros you.

Комментарий от Nightmare17

This quest is not worth the pain and heartache.

The mobs can all spawn more mobs and they are all packed close together which can cause you to pull multiple mobs. Find a different quest to get xp and if you're doing it for the chest piece, just buy one off the AH.

Комментарий от rilus

Very easy for a Pally. Just turn on your Aura of Retribution and the Silithid Swarmers won't be a problem.

Комментарий от Eminence

a suggestion:

get the buff from the quillboar in the cage in the camp taurajo (costs some blood shards) gives thorn effect. makes this alot easier. but it doesnt last forever, so hurry up ;)

Комментарий от Goldving

Just a little tip for the swarmers, if you're a paladin, consecration works great.

Комментарий от tegwyn

First off this quest is jokingly easy, dont listen to the others. If you are a decent MMORPG player you will know how to avoid agro, pull mobs off to the side, and as a warrior use Thunderclap to kill the ONE SHOT swarmers. This was easy I had my eggs in 10 minutes and was done. You dont even have to walk up to the mound all the way to loot the eggs, just inch up and wait for the gear to turn gold.

This game is not hard people, use common sense

Комментарий от Zuriatsu

If you're a mage, you can blink away from the eggs right after looting it, and completely avoid encountering the Silithid Protectors. Just be sure to blink back in the direction that you cleared mobs. Saves time and mana :)

Комментарий от audir

I solod this at level 18 on a priest. I didnt have to fight 1 scorpion.

I kept my distance from the scorpions, and killed the grubs and stealthily collected the eggs and went on my way. It did take some patience to find the time to run from egg to egg, and I did die once before I got the hang of things, but this was fairly easily solod after that.

Комментарий от Merlin1986

easy quest, bud the rare creature is not funny. :-)

Комментарий от berdddyy

if you can, try to kill the rarespawn. the creature drops his head which starts a quest, and gives 2400xp just for turning it in. gl =]

Комментарий от Klocker

What in the hell are you guys smoking?? This was a hard quest. It was indeed very easy to aggro. It was orange to me so I thought I would give it a try.

Hint: Do NOT go here until you are at least level 19 or 20 perferrable. People here were probably 22 saying this quest was easy. Whatever people flippin morons.

Комментарий от Mechanix2

Lmao this quest was hard. Don't say it was easy. Most likely every mob you attacked you aggro'd atleast 1 more.

I was a 20 rogue and this was hard

Better get a group for this one if there's someone else that needs to do it.

Комментарий от Replica

Very easy quest for a druid, just Hibernate all of the beasts around the eggs, simple :)

Комментарий от M03G

я так и не понял, где собирать эти яйца...

Комментарий от M03G

43 71. среди насыпей есть большие сталактиты с зелёной верхушкой как буд-то в силизи..вот они и нужны...со скорпионами будьте аккуратней - они вызывают по 2-3 маленьких жучка 1 левела. убить их очень легко да и снимают они за удар всего по 1 хп. но вот если сагрить случайно сразу 3 скорпиона (я лок и у меня пет цепанул случайно) то не успеваешь убивать их всех... в итоге меня зарубили толпой примерно 20 жучков =)

Комментарий от clarkeyboy

43 71. среди насыпей есть большие сталактиты с зелёной верхушкой как буд-то в силизи..вот они и нужны...со скорпионами будьте аккуратней - они вызывают по 2-3 маленьких жучка 1 левела. убить их очень легко да и снимают они за удар всего по 1 хп. но вот если сагрить случайно сразу 3 скорпиона (я лок и у меня пет цепанул случайно) то не успеваешь убивать их всех... в итоге меня зарубили толпой примерно 20 жучков =)


Комментарий от Stavrosx2

Easy quest for a 22lvl mage as long as you use arcane explosion on the mini bugs

Комментарий от Sapii

When you arrive here be sure to check around for the Silithid Harvester (http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=3253) a lvl 24 mob easy kill and he drops Harvester's Head (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=5138) which starts The Harvester (http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=897) a 2400 XP worn quest . Good Luck !

