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Искатель приключений в Крутогорье - Достижение


Комментарий от varenne

Scout HarefootZugdug the Hoarder
Oubdob da Smasher47.7, 73.9Path up the mountain from 48.2, 68.3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P_i1jo3wAs
Albino Elderhorn44.6, 28.6Patrols the lake. Копыто величественного старорогаhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA2FBAOV_vo
Mellok, Son of Torok48.9, 27.1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcg7NP2ryEc
The Exiled Shaman41.8, 41.4Up the mountain from 43.9, 31.8 Хрустяшкаhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVWoXs7d5CM
Hartli the Snatcher51.0, 49.4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10Kh-VyWhUk
The Snowbringer
54.4, 41.1Path at 53.1, 35.7. Минта Скрежет Когтейhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuZo6rmNOmw
Crab Rider Grmlrml45.3, 12.6Patrols the areahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIzmQPnjvIo
Mrrklr46.5, 7.3Мррклр https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTGN4CDtuao
Sleeping Bear41.5, 32.1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l23to4rVhmE
Devouring Darkness54.4, 41.2Cave 55.2, 44.3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQCKDspRt8Y
Champion Chomper
36.2, 16.5https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_CkBgvnc1g
Skywhisker Taskmaster51.5, 31.9Черепан, inside the cavehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHlCZTTCgkI
Gurbog da Basher56.3, 61.0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTLKM6DoNDQ
Feltotem Warlock51.0, 25.7https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CloyzIm7Y44
Beastmaster Pao'lek48.8, 50.0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqNuE70eDJ8
Crawshuk the Hungry48.4, 40.0Up the mountain at 49.7, 40.2 Сияющее перо рухаhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZInRWojH7BU
Bristlemaul38.1, 45.5inside the cavehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuTPqXZAVcA
The Beastly Boxer53.8, 51.2Cave under the waterfallhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuKfjEX_buE
Luggut the Eggeater50.8, 34.6Cave entrance : 51.6, 37.5https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdNCN93qtVE
Treasure Worm52.3, 51.4Up the mountain 53.1, 55.6. Раз'Гулhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFTE42ucoIs
Amateur Hunters43.5, 47.3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11bbIekkKWE
Snarf45.2, 54.7https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAptcJ9AFZk
Unethical Adventurers52.3, 58.6Inside the cave. Пак, Ксаандер, Зенобия, Даркфул, Джекhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgTrTaNDfZs
Highmountain rares not part of the achievement:

/way Highmountain 52.3 58.6 Unethical Adventurers/way Highmountain 45.2 54.7 Sekhan/way Highmountain 43.5 47.3 Amateur Hunters/way Highmountain 52.3 51.4 Totally Safe Treasure Chest/way Highmountain 50.8 34.6 Luggut the Eggeater/way Highmountain 53.8 51.2 The Beastly Boxer/way Highmountain 38.1 45.5 Bristlemaul/way Highmountain 48.4 40.0 Crawshuk the Hungry/way Highmountain 48.8 50.0 Beastmaster Pao'lek/way Highmountain 51.0 25.7 Shara Felbreath/way Highmountain 56.3 61.0 Gurbog da Basher/way Highmountain 51.5 31.9 Skywhisker Taskmaster/way Highmountain 36.2 16.5 Bodash the Hoarder/way Highmountain Champion Chomper/way Highmountain 54.4 41.2 Devouring Darkness/way Highmountain 41.5 32.1 Slumbering Bear/way Highmountain 46.5 7.3 Captured Survivor/way Highmountain 45.3 12.6 Crab Rider Grmlrml/way Highmountain 54.4 41.1 Scout Harefoot/way Highmountain The Snowbringer/way Highmountain 51.0 49.4 Hartli the Snatcher/way Highmountain 41.8 41.4 The Exiled Shaman/way Highmountain 48.9 27.1 Mellok, Son of Torok/way Highmountain 44.6 28.6 Majestic Elderhorn/way Highmountain 47.7 73.9 Oubdob da Smasher

/way Highmountain 56.4 72.6 Brogrul the Mighty/way Highmountain 54.4 74.3 Frostshard /way Highmountain 41.0 57.7 Flamescale/way Highmountain 57.4 48.4 Defilia

Комментарий от Ozzayel

So is the The Snowbringer and Champion Chomper not ingame?

Комментарий от qwerty31

It seems that this achievement does not include all the rares that Handynotes shows, and therefore not all rares. For instance, Flamescale is not required for this achievement.

Комментарий от Ozzayel

Has anyone managed to finish this?I've done the other zones, this seems to be the only one with a problem.

Комментарий от Niixten

Oubdob da Smasher is from ОЧЕНЬ ОПАСЕН: Убдоб Бум-Бум

Seems this one is bugged, did not get credit from it.

Edit: It's from the rare world quest, Remember to loot him to get credit.

Комментарий от Graxathil

Not confirmed yet, but the Snowbringer might be this: Белый хищник

I can confirm that it isn't. :(

Комментарий от Ignamist

These rares - Bruiser (Champion Chomper) and Abesha (The Snowbringer) are very difficult to find and are only spawned as a "rare event" (quoting GM).

This might be interpreted as a rare world quest spawn, however there are currently no sources linked to such world quest currently existing in-game.

Doing Adventurer of Highmountain, I contacted a GM in order to figure out where to find these, and this has been confirmed - http://i.imgur.com/rsRZKYN.png

Комментарий от GuyverMen

what is the max height in Highmountain ? fun

Комментарий от KazinStrife

has anyone been able to complete this on live. I have still yet to see the 3 WQ spawns.

Комментарий от Xhanon

Oubdob da Smasher is up today on EU.

Don't forget to loot the corpse so it counts for the achievement!

Комментарий от sixfootgiant

Champion Chomper, Oubdob da Smasher and the Snowbringer are not part of your regular find an elite and kill. They are ONLY able to be done when they are the Rare World Quest, and mind you, they are pretty rare.

However, to ease people's nerves a bit, I have now completed Champion Chomper and Oubdob da Smasher. I killed Chomper a few days ago and Oubdob today on US live. I have yet to see Snowbringer but as stated before these are rare WQ and can be only completed when they appear. I made the mistake of looking up coordinates and couldn't figure out why I couldn't see, kill or get credit.

If you have a smartphone of some sort the new Legion Companion app actually displays when these rares are up because they give a considerable amount of Artifact Power.

Happy Hunting. :)

EDIT: In my personal experiences, in order for ME to get credit I had to be alive and had to have tagged the target to get credit. I've never received any sort of credit when I tag a target, die, then the quest target dies before I get my body.

ANOTHER EDIT: Instead of releasing and trying to run back in time to get credit, I chose not to release and watch the elite die. I did get credit that way.