Комментарий от niffa

oh come on this quest is far too easy! I am a priest 18 lvl! All u have 2 do is 2 kill a few scorpio things (smth sillicid) and u get eggs from them! U dont have 2 fight that spider 24 lvl! Just the little ones ;)

Комментарий от YoMoMoMo

Little tip to make this easier, especially for casters.

One of the blood shard buffs that you can get from the dude in the cage at Camp T is like the druid's thorns, it does damage when you get attacked. Useful when a bunch of the little bugs spawn and you can't get a damn cast off.

If you want to level MUCH FASTER here is a Helpful WoW Guide

Комментарий от Cross88

For you lore fans, this is the first time you encounter the Silithid, the infamous bugs that inhabit many regions in Kalimdor and who range in level from the level 20ish bugs seen here all the way up to the 60 elites in Ahn'Qiraj.

Комментарий от Ansi

Worst quest in the game

Комментарий от Loyal2NES

The rewards for this quest are pretty unremarkable, but the Violet Scale Armor is, to my knowledge, the only one of its kind, graphically. Might be worth doing just for the sake of having a silly purple mail shirt.

Комментарий от kimzky

Worked fine as a level 20 mage, just keep out of the Silithid Swarmers and IF you get their aggro do Arcane Explosion. You will get between 1-3 eggs from each stone thingy.

Комментарий от stoffiona

Its hard for a 17 hunter im trying now!

Комментарий от Wezzy

Amazingly annoying quest. Half the mobs I fought would reset in the middle of fighting them.

Комментарий от dm29

WARNING to high levels doing this quest:

If this quest is gray to you, you cannot complete it! I just tried doing it on my level 80 (for Loremaster and Darkspear Rep) and the mounds will NOT give you any eggs.


Комментарий от Nebbie

I was able to do it on my level 67 mage without problems, but it might be the level cap that prevents you from doing it?

Комментарий от RealMadridHater

well,i had rogue and i did this quest,as lvl 18 or 19 cant remeber,and i gained 1 gold 12 silver and this cloth vest now i play as mage and i see only vest to choose but before it was writen : You will also recive: 1 gold 12 silver

Комментарий от Darkig

This quest is easy with a druid

Комментарий от datgrl

Did this with a Hunter and while the swarmers/minions were taxing, it wasn't that difficult. As a mage, however,it was very difficult. Tried at 21 and went back at 22.

I tried the 1st mound on the east/right side of the road (heading south). It may have been bugged. The grubs could be kited away from the mound but as soon as they reached 30% they evaded back and immediately returned to 100% health. One of the Sithlid's evaded every attack I made. It was positioned on the mound, immediately next to one of the target egg locations. I finally crossed the road and got all the eggs for the quest at the mounds there.

Fire seemed to work better than frost (for me). Arcane Explosion in the spell rotation, either 1st or 2nd, is a must. For the swarmers and minions, either Blizzard or Flame Strike (or both) will take care of the minions as they re-spawn or any eggs that hatch while you're fighting.

Комментарий от Pokemaster

Skip this quest, it sux

Комментарий от ShugoNightelf

This quest seriously makes me want to kill someone D: i'm trying to do it with a 22 hunter, it's really hard cause the small bugs just keeps multiplying... i ended up having 8 of them attacking me, annoying as heck >.< before my pet was done with the scorpion i died..and i think i have died like...10 times now...

Комментарий от Anmity

Did this on a 19 Shaman without any problems. Ghost Wolf to the eggs, harvest eggs, Stoneclaw Totem, retreat in Ghost Wolf form, repeat.

Комментарий от vapaapudotus

Trying to get this q done as hunter is such a pain.. Then log over pala of same level and no problemo ><

Комментарий от diamount

This quest was extremely annoying mostly because of the density of the mobs around the mounds however is quite doable as a priest, this is what I did:

1. Put your shield up2. Go to a mound with the least amount of scorpions/grubs around it (or you will be interrupted)3. Then run like hell, if you get swamped or your shield drops use psychic scream.4. Find a safe location to heal up/drink then rinse and repeat.