Комментарий от xbnus

/run a={}/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 47.7 73.9 Oubdob da Smasher")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 51.5 31.9 Skywhisker Taskmaster")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 44.6 28.6 Majestic Elderhorn")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 56.3 61.0 Gurbog da Basher")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 48.9 27.1 Mellok, Son of Torok")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 51.0 25.7 Shara Felbreath")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 41.8 41.4 The Exiled Shaman")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 48.8 50.0 Beastmaster Pao'lek")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 51.0 49.4 Hartli the Snatcher")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 48.4 40.0 Crawshuk the Hungry")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain The Snowbringer")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 38.1 45.5 Bristlemaul")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 54.4 41.1 Scout Harefoot")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 53.8 51.2 The Beastly Boxer")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 45.3 12.6 Crab Rider Grmlrml")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 50.8 34.6 Luggut the Eggeater")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 46.5 7.3 Captured Survivor")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 52.3 51.4 Totally Safe Treasure Chest")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 41.5 32.1 Slumbering Bear")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 43.5 47.3 Amateur Hunters")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 54.4 41.2 Devouring Darkness")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 45.2 54.7 Sekhan")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain Champion Chomper")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 52.3 58.6 Unethical Adventurers")/run table.insert(a, "Highmountain 36.2 16.5 Bodash the Hoarder")/run for i=1,table.getn(a) do local x,y,z=GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(11264,i) if not z then SlashCmdList.TOMTOM_WAY(a) end end

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Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL24u2gy3yRKLdTf8Z4hiCLO2reVCriDXT

For the achievement Искатель приключений в Крутогорье you must kill the following enemies in Крутогорье.

Убдоб Бум-БумOubdob can only found during the World Quest ОЧЕНЬ ОПАСЕН: Убдоб Бум-Бум.Coordinates: 47.73 - GreystoneFlight point: Громовой Тотем, Укротитель ветров Налт

  • from Thunder Totem starts from the upper level and go to the east exit to the "Snowblind Mesa", turn right before the bridge and follow the path along the river. After crossing the next bridge you reach the "Summitcrest Basecamp". From here a path goes up to "Greystone". On the larger area on the right side Oubdob da Smasher wanders around.
I show you the way to Убдоб Бум-Бум in this Video: https://youtu.be/EYw9Fif-MUI

Величественный старорогCoordinates: Bloodhunt Highlands, Rockcrawler Chasm (northern exit)Flight point: Skyhorn, Фарра Небесный КлювToy: Копыто величественного старорога

I show you the route from Albino Elderhorn in this Video: https://youtu.be/bNmsMfXdj7A

Меллок, сын ТорокаCoordinates: 48.9, 27.1 - Rockcrawler Chasm (northern exit), Bloodhunt Highlands, Torok's Bluff,Flight point: Skyhorn, Фарра Небесный Клюв

  • From Skyhorn goes north through the Rockcrawler Chasm, there is the Bloodhunt Highlands. After the cave go right and follow the path and cross the suspension bridge, there is "Torok's Bluff", and on the right side is on a rock Меллок, сын Торока.

I show you the way to Mellok, Son of Torok in this Video: https://youtu.be/ld38oQ1oodo

Тенпак Огненный ТотемCoordinates: 41.8, 41.4 - Darkfeather Valley, The Haglands,Flight point: Skyhorn, Фарра Небесный КлювPet: Хрустяшка

  • From Skyhorn goes north through the Darkfeather Valley until the Rockcrawler Chasm. Before the cave, goes right up the hill in "The Haglands"... go always left until you're pretty high up at an intersection-like surface. From there, go right on top until you reaches a hut at the end. In front of it stands Тенпак Огненный Тотем.
  • With luck properly drop for you the pet Хрустяшка.

I show you the way to The Exiled Shaman in this Video: https://youtu.be/jT2ABwhs89U

Хартли ВоровкаCoordinates: 51.0, 49.4 - Windripper PeakFlight point: Skyhorn, Фарра Небесный Клюв

  • from the flight point in Skyhorn goes south over the bridge and then go left. Before the hut, a narrow path going up to the mountain to "Windripper Peak". On top turn right and take the small path and you will find Хартли Воровка.

I show you the way to Hartli the Snatcher in this Video: https://youtu.be/5l1DIXnmu9U

Разведчик Заячья ЛапкаCoordinates: 54.4, 41.1 - Darkfeather Valley, The Haglands, Heymanhoof Slope, Flight point: Skyhorn, Фарра Небесный Клюв

I show you the way to Scout Harefoot in this Video: https://youtu.be/KzVwD3DnfAw

Наездник на крабе ГрмлрмлCoordinates: 45.3, 12.6 - Shipwreck CoveFlight point: Shipwreck Cove - Стивен Нельсон

I show you the way to Crab Rider Grmlrml in this Video: https://youtu.be/TknGEljsR-I

"Captured Survivor" (Неряха Джо)Coordinates: 46.5, 7.3 - Shipwreck CoveFlight point: Shipwreck Cove - Стивен Нельсон

  • if you start at the "Shipwreck Cove", go to the east until you reach the northern spit of land with an area with skeletons. Talk to Неряха Джо and kill the murloc Мррклр.

I show you the way to Mrrklr in this Video: https://youtu.be/FMBd7klJrFM

ДремаCoordinates: 41, 32 - The WitchwoodFlight point: The Witchwood - Рафат Дымчатое Копыто

  • if you start at the "Witchwood" flight point, go to the north. At one point you go through under a fallen tree. On the left side are rocks where a narrow path goes up to a small hill. Hold on to the right and you will find the sleeping Дрема. Be careful of Горнот Заблудший.

I show you the way to Sleeping Bear in this Video: https://youtu.be/-4WSNDU2lKs

Всепоглощающий мракCoordinates: 54.4, 41.2 - Sepulcher of the Sky, Candle Rock, Flight point: Skyhorn - Фарра Небесный Клюв

I show you an alternative way to Devouring Darkness in this Video: https://youtu.be/fHm92ga9W_o

Бодаш АлчныйCoordinates: 36, 16 - Shipwreck Cove, Rockaway Coast,Flight point: Shipwreck Cove - Стивен Нельсон

  • if you start at the "Shipwreck Cove" flight point, go to the West, along the "Rockaway Coast", and you will go directly to Бодаш Алчный.

I show you the way to Zugdug the Hoarder in this Video: https://youtu.be/YIAj4L89HHs

Skywhisker TaskmasterCoordinates: 51.4, 31.8 - Darkfeather Valley, The Haglands, Flight point: Skyhorn - Фарра Небесный Клюв

I show you the way to Черепан in this Video: https://youtu.be/pRQs2GmB63Q

Комментарий от Tig3rE


Gurbog da BasherCoordinates: 56, 60 - Sunfrost Glade, Flight point: Thunder Totem - Укротитель ветров Налт (East) or Ласса Небогривая (North)

  • if you start in Thunder Totem from the upper floor, go to the east until you reach "Sunfrost Glade". Гурбог Крушака wanders around this area.

I show you the way to Гурбог Крушака in this Video: https://youtu.be/Ln0fk-_3CtM

Feltotem Warlock, Шарра Дыхание СкверныCoordinates: 51.0, 25.8 - The Witchwood, Bloodhunt HighlandsFlight point: The Witchwood - Рафат Дымчатое Копыто

I show you the way to Шарра Дыхание Скверны in this Video: https://youtu.be/cqykvPMvTV4

Beastmaster Pao'lekCoordinates: 48.6, 50.0 - Thunder Totem, Pinerock Basin, Flight point: Thunder Totem - Укротитель ветров Налт

I show you the way to Повелитель зверей Пао'лек in this Video: https://youtu.be/fW1JQyTdk1M

Crawshuk the HungryCoordinates: 48.4, 40.6 - Skyhorn, Darkfeather Valley,Flight point: Skyhorn - Фарра Небесный Клюв

I show you the way to Зобан Ненасытный in this Video: https://youtu.be/12wr8K1fGT0

ЩетинникCoordinates: 38, 45 - Nesingwary's Retreat, Pinerock Basin, Fields of An'she,Flight point: Nesingwary's Retreat - Тамара Зигмунд

  • if you start at "Nesingwary's Retreat", follow the path to the north uphill up the river. After the waterfall, when you reach the "Fields of An'she", cross the river and go inside the cave, there is Щетинник.

I show you the way to Bristlemaul in this Video: https://youtu.be/KpCAFf9M3-o

The Beastly BoxerCoordinates: 53.8, 51.2 - Skyhorn, Flight point: Skyhorn - Фарра Небесный Клюв

  • if you start in Skyhorn, goes to the South to the two suspension bridges and jump into the water.
  • or you can start in Skyhorn and goes to the small path behind the flight point down to a small hut to the area of the "Sepulcher of the Sky". There is a path to the Water.

I show you the way to Таурсон in this Video: https://youtu.be/3HX_x1eKM6w

Luggut the EggeaterCoordinates: 50.8, 34.6 - Skyhorn, Darkfeather Valley, Rockcrawler Chasm,Flight point: Skyhorn - Фарра Небесный Клюв

  • if you start in Skyhorn goes North through the "Darkfeather Valley" and you will reach the "Rockcrawler Chasm". Inside the cave go down and go left. Behind the water is a small niche with Луггут Поедатель Яиц.

I show you the way to Луггут Поедатель Яиц in this Video: https://youtu.be/4K0nLjxAvHg

Совершенно безопасный сундук с сокровищами - Treasure WormCoordinates: 52.4, 51.4 - Thunder Totem, Snowblind Mesa, Reflection Peak, Flight point: Thunder Totem - Укротитель ветров Налт

I show you the way to Совершенно безопасный сундук с сокровищами in this Video: https://youtu.be/XJeI-1tSX9c

Amateur HuntersCoordinates: 43.4, 47.4 - Nesingwary's Retreat, Pinerock Basin,Flight point: Nesingwary's Retreat - Тамара Зигмунд

I show you the way to Amateur Hunters in this Video: https://youtu.be/GwlBKTZ-tyY

Snarf - СекханCoordinates: 45.6, 55.8 - Thunder TotemFlight point: Thunder Totem - Укротитель ветров Налт

  • if you start in Thunder Totem, goes to the north. Секхан wanders around near the path, to the near mountain.

I show you the way to Секхан in this Video: https://youtu.be/ozOCTOu8DvU

Unethical AdventurersCoordinates: 52.4, 58.4 - Thunder Totem, Snowblind Mesa,Flight point: Thunder Totem - Укротитель ветров Налт

I show you the way to Unethical Adventurers in this Video: https://youtu.be/91HHWLKHHy0

The Snowbringer --> АбешаIs no longer required for this achievement

Champion Chomper -- > ЗабиякаIs no longer required for this achievement

Комментарий от Tig3rE


Not a part of this achievement:

ОсквернилияCoordinates: 57.2, 48.2 - Prephoof Compound, Rockaway Coast, Skyhorn,Flight point: Prephoof Compound - Брун Надежное Копыто

  • start from the flight point "Prephoof Compound" and goes uphill, or start at the "Rockaway Coast" and goes to the south, if you don't have the flight point. At the end of the way you will reach a waterfall in the "Skyhorn" zone", there is Осквернилия. Around her are a few "Оскверненная грязь".

I show you the way to Осквернилия in this Video: https://youtu.be/uYBGHE1gSik

Брогрул МогучийCoordinates: 56.2, 72.4 - Snowblind Mesa, Snowblind Cliffs,Flight point: Thunder Totem - Укротитель ветров Налт

  • if you start from "Thunder Totem" from the upper level, goes to the East to the "Snowblind Mesa". After the two bridges turn right and go over the snow hill. You will go directly to Брогрул Могучий, he stand in front of an observation tower at the "Snowblind Cliffs".

I show you the way to Брогрул Могучий in this Video: https://youtu.be/p1Yxtj1xqyU

Огненная ЧешуяCoordinates: 41.2, 58.0 - Whitewater Wash, Flight point: Thunder Totem - Укротитель ветров Налт

I show you the way to Огненная Чешуя in this Video: https://youtu.be/wnXFuA7pfg0

Ледяной осколокCoordinates: 54.4, 74.4 - Thunder Totem, Flight point: Thunder Totem - Укротитель ветров Налт

  • from Thunder Totem starts from the upper level and go to the east exit to the "Snowblind Mesa", turn right before the bridge and follow the path along the river. After crossing the next bridge you reach the "Summitcrest Basecamp". From here a path goes up to "Greystone". At Graustein pass the left side of the cave and there is a very narrow path, then keep right until you reach Ледяной осколок.

I show you the way to Ледяной осколок in this Video: https://youtu.be/ONW4kgI3Ozs

For the achievement Невероятные приключения Тейда и Мариуса you also have to kill an demon in Крутогорье. In order for the kill to be counted, you must complete a certain quest, which you can only accept at level 110.

Coordinates: 32.4, 30.2 - Felbane Camp, Feltotem, Lair of the Devout,Flight point: Felbane Camp - Кимбен Крылатое СердцеQuest: Они привели властителя преисподнейAchievement: Невероятные приключения Тейда и Мариуса

I show you the way to Кугларот in this Video: https://youtu.be/Dfz5WZUTo88

Комментарий от Ruiru

The Snowbringer and Champion Chomper have been removed from this achievement as of today.

Комментарий от RaynesZen

Just got this achievement on live servers for... killing Bristlemaul, even though i am sure i was missing the Snowbringer and Champion Chomper. I am assuming a stealth hotfix.

Комментарий от Sckhar

It seems they removed Champion Chomper and The Snowbringer from the requirements, I needed these 2 and when I logged in today I got the achievement without killing them

Комментарий от Wardelorn

I had only Champion Chomper and The Snowbringer left. Today I've got this achievement on login and these two seem to be removed from criteria list. For proof see armory for Варделорн on Booty Bay.

Комментарий от renegade14

Got this today after killing a quest mob, guess they removed the 2 that we couldnt get.

Комментарий от Ozzayel

This is now fixed.I got it updated and completed when I logged in today.

Комментарий от batmvd

Achievement self-completed after patch 7.1

Комментарий от Galnis

Seems like Champion Chomper and The Snowbringer has been removed from this achievment with patch 7.1.

Комментарий от Rotemo

The guide is missing "Bodash the Hoarder" which is located on the beach at 37, 16

Комментарий от dasbaum

To check if you already completed the respective WQ for the Bosses you can use the following script:

/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(XXXXX))

Replace XXXX with the ID:

Oubdob da Smasher 39435 39646 Mellok, Son of Torok 40242 39782 39802 39807 39866 39994 40096 40175 40414 41042 40084 39465 40347 39762 39784 39806 40405 39872 40406 39766 40413 40681 Unethical Adventurers 40423

Комментарий от Nurmat

lazy oubdob

Комментарий от Elixicon

Seems they took Oubdob da Smasher off the list. I was waiting on him to pop for weeks and as of patch 7.1.5 I now have the achievement and he is not listed.