Hope this helps :)

Комментарий от Wonkinator

You can actually complete this quest by standing next to another player's egg.

I couldn't seem to find any eggs and then I randomly spotted another player defending an egg. I moved to his location, and when he was done defending the egg I had completed my objective. Win.


Большая охота за яйцами - Задание


Комментарий от Emphera

Eggs can be found in the cities mentioned in the previous quest: Razor Hill, Brill, Bloodhoof Village, or Falconwing Square. They are tiny blue eggs that you can click on and will spawn on various spots around the village. You will need the egg basket to collect them.

Комментарий от Starkey

No offense blizzard but wtf, like im gonna spend hours chasing spawned eggs, everyone just sits on a spawn spot and farms it.

Комментарий от sikh

Eggs will spawn around the village hidden in places like bushes etc.

Комментарий от htmlrules

Eggs are found in bushes, pots and behind crates, if there's an object around the area chance is an egg could spawn there. Ive finished all the Noble Garden Achievements and found if you turn all your video setting to lowest you can increase egg scavenging production. This helps because some of the objects not connected to the terrain load after the egg has loaded so you can quite effectively see through objects that would otherwise block your view to likely egg spawn locations.

Just throw your Egg basket that u get from A Ticket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket (provided and a reward) and just spam it every 10 secs while hunting for that little bit of speed

Hope it helps, Donok Caelestrasz

Комментарий от Qopzeep

But is this all worth the effort?

EDIT: Yes, it totally is :D!

Комментарий от Trymepunk

It was fun for the first 35 minutes... then got really aggravating really fast once everyone hopped on the band wagon and flourished Brill. 25 people egghunting in one location is horrible. This could be done with some enjoyment at around 4 am on a Wednesday night or something, when it's just you and maybe 2 other people. The one thing this even has going for it is the fact that the eggs do spawn quickly. Just my 2 cents.

Комментарий от Damiens

Blizzard is trying to encourage Ninja.

Really stupid to have this depend on such a small area. Only way to get eggs is to sit and park at a spawn point and hope nobody ninjas your egg.

Комментарий от 1bmf

Completing this quest at level 70 yields about 20k exp.

Комментарий от spineless

It is true that you could run around these areas like all of the other lunatics, OR you could work it smarter. Find a place where 3 or 4 eggs spawn close together and camp out & collect your eggs you may lose 1 or 2 to some one in the long run but after a while you will have enough eggs collected to get most of the drop achievements along with choclate lover and chocoholic. If you get extra items just visit your local AH and sell them for insamely high prices for all of the lazy ones who don't want to put in the time.You may lose al little time with this but at leat you can profit a little from it!

Комментарий от Dumbace

I'm only getting 35 silver for completion of this quest. What gives?

Комментарий от Loganvice

I have to say this is really good for a player to get gold who doesn't have a wealthy lvl 60+ on the realm. As long as you do the dailies every day and have more characters to do this daily, you'll have a bunch of gold to keep your low level toons un-bankrupt.

Комментарий от lisaroxy

If you open your eggs while in a raid, you'll get no fragments!

Комментарий от empi02

Look around Goldshire. Most of them are around Inn.

Комментарий от goblinmen

can i do the quest 2 weeks before noblegarden?

Комментарий от timbazi

Some eggs are in a bit sneaky places in Bloodhoof Village (Mulgore). Here are the hints for those:

Protected by water but still under it. (2 egg spawns)

Two on land, safe and dry, a canoe as a camouflage another one too, but not so dry. (3 egg spawns)

A path leading to a center, of Bloodhoof Village. Where does wood eat the flame, to light up the way? (1 egg spawn)

Комментарий от Traynwreck

The Sping Gatherer wants you to get 20 shell fragments

WTB Spell check....

Комментарий от Attilathehun

I don't see why anyone would want to complete this daily quest every day.

Комментарий от Argentshield

Note that if you're collecting eggs while waiting for a raid to start, or doing battlegrounds and opening the eggs once you get there, you won't get the eggshells because they are, after all, quest items.