Комментарий от brunokbcao

Убдоб Бум-Бум was removed from the achievement objectives since 7.1.5. This was a good thing, because he only spawns during his World Quest ОЧЕНЬ ОПАСЕН: Убдоб Бум-Бум


Гигантское яйцо - Предмет - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от A00627213

Concerning the ~49% drop rate from the ironbeak screechers, I call B.S.I've killed about 20 of these things and found 3 eggs. Could the droprate for these have been decresed in 2.0.1 because 12 are needed for Artisan Cooking?

Комментарий от Joth5851

The best place to farm these are actually in the Hinterlands, from the owlbeasts. They might have a lower drop rate individually, but there are a lot of them around, and you doesnt have to run around looking for them, which saves a lot of time.

Комментарий от Sillowmare

From Tanaris, the best place you can get these are from searing rocs at 33,60

Комментарий от tdog

The giant bone structures in Tanaris around the text Abyssal Sands on the map will have a ton of fire rocs that drop these. Clear out both the hyenas and the rocs and get these easily. This works well as you will get plenty of red wolf meat to cook into hot wolf ribs (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=13851 ) as well as buzzard wings for BBQ buzzard wings ( http://www.wowhead.com/?item=4457 ). skill up to around 250-260 for free as well. :)

Комментарий от Exorsist

I have enjoyed quite a nice drop rate from Winterspring Screechers (in winterspring) at around 61,57.Be careful from their 7 sec silence! (though it has only a melee range)

Комментарий от Exorsist

63,59 - Winterspring.The entrance to "Owl Wing Thicket". There are many Owl beasts and the drop % is quite good too.

Комментарий от Mudling

The Primitive Owlbeasts in The Hinterlands are quite reliable for Giant Eggs. My favourite place to hunt them is around 28,58 and 46,67

Комментарий от Corbon

After accepting the quest in GZ, the huge skeleton in the middle of the Tanaris desert is probably the best spot, and you'll still get Exp when starting quests there. Respawn rate is high and there are plenty of them. The vultures in the Badlands are apparently too low to drop giant eggs.

Комментарий от Guren

I just got the eggs (for the cooking quest). Have to say it went a lot smoother than I thought I would after reading some comments. I farmed the owls in felwood and it worked like a charm. After a while I found a way to circle around the whole area working new owls all the time without having to stop.

Start at the beginning of felwood (south). Work your way up on the left of the road. When u get about to the bridge, change side and work your way down on the right side. I didn't time it but it took about 15-20 minutes.

Комментарий от Arkke

Any warlocks doing Rage of Blood will pick up a lot of these. If you happen to be in Winterspring and see a Warlock farming Owlbeasts, maybe ask him if you can take them off his hands. I had 3 stacks by the time I was done with the quest.

Комментарий от Garrett

To collect these for the Cooking 225+ Quest: Clamlette Supplies I found this to be the best route: Map: Giant Egg Run
  • Start at Gadgetzan and head South to the giant dinosoar Skeleton and circle around it killing Fire Rocs.
  • When they're all dead, head directly North killing any Greater Firebirds and Rocs you see.
  • When you reach the mountain edge turn back to the dinosoar Skeleton by which time the Fire Rocs be back.

Took me around 5 "laps" killing 30ish to get all 12 Giant Eggs.

Комментарий от Zeophex

Hinterlands - The Savage Owlbeast (LVL 46-48) seem to have a fairly high drop rate; located around (58,52).

Комментарий от drezonic

the birds in the blasted lands also drop these fairly regurlarly.bonepicker http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=5983 black slayer http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=5982loaded up on eggs and mystery meat while farming them for vulture gizzards for a quest. and almost no one actually quests there anymore so its easy farming.Vulture Gizzards and Mystery Meat should sell fairly well on the AH, but dont even bother trying to sell the Jet Black Feathers.

just make sure to read up on this guy http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=7846 before you go there.

Комментарий от Rakaus

The Owlbeasts in Owl Wing Thicket, in Winterspring, have a very fast spawn and droprate.

There is usually noone around here and the Owlbeasts have very low health compared to other mobs.

Комментарий от Eodred

What I did was the following... I quit near one of the skeletons in Tanaris and came back later that night. (at about 1AM) There was nobody near them at that time (obviously as most people sleep) so I had all the Rocs and fire Rocs to myself. In comparison, at day ( 4PM aprox) it took me almost an hour to get 4 eggs. At night it took me only 12 minutes to get the other eight.

The pro's:- All the birds to yourself (less wandering around)- Farming galore (as no one else is around, so nobody cares, however, put them up for auction and people will buy them for loads)- Lots of extra XP

Cons:- More creatures wandering around (had to kill lots of hyena's and basilisks)- Need to get up late at night.

Комментарий от funnyshane

Personally I have found Hinterlands rather troublesome to farm these in. The Savage (and I think Primitive too) Owlbeasts share spawn points with the wolves, which are stealthed. So no only do you have to kill mobs which you may or may not be after (tender wolf meat is always handy for leveling cooking!), you also have to be in close proximity to see them.

I'll be heading back to Tanaris. Yes Searing Rocs share spawn points with the Hyenas, but atleast they are gathered in small clusters which I found was much more ideal.

Just my opinion anyway. Good luck getting those eggs!

Комментарий от Ameria

Winterspring, just north of everlook. Took me about 5mins to collect my 12 eggs by killing both the Winterspring Owls and the Raging Owlbeasts.

Комментарий от ashivor

The best place I have gotten them is in Winterspring near Owl Wing Thicket. The Coordinates are 65.8, 60.6. You will kill various versions of Owl Beast that range in level from 56 - 58. I had a drop rate of ~ 30 % from killing 50 or so of them. While some critters have a better drop rate, I have found the respawn rate in this area to be quite fast and I barely saw any other players there while gathering the eggs.

Комментарий от Brokenribs


Me and a friend have been farming different kinda of Roc's in tanaris for both our cooking quests. After 1.5-2 hours we got 14 eggs and quit farming because the respawn was too slow and their spawns are SO spread out. Not to mention we had very bad luck with drops... about 20% for us.

We ended up buying the last 10 Giant eggs from AH for 60g which is well worth it and would've saved us a lot of time >.<

Комментарий от Elfis

Owls in Felwood seemed to be closer to 1 egg in 3 to 4 drops.

Комментарий от zdouse

So where do you exactly get these off the birds body? I see no pockets.

Комментарий от Stronbl00d

If you are farming these to level your Cooking skill I'd recommend going up to Everlook, head a bit north and farm the Raging and Ragged Owlbeasts, along with Winterspring Owls. They are pretty packed together whereas the owls in Felwood are more spread out so the drop-rate might be better but you won't be killing as many of them. Don't kill the Ice Thistle Yetis though, as I don't think they drop from them.

Комментарий от Creig

I found tanaris to be fine to farm these. The drop rate is a bit "meh" for a lack of a better word but the time spent traveling to winterspring or hinterlands to farm owlkin for a slightly better drop rate is time I could spend farming the rocs in tanaris.