Комментарий от Kittay

Just to clarify, the eggs do not sparkle like other quest items, since they count towards the chocolate-munchin' achievements and such.

Keep in mind they are pretty easy to access even at hights, so don't bother climbing on stuff to reach them since you'll just lose the egg to someone who's faster than you.

Happy hunting!

I added a few screenshots to point out some of the egg spots.

Комментарий от bebita

The great egg hunt https://youtu.be/UEXPOez5dv4

Комментарий от Scoobydeux

The Brightly Colored Shell Fragments are an extra quest item that drops from the eggs you open; you still get the contents of the egg. The Brightly Colored Shell Fragments no longer display in your inventory and no longer take up a bag slot. So if you are gathering eggs anyway, this daily quest is a painless bit of extra rewards.


П-схальная охота за яйцами | Убежище

Следующая информация основана на данных Fallout Shelter и не подтверждена основным каноном.

Срочный квест Fallout Shelter П-схальная охота за яйцами




Случайные предметы

« Дети Атома пригласили нас на ежегодную охоту за яйцами когтей смерти. Это отличная возможность проверить утверждение брата Уилла, что в П-схальное воскресенье церковь готовится взорвать большую атомную бомбу… »

— Описание

П-схальная охота за яйцами (англ. E-Ster Egg Hunt) — срочное задание Fallout Shelter, пятое в линейке заданий «Ядерная весна».

    Задание появляется в списке доступных после возвращения отряда с выполнения предыдущего задания линейки и находится там, пока не будет выполнено. После выполнения задание появляется в списке выполненных. Задания не повторяются.

    К выполнению задания допускаются жители уровня не ниже 16, их оружие должно наносить урон не ниже 5. Других требований нет.

    Внутреннее устройство локации случайно. При перемещении по локации жителям могут встретиться случайные противники. Для выполнения задания жителям необходимо поговорить с Детьми Атома и собрать яйца когтей смерти[1].

    « Интересно, съедобны ли яйца когтей смерти?..

    Неужели здесь и правда есть атомная бомба?


    — Жители при перемещении по локации

    « Смотрите, за той навозной горой когтя смерти!

    Вон там, в тайнике! Он виден только отсюда!Это атомная бомба! Мы её нашли!Ого, какая большая и страшная…


    — Жители при перемещении по локации

    Начало диалога Возможные реплики жителей Ответ персонажа
    Добро пожаловать на первую ежегодную П-схальную охоту за яйцами!

    Яйцо — это восхитительный символ Атома, ведь в них обоих таится огромный потенциал!Особенно велик он у яиц когтей смерти, чья хрупкая скорлупа скрывает огромную мощь.Да улыбнётся вам Атом!

    Что-нибудь ещё надо искать? Ну, что-нибудь большое и радиоактивное?.. Не совсем понимаю, что вы имеете в виду.
    Эта охота за яйцами — настоящая бомба! Понятно? Бомба? Понятно. То есть… не понятно. Да-да, точно, не понятно.
    Нас ждут мегатонны веселья! Да, мегатонн двадцать… Э-э, то есть… Наслаждайтесь!
    Ну как, нашли яйца когтей смерти?

    Это не легко, твари яростно их защищают.

    Да вроде попалось одно, а потом оказалось, что это какая-то бомба. А, ну… Неважно. Просто найдите пару-тройку яиц.
    Вы серьёзно думаете, что летнее время вас спасёт? Ну, это мы узнаем после взрыва… Ну, то есть когда гамма-благодать смоет наши грехи.
    Вы что, правда решили взорвать атомную бомбу? К чему такой драматизм? Думайте об этом как о рождении нового солнца.
    1. ↑ В инвентаре яйца никак не отображаются.

    Отмена Сохранить


    Большая охота за яйцами 2018 началась!

    Комментарий от Elektrophorus

    on 2018-04-03T14:31:06-05:00

    This one was way easier than some of the past ones! Thanks for keeping this tradition going :)

    Комментарий от murphmanfa

    on 2018-04-03T14:37:41-05:00

    Best part of Easter every year is here!

    Комментарий от Moriquen

    on 2018-04-03T14:37:57-05:00

    fairly easy, but nr 8 leave me totaly clueless

    Комментарий от blindknight

    on 2018-04-03T14:39:18-05:00

    I love those events! I've got two so far :D

    Комментарий от CyrusDarkstar

    on 2018-04-03T14:41:26-05:00

    Great riddles. Thanks for the giveaway and for making this so fun!

    Комментарий от Tikiya

    on 2018-04-03T14:42:08-05:00

    I love these easter hunts! :D

    Комментарий от rodalpho

    on 2018-04-03T14:44:25-05:00

    Any hints for #8? Got everything else.

    Комментарий от AlakeiThancan

    on 2018-04-03T14:45:28-05:00

    fairly easy, but nr 8 leave me totaly clueless\r\rI suggest taking that clue particularily literally.\r\rOn my end I'm stuck on the Illidari one. Anyone got a helpful tip? :)

    Комментарий от fh2988

    on 2018-04-03T14:46:11-05:00

    fairly easy, but nr 8 leave me totaly clueless

    same.thought of double headed ogres and cho'gall first... but those are pretty slow minds... not fast ones

    Комментарий от Wishblade

    on 2018-04-03T14:46:12-05:00

    Any hints for #8? Got everything else.\r\rBattle for Azeroth.

    Комментарий от rodalpho

    on 2018-04-03T14:47:28-05:00

    @Alakei: What is an illidari weapon? And which one is small?

    Комментарий от Moriquen

    on 2018-04-03T14:47:41-05:00

    still beating my head on the keyboard about nr 8, get noting so far \r\rthe illidary one: what weapons do the illidari use?

    Комментарий от Pelontir

    on 2018-04-03T14:49:34-05:00

    I am glad another part is added to this great tradition! Thanks a lot for the fun and the cool prizes!

    Комментарий от Moriquen

    on 2018-04-03T14:50:13-05:00

    thx! that helped me :D

    Комментарий от AlakeiThancan

    on 2018-04-03T14:50:41-05:00

    @Alakei: What is an illidari weapon? And which one is small?\r\rGotcha. Didn't think hard enough on the word "small" haha

    Комментарий от Sas148

    on 2018-04-03T14:51:07-05:00

    I'll add a "narrow it down a bit" hint for #8 here: BFA

    Комментарий от Wishblade

    on 2018-04-03T14:51:32-05:00

    Gotta love some good ol' riddles, always fun to solve! ^_^

    Комментарий от Monsoont

    on 2018-04-03T14:51:39-05:00

    Any hints for #8? Got everything else.

    Battle for Azeroth.

    It's really creepy thing that make traveling faster.

    Комментарий от Zeebubs

    on 2018-04-03T14:51:40-05:00

    Oop, there's a typo, statue not status!

    Комментарий от Sas148

    on 2018-04-03T14:53:21-05:00

    Oop, there's a typo, statue not status!\r\rThere's always at least one. :D Fixed.


    Охота за яйцами | Отряд Джунглей Вики

    Охота за яйцами

    Chasse à l’œuf

    Сезон Серия
    2 39





    Охота за яйцами (Eggs Hunt; Chasse à l’œuf) — тридцать девятая серия второго сезона мультсериала «Отряд джунглей спешит на помощь».

    Эл и Боб прикинулись пленниками для того, чтобы «Отряд джунглей» разработал новую стратегию по освобождению пленников. Гилберт описывает более подробный план по освобождению, но Мигель решил по своему, просто сломав клетку. Вскоре вулкан подаёт команде сигнал о помощи, и они отправились в свою пещеру.

    К команде за помощью обратился Сальвадор, который рассказал им о том, что туканы оставили ему яйца, а он в свою очередь разукрасил их. Но затем по чистой случайности эти яйца пропали. Прибыв в студию Сальвадора, команда узнает, как исчезли яйца и где они примерно находятся, и они разделяются, чтобы отыскать их.