Unless of course you're already in those areas and pick the eggs up before hand or something.

Комментарий от Derdrix

On my server these can be a solid moneymaker , a stack of 10 sells for 16 gold!

Комментарий от Isotropic

These now drop of the Fir Rocs in Tanaris. Makes the cooking quest so much easier.

Комментарий от sdihi

Cataclysm : Giant Egg can also looted from Fire Roc in Tanaris ( South of Gadgetzan )

Комментарий от Camril

Your best source to get GIANT EGG is to kill Savage Owlbeast in the Hinterlands.

Комментарий от cyberdreck

I can no longer farm these in Hinterlands all they are dropping is small egg. I have to recommend going to Tanaris or winterspring , i will check Badlands and see if they drop there.

They do drop in Badlands but you have to be ranged in order to pull the buzzards. I was able to fly into them to pull to the ground.

Комментарий от suburbanmisfits

Just happened to kill some raptors just southeast of the crossraods in northern barrens at around 63, 63. of the 15 that i killed 14 giant eggs dropped. there are plenty of them around.. and just a stones throw away from org :D

Комментарий от ricmortis

In Cata. I killed about 15 Owl and got ten Giant Eggs. 61.86 in Winterspring. They are level 54. Plus, they had good Runecloth drops.

Комментарий от vodanh

DO NOT GO TO HINTERLANDS. I've killed over 20 savage owlbeasts and i've only gotten small eggs. Should have stuck to tanaris.

Комментарий от Vv0LF3MAN


Tanaris is a good place for drops (giant eggs)

I'd give give it 1 egg for 4 kills. Im a 85 frost mage and ice lance is a 1hit on the Fire Roc's. Plus theres lot of them anywhere theres a animal remains.

Комментарий от Araw

For anyone interested in cooking here's some useful information!

First of all, this is great for leveling cooking and is in my opinion best farmed from as you should easily be able to get from 225 - 285 farming in the same area:

I've been looking around on wowhead, and the part about getting the recipes is really outdated pretty much everywhere. As of the Cataclysm, this goes!

The two last recipes green out at cooking level 285, hope this helped (:


И не забудь про яйца! - Задание


Комментарий от Ansawa

If you're willing to get hit in the face and watch your pet die a couple of times, this is completely soloable as a hunter. The eggs are just inside the first two pulls; the very first patrolling two-pull can be separated with freezing trap and killed separately, and the three-pull that follows can be avoided by misdirecting them to your pet and running past. Immediately to your left once you enter the room beyond that group is a deep, web-covered pit. Run all the way to the back of the pit and feign death there; you'll be able to stand up, res your pet, and bandage/drink/whatever safely there.

At that point, you can repeatedly body-pull Krik-thir's adds, feign death to make them and the Gatewatcher despawn, then run around smashing eggs for thirty seconds until they respawn, before repeating the process.

Why you would want to do this when you can get a five-man group for Azjol-Nerub easily, I don't know. But it's a fun little display of huntardation if you enjoy that kind of thing.

Комментарий от holynia

The required level for the quest is 72 :)

Комментарий от DUCKVILLELOL

The "side" says alliance, but it is actually both.

Комментарий от Niknok

For rogues, this is very easy to sneak in and grab the eggs. Did it as 73 with no problems. There was a single patrol on the initial incline, extremely easy to get past with distract. Crossing the center of the first room for the eggs on the opposite side was equally as easy.

Комментарий от Daskies

You can do this 2-at-a-time as a Druid. Did it as a 73 Druid with no stealth talents.

Go down the ramp, and to the right. There will either be one or two very far away. If there is one on the other side there should be another far away. Be careful, and you might want to take off your gear.

If you're an herbalist there is also an herb spawn on the right you can grab if it's on top of a pack.

Комментарий от Scoobie

There is 4 eggs at the back the co-ords are 25.91, 50.90 I stealthed to this locaction but if you cant stealth i wouldnt advice it unless there is a big group as there is a few elites ( 4 lvl 72-73s and the big 74 also )you also get 41500 xp too :D

Комментарий от Alfador

I'm guessing here, but what seems likely to me is that the quest was first uploaded by an Alliance character on beta, and some quirk of the programming caused subsequent uploads by Horde characters to be discarded as containing no new information, despite the "new information" that the quest can be taken by Horde as well. The prevalence of quests with this bug toward Alliance could be explained by a swift Wowhead user who ran around picking up a lot of the quests in beta and uploading quickly, who happened to play Alliance.

But of course this is all just guessing. *shrug* It'll get fixed eventually, anyway. I notice this particular quest is already fixed, though there are a few others that still say Alliance (unless I'm remembering wrong and they've all been fixed by now...).

Комментарий от GoGoGodzilla

Submitted a screenshot to show the appearance of eggs. Any unit using stealth or feigning techniques should be able to sneak past the simple patrols to get to a pack of three eggs on the right side. Enter the instance, descend the ramp while avoiding the patrol and, once you're in the first "major" room (which has a named), hang a hard right along the wall. There are three exposed eggs ripe for destroying. There are a couple others available, but these tend to be the easiest.

Exit and reset the instance as necessary. Good luck!

Комментарий от Merryjayne

Would be useful if someone who has done the quest that is NOT a rogue, hunter, druid (i.e. someone that can solo it) could provide some info and suggestions.

As a healadin, the above it not very useful for me. Not that I'm knocking your suggestions. As they are useful for those in your classes, but not so much for me...



Комментарий от thejacker

I have soloed this with my Holy priest.

To get past the first patrol, you have to go about half way down the ramp on the right hand side and stand against the invisible wall. Wait until the first two spiders walk by. (kind of near where the glowing golden egg is.)

After passing those two, head on down to the next room and hug the left hand wall. Once there, you should be able to crack one or two of the eggs.

Reset the instance, rinse and repeat.

Комментарий от Maurtras

Went in on my 73 rogue (subtlety) to solo this quest. The first patrol was easily passed w/o Distract. The first 3 pull I distracted and got by with ease. There was an egg to the right, easily broken w/o aggroing any mobs. There was an egg between 2 pulls, I was able to break it and vanish which despawned the boss and his adds making the eggs around him/them easily breakable before they respawned.

Комментарий от xoanovawolf

Any night elf can solo this by heading in all the way to the back of the room and shadow melding to deaggro (yes i just made up a new word) the mobs and then easily get this quest done.

There really is no reason to do it this way when it is much easier for people to simply get a group and do this quest with others but hey if you don't like people then here's another thing you can add to the "i can solo it by doing x, then y, then z" list

Комментарий от kakaruote

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Комментарий от kakaruote

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Комментарий от LurkerPatrol

When my guild decided to become retarded and not help out, and I desperately needed some gear change on my mage, I decided to solo this quest.



Just walk into the instance and walk as far in as possible before you realize you may agro the pats. Then use invisibility and run towards the eggs which are down the path and to the right. You will certainly have to do this at least 3 times.

After grabbing your eggs for this run, you can either wait for the invisibility cooldown and then cast and run out of the instance, or you can choose to sacrifice yourself and merely walk back and repeat the steps.

I chose #2 as it required the least waiting for the invisibility cooldown.

Hope that helps the squishies out there!

Комментарий от kaply

Most likely need level 74 to avoid agro from the first patrol. Also note that eggs spawn in erratic locations. Optimally there's some that spawn in the ditch on the left side as you go into the room. Also appears that you'll have to die in order to get out. Paladins have the option to bubble and run but also Holy Wrath is good for a 3s stun as the enemies are all undead.

Комментарий от MsMorbid921

Using coords Scoobie gave, "There is 4 eggs at the back the co-ords are 25.91, 50.90", this can be soloed by a mage using invisibility or, technically by anyone using an invisibility potion.

Комментарий от nightsama

Has anyone else tried this quest since 3.2? I just ran this instance and the eggs were not clickable at all, we reset the instance and still nothing.

Комментарий от Mornay

Also soloed with a 72 Prot pally. 17k hp, 527 def (blues and crafted wotlk greens).

1. Went inside2. Took out pats3. destroyed eggs4. ?5. profit

Комментарий от Mornay

So's your face

Комментарий от Mornay

Also soloed with a 72 Prot pally. 17k hp, 527 def (blues and crafted wotlk greens).

Комментарий от jaymz6

72 druid solo

First get the quest, enter the instance, shift to cat and prowl. Hug either wall to pass the first set of mobs, after you pass them move to the left side of the tunnel & just before you get to the 2nd set of mobs you will be able to slip under the lip into a crawlspace. Just inside you will see 2 eggs, position yourself as far from the eggs, opposite side from the 2nd group of mobs, and you can break prowl & get both eggs agro free. Stealth and, staying under the lip, walk towards the boss. You will see 4 more eggs just up on the platform, you can climb up to them in stealth from the front of the platform, still under the lip & get all 4 with no agro. The entire process takes about 4min. I was able to do this @72 as soon as I got the quest. *when you go to break the 2nd egg at the first location you will be deadly close to agro range, so be extremely careful, if you do agro make sure to break it before you die.

Комментарий от CataBreed

No good, not attainable. We went down and unable to click on the eggs, Reset and abandoned the quest, tried again and still nothing. If this quest is obsolete and we are unable to complete, may i suggest you get rid of it! If anyone has any info that may help, please comment.

Комментарий от Libramar

This quest is not obsolete or removed from the game...as of 6.1 anyway.

Комментарий от Ahjen

I'm not sure if you can turn this in at the end of the dungeon, but in 7.3.5 I exited the dungeon through the exit after the final boss and returned to the dungeon entrane. After entering the dungeon and exiting again, Reclaimer A'zak was inside of the dungeon and I turned in this quest plus the two other quests you get at the start of the dungeon. I did not turn these in to Kilix the Unraveler.


Костегрыз - поедатель Скверны - NPC

Комментарий от asloversgo

I've got a bone to pick with this mob...

Комментарий от Penguinator

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Комментарий от johammux

Amazing new model. A nice green with heads. Eats bones faster

Комментарий от danielakatoxic

When you go closer to the shore they are alot closer to the ground. location is 62, 81 is where i tamed mine

Комментарий от SolarJet

I just tamed one on the hill in front of Nethergarde Keep, my track beasts was showing it on my mini map, looked around didn't see it til i looked up. Had to climb a hill to get in range to get its attention.

Комментарий от Gulikutalu

I have experienced a small problem with this new bird. Sometimes it will just takes off and go after a rat that is close by. Agroing a mob on the way.

I read in the threads for the fox they have experience the same problem. Someone even had a situation were in a raid the fox pulled some mobs.

Комментарий от Jacobstx

The phrase "You are what you eat" seems to hold true for this mob

Комментарий от Glaornla

I would recommend bringing a vendor bought low DPS gun or bow. These birds do NOT body aggro, so you will need to attack them from the ground. They have 2 1/2 thousand HP and even distracting shot, one auto shot would get squeezed off and kill them.

Комментарий от Liri

Distracting shot causes 0 damage and high threat perfect for pulling little mobs into a freezing trap to train.

Комментарий от karabass

There are dozens of them, those Felfeeders. Sometimes you can see 3-4 of them at the same moment, so it's not at all rare or unique, just a usual beast.

Комментарий от Dartherin

So due to eating demons, it grew another head? COOL.

Комментарий от javajedi

"fel fireball"my pet dose not have this abillity how come

Комментарий от Aliandrin

With the advent of disengaging outside of combat, you can now do this to make sure you don't die when you aggro your bird.

As you streak by your bird on your Ashes of Al'ar, cast a Tranq Shot. Nothing pisses 'em off like a Tranq Shot. (Distracting Shot works too.)

Before you hit the ground, Disengage, breaking your fall. Tame your angry bird and use him to blow up some pigs. (Loot the pigs' helms for transmogrification.)

It is easier to simply face away from your bird (Tame Beast works while facing away but your attacks do not) than to worry about turning off your auto-attack before you hit him.

Комментарий от mudplayerx

You have way more taming range than you think as a hunter. If you see one of these, go to the closest hill and there is a good chance you are close enough to pop a cap in one. Turn off attack and tame it as it comes to attack.

Комментарий от Zincite

As well as danielakatoxic's coordinates for the south-east shore, I found 64, 55 to be a profitable area. There was often more than one bird there, and never more than a minute without seeing one.

For those without coordinates, this is the highest peak of the mountain to the right of the Dark Portal on your map. You can see it on your left if you're facing the Dark Portal in-game. Fly up to the tallest bit. If you see a magical floating crystal with four skeletons sitting around it, you're in the right place.

The birds won't be in range when you first see them. Just stand as close as you can and eventually they'll cricle close enough for your Tame Beast to reach them.

A beautiful pet with really very striking colours. And even if it's not a rare, I'd never seen it before until I looked at Wowhead's Carrion Bird page. The average leveler just doesn't look up!


Кто знал, что рыбам нравятся яйца? - Задание


Комментарий от bladeryder13

hehe see if you can catch a goby is this going to be blizzards thinky veiled inundo quest?waiting on the next poop quest now

Комментарий от Cielos

My fishing skill was at 15 and I could complete this quest.

Комментарий от Raisehell

If you're facing out towards the ocean from the quest giver's area, Narsong Spires is the extremely tall rock formation to your left. Some eggs are located at the very top. However, you can also go to the cliff to your right where there are more eggs on a much lower shelf. Grab an egg out of one of the nests, then just throw the egg in the water and it'll make a neon green colored circle. Aim your lure at it and get your Silver Goby.

Комментарий от jbsportsmusic

After you get the egg just throw it into the water by the quest giver and fish out of the pool it dropped on third cast for me.

Комментарий от Crusi

In case you have a fishing bag equipped, the egg will go into your fishing bag.

Комментарий от rogosak

Eggs are on Krasarang Wilds (72, 46)

Комментарий от Trecman

Note: You don't actually have to use the egg. You can get the Серебристый бычок by fishing in another player's green pool. Not sure if you need the egg to complete the quest, but I did not use it to get the fish. Quest completed successfully.

(Edit): You do need to get the egg for the quest to count, but you don't have to actually use it unless you want to, or need to.

Комментарий от Tenkken

Hello there, I managed to finish this quest with a Level 4 fishing skill.