    Мигель прибыл к бобровой плотине и нашёл яйцо, но ему проход загородил Гектор, который требует разгадать загадку. Но так как Мигелю не получилось силой перейти через плотину, вынужден отгадать загадку Гектора. Мигель пытался всё время угадать банан, хотя на самом деле правильным ответом было солнце. Гектор загадал другую загадку, на этот раз про банан, но Мигель и тут не смог правильно угадать. Мигель сделать другой мост и сумел добыть яйцо.

    Гилберт прибыл на бойцовский ринг, где находит яйцо на кубке. Но так как это приз, Гилберт был вынужден выйти на ринг и сразиться с Эль Попо. Так как Гилберт не отличается силой, он находит у соперника на груди татуировку с изображением его мамы. Гилберт говорит наговаривает много слов про маму Эль Побо, тем самым вынудив его путём психологии выйти из ринга. Одержав победу, Гилберт забирает у приза только яйцо.

    Морис находит детёныша коалы и киви, которые спорят из-за яйца. Но для того, чтобы получить яйцо, дети требуют от него поиграть в классики. Морис при помощи акробатики сумел удачно сыграть в классики, и вернуть себе яйцо.

    Джуниор находит яйцо, висящее на ветке дерева. Но для него это стало трудностью, и тем более он не может из воды допрыгнуть до этого яйца. Батрисия нашла яйцо на ветке дерева, но его толкнула птица и оно упало в воду. Батрисия пытается добыть яйцо нырнув в воду, но не получается. Джуниор пытается при помощи листа добраться до ветки, но лист разорвался на двое, и попытка Джуниора провалилась. Как оказалось, Батрисия и Джуниор находятся очень близко друг и друг, и поменявшись местами, без проблем добыли яйца.

    Команда возвращает яйца Сальвадору и стали наблюдать за их вылуплениями.


    Охота за золотыми пасхальными яйцами | Angry Birds Wiki

    Общая информация
    Охота за золотыми пасхальными яйцами
    Уровни 20
    Враги Пасхальные враги
    Ресурсы и ингредиенты Разные
    Соседние локации Нет

    Охота за золотыми пасхальными яйцами — специальная локация-событие в игре Angry Birds Epic. Состоит из 20-ти уровней и одного подземелья — Замка на золотых облаках. Само событие проходило трижды: в марте 2016, в апреле 2017 и 2018 годов. Шестая по счету специальная локация.


      Как и в предыдущих событиях этого типа, на основной карте уровней нет, имелась собственная карта уровней. Туда можно было попасть, нажав на специальный портал или на иконку события. Как обычно, карта делилась на несколько частей: после прохождения трёх уровней следующие три перекрывались специальными вратами, которые открывались через определённое количество времени.

      • Первая локация (1-3 уровни) — пасхальная корзина, очки события.
      • Вторая локация (4-6 уровни) — пасхальный кролик, очки события.
      • Третья локация (7-10 уровни) — морковки, очки события.
      • Четвертая локация (11-15 уровни) — весенняя шляпа, очки события.
      • Пятая локация (16-20 уровни) — пасхальные яйца, очки события.

      Собрав 5 пасхальных корзинок, 10 пасхальных кроликов, 15 морковок, 15 весенних шляп, и 20 пасхальных яиц при первом проведении события, игрок мог улучшить свой класс Реда «Рыцарь» до «Элитного рыцаря», а впоследствии — получить одно из улучшений класса в призовом сундуке.


      Свинья-Профессор раскрашивает яйцо в золотой цвет. Когда птицы попадают на карту события, профессор говорит, что уже закончил свой шедевр. Но тут появляется Пасхальный Свиномаг, крадет яйцо и летит на пикник к Звёздным вратам. Затем он ставит на одно из временных врат Большого Злого Кролика. Профессор просит птиц вернуть яйцо. Птицы идут к Свиномагу и побеждают его, затем они возвращают яйцо Профессору.



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