Комментарий от Severage

Easy quest. Run to Krasarang Wilds (66, 48) for eggs - you will have to kill a Great Crane most likely.

Run (Or fly preferably) back to the Wharf and right-click the egg that you picked up. Fish out of it.

With 595 + 90 skill it dropped on first cast, and it is possible to complete this quest regardless of your fishing level. Pretty high drop rates.

Комментарий от gfysprez

Just wondering - are there any eggs you can get without having to fly?

Комментарий от wowtrainer

On the lands nearby there are eggs in the nests. Drop the egg in the water and fish a Silver Goby.Video: Who Knew Fish Liked Eggs?

Комментарий от Edoreg

I'm having trouble with this quest: I cast the egg in the water, fished from the pool, but I didn't manage to loot the silver goby. Also, I'm not able to loot any more eggs :SEdit: you have to abandon the quest and accept it again to solve the problem

Комментарий от Muchisimo

I knew, since I get this quest every single day.

Комментарий от Zoiphy

Interestingly, first cast I fished up the Goby and a trash loot. Counted as one point towards Шаланда, полная сардинок. Second cast caught trash, and counted as the same. Third and fourth casts brought up actual fish, but did not count towards the achievement.

Комментарий от Umiamz

Appears to be broken since patch 6.0. Every time this quest comes up, the green pool disappears after only a few casts and I have to abandon and re-get the quest, as just fetching another egg doesn't help. It took 3 abandons/re-gets today to complete.

Комментарий от Toreadores

It seems after WoD came out the drop rate of the Silver Goby is greatly reduced. Before you got the fish after 1-2 attempts, now I've done this quest several times and I noticed 2 things:1. The green egg pool disappears after about 4 to 6 fishing casts.2. I had to throw 2 to 4 eggs until I get the goby, it means the drop rate is reduced form almost 100 % to about 5 to 10 %.This is according to my personal experience.

Комментарий от spoonymog

If you are having trouble getting the cursor to change from the normal 'hand' to a fish hook so that you can loot the fish, just drop the quest and start again.

Happy fishing!

Комментарий от ashry0303

Who knew someone could come along, fish in your egg yolk pool and steal your damned fish? Too damned lazy to fly right freaking there to get your own egg? Really?

Комментарий от Shashos

The quest text doesn't tell you this, but you will need to be able to fly to do this quest as all the crane nests are located high up on the rocky spires. If you can't fly, you can also get someone with a 2 seater flying mount to give you ride up there.

Also, it would appear that since the drop of WoD, any quest like this one that has you create an alternate type of pool to fish out of is somewhat bugged. It can often be difficult to click on the bobber when it pops as the 'hook' cursor won't show up. (I've also noticed this happening with the blood pools for the Dalaran fishing quest in Borean Tundra.)

The only way I've found to deal with the bobber issue is to cast into the pool, then immediately check to see if the hook appears upon mouseover. If it doesn't, move your character slightly to a different angle relative to the pool, then recast and check the cursor again.

As mentioned in older posts, it's taking me more than one egg to complete this. Just tonight, only got three casts into the pool before it disappeared. No Silver Goby. Very annoying.

Комментарий от Magicgrain

I need about 5-6 eggs to complete it.. while I keep fish it from the pools I droped a Мимикрирующий осьминог/mimic-octopus for + bonus rep :3

Комментарий от Rsfighting

How to do quest:

Fly up to the peak of the spires next (east) to the Anglers Wharf and collect an egg from a nest. You can collect only 1 at a time.

Return to the Wharf and right click on the egg. It will be thrown into the water and create a green pool. Fish in the pool and hope to catch a Silver Goby.

The green pool will despawn after a bit. I had to gather and use about 5 eggs to complete it.

Easy quest... just needs some patience!

Комментарий от jfoobar

Just did it for the first time after getting almost to revered (and promptly got the achievement for doing all of the quests at least once). I caught the fish on my second egg.


Деревенское куриное яйцо - Объект


Комментарий от Tankme

Free Chicken pet!!!

1. Make macro for /chicken or just type /chicken...2. Keep doing it to any chicken in the area near Saldean's farm.3. Keep doing the macro untill it looks at you.4. /cheer it, it will turn green, get the quest.5. Buy the bird seed from the farmer and go back to the chicken (25c).6. /cheer the chicken again.7. Give the seed.8. Wait untill it lays an egg.9. Right-click the egg.

Комментарий от utimer

It is possible for horde to do this.

You will need to get the Chicken Food (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=11109) from a Neutral AH for it. After that you can follow the steps above. Do keep in mind the NPC Will be alliance flagged, so if you happen to be near horde guards, your chicken will be killed...

Комментарий от utimer

Please remove the rating for my comment, (and this comment) It doesn't appear to hold true anymore... Damn you blizzard

Комментарий от Senei

Do note that even if you can get the feed (not that hard if you have an ally alt on a server) you cannot get this quest if you're Horde. It simply errors -- the chicken 'responds' as it's supposed to, but never puts up the Quest "!" for you.

Blizzard is aware of this 'known issue', so that probably means they have no intention of ever changing it so Horde can do this quest as well.

Комментарий от RikiOh

This quest is repeatable but you can only have one pet out at a time.

Комментарий от tydeerheads

are the eggs soulbound if they arent how much do they sell for in AH in storm wind?

Комментарий от Xenotropic

thats incorrect its a different chicken, the one from shimmering flats is black. This one is white.

Комментарий от Madnez

You can do the quest manny time u wannt but. You can only have the exp/ egg ones!

Комментарий от Blanis

Can an horde' s pg bring that egg?

Комментарий от JAL200

You don't have to complete the quest to loot the egg, but the egg only spawns after someone completes the quest, meaning you can steel the egg off the person who completes the quest.

Комментарий от PotatoKing

What chicken are you talking about? Are the eggs you are talking about is in the quest? Or are you talking about the chicken in the shimmering flats?

Комментарий от side55

NO, inorder to loot the egg you have to be in a group with the person doing the quest.

Комментарий от Gono

That's incorrect, I just did this as a horde. Got an ally to do the quest for me and I simply looted the egg.

Комментарий от Siedygan

You'll know when to type /cheer when it says "Chicken looks up at you quizzically. Maybe you should inspect it" in the chat.

Комментарий от Karawan

I tried /chicken 60 times now and it has done nothing...........

FINALLY!.........it worked when a few other players came along and joined in. =)

Комментарий от 2208

Tankme, you're a little wrong... Its not free... It cost some copper or something... Not to be noobish. You know more about it than me... =D

Комментарий от killswitch6950

i was walking in westfall and i saw a lvl 80 druid about to open a chicken egg so i went up to it and stole the chicken lol!

Комментарий от rasser207

horde can't do the q

Комментарий от avenn

You actually don't need to do the clucking all over again, just /cheer at the chicken and he will be friendly for u to turn in, doesn't work if you don't have the CLUCK! and your chicken feed.

Комментарий от DeejValen

Will be lootable by Horde in 3.1, after completing the needed steps, of course. The only difference will be that Horde characters will need to relocate to Brill.

Комментарий от GoObiE

It's funny, I didn't think I completed the quest and then the chicken turned yellow again, I thought I didn't cheer at the right time so I was kinda ^&*!ed, I bought more bird seed and went back and the egg was there. That was a relief, so I ate the bird seed I bought and, ironically, got the this achievement.

Комментарий от Drolletje

You can now also get this pet in Brill if you're Horde, there's a guy standing outside the blacksmith on the south-western end of Brill if I remember correctly

*Edit: Look for William Saldean ( http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=33996 )

Комментарий от Doomsythe

for horde, you CAN still get this. i wondered around Westfall until i found an ally and did /helpme /beg till he followed me. then i did /point to a chicken. he got my drift and did what is required till the chicken laid an egg. Fàginaskirt, if your readin this. thank you

Комментарий от UlarnekofArygos

LOL f** in a skirt helped you

Комментарий от weirdunclebob

Sometimes you have to do the /chicken a ridiculous amount of times before she offers you the quest. I just had to do it about 285 times. o.O Other times it's only taken around 45, 85 or so. Keep clucking!

Комментарий от Farsoul

... It really worked. Wow. I have to admit I felt myself pretty stupid cluck clucking to a chicken, in the midst of a night, with only farmers (and the chicken) as my company. After a couple of minutes of clucking, the chicken actually did turn green! :D But hey, those farmers are pretty deaf if they can't hear me clucking loudly right next to them in the quiet night. >_>

And what comes to the quest itself, I bought the Special Chicken Feed from William Saldean in Brill. He stands nearby the cooking trainer. Then I went to Solliden Farmstead in Tirisfal Glades, found a good spot with no aggroing farmers, and started clucking.

Комментарий от Deviruchi13

TomTom's way macro:

/way 61.7 57.7/way 58.9 50.4/way 38.1 51.7/way 37.0 50.2

Комментарий от Daaldebastar

I just did it in Brill, i had to cluck for 15 mins and just when i was tired of it and gonna stop the chicken looked at me quizzically... i fed it and it gave me the quest etc etc and now i got my Westfall chicken :)

Комментарий от Thugbugz

Got mine just now took me about, 2mins :)

Комментарий от Aarrgh

1- target a chicken2- start spamin /chicken till its speeks " Chicken looks up at you quizzically. Maybe you should inspect it?"3- get the quest4- buy the food from Farmer Saldean5- Delivery it to the chicken6- wait till it pops up an egg7- get the egg (your pet)

It can be repeatble till u get 3 pets

It ill take about 1 min to get it all

Sry bad english.

Комментарий от FaceBazooka


Комментарий от H888

I'd like to point out that you need to /chicken a normal Chicken, it won't work on a Battle Pet chicken.


LegionWoW — Исправления #17

Доброе время суток, дорогие друзья. Мы подготовили новый список исправлений с 27 января по 7 февраля. Было сделано много разнообразных изменений, в том числе и переход на новую версию. Возможно, какие-то проблемы могли не учесть, если так, то сообщите нам об этом.


— Сервер перешел на версию 7.1.5 — Исправлено 3 краша сервера. — PvP-таланты теперь привязываются к спеку. — Исправлены некоторые чаты (обычный, оборона, локальный). — Исправлен баг со статами от некоторых старых предметов. — Баффы от еды Пандарии и Дренора теперь не стакаются. — Исправлено перемещение рангов в гильдии. — Реализован дроп валюты с мобов Пандарии, Дренора, Легиона. — Исправлено скалирование максимального количества стаков аур при наличии модификаторов от других аур. — Теперь артефактное оружие нельзя продавать.


— Рыцарь смерти:

— Чернокнижник: — Друид: — Охотник:
  • Твердость - исправлена активация пвп таланта.
  • Одинокий волк - при изучении таланта теперь пропадает пет и его нельзя призвать.
  • Связующий выстрел - исправлено.
  • Исправлена проблема, когда охотники не могли попасть из Даларана в свой Оплот.
— Маг: — Монах:
  • Громовой чай - теперь снимается после усиления Излияния.
  • Волна ци - реализовано.
  • Дзен-импульс - реализовано исцеление.
  • Исправлена проблема "скачущей" энергии. Также, заклинания, не требовавшие траты энергии, теперь не будут вызывать ее сброс до нуля.
— Разбойник: — Воин: — Охотник на демонов: — Паладин: Заселение

— Исправлено воскрешение в Клоаке Даларана. — Залиты точки передвижения для стражи в Элвинском лесу. — Залито около 1700 мобов и 300 объектов в локацию Крутогорье. — Обновлены некоторые модели мобов (добавлены в 7.1.5) на Мысе Тернистой долины и в локациях Легиона. — Залиты мобы и объекты для ивента "Лунный Фестиваль" в Штормград. — Исправлены уровень, флаги, фракция у примерно 350 мобов на Дреноре. — Верховный владыка Каззак - исправлены тексты. — При накоплении 10 стаков Тина Скверны в Танаанских Джунглях персонаж теперь умирает. — Теперь с многими объектами в ходе цепочки охотников на демонов может взаимодействовать несколько игроков за раз. — Исправлен полет на вершину Джинта'Алора во Внутренних землях. — Исправлены порталы в Оргриммар и Штормград из Хиджала. — Исправлено отображение квестов у Вербовщик клана Песни Войны. — Исправлены пути движения около 60 мобов. — Исправлена сцена после сдачи квеста Излучатель. — Исправлено использование телепортеров в Грозовой гряде после выполнения С черного хода. — Исправлен полет в деревню Кровавого Копыта по квесту Обряды Ветров. — Исправлен лут в Рендольф Молох. — Удалено около 70 повторяющихся мобов. — Исправлено около 80 учителей профессий. — Исправлен Аватара Хаккара в Затонувшем храме. — Заселены "Порт Драконьей Пасти", "Глотка" и "Громтар" в Сумеречном нагорье. — Исправлена неуязвимость Сборщик утиля из племени Трюмного Плавника. — Исправлен распорядитель полетов Лаандо. — Исправлен распорядитель полетов Томас Ривервелл. — Исправлен вход/выход в Картинную Галерею (Новый Даларан). — Добыча кровавого охотника - исправлен лут.

— Исправлены вендоры:

— Обновлен и дополнен лут: — Исправлена скриптовка мобов: — Добавлены тексты мобам: — Добавлены отсутствующие мобы: Подземелья старого контента

— Твердыня Крыла Тьмы: исправлен краш клиента при входе. — Логово Крыла Тьмы: исправлен вход. — Некроситет: исправлен вход. — Кузня душ: исправлен вход. — Мертвые копи: исправлены невидимые мобы, двери и отсутствующие мобы. — Крепость Бурь: исправлен Кель'тас Солнечный Скиталец. — Логово Ониксии: обновлен лут. — Ульдаман: исправлен Каменный хранитель.


— Легион:

— Пандария: — Старый контент: Профессии

— Рыбалка и горное дело:

  • Исправлено повышение уровня.
— Рыболовное дело (исправлен лут): — Наложение чар:
  • Исправлено распыление предметов Пандарии и Дренора.
— Начертание (исправлено размельчение): — Травничество (исправлен лут): — Ювелирное дело (исправлено просеивание): Поддерживайте дальнейшее развитие проекта: голосуйте за сервер, а также вступайте в нашу официальную группу во Вконтакте. Впереди еще много интересного